Lectionary Readings for Wednesday, January 29th, 2020

Lectionary Readings for Wednesday, January 29th, 2020

Weekday Sabbath

Book of Aph, Son of Jehovih, Chapter VII, Chapter VIII

Chapter 7

1. Jehovih spake in the firmament, saying: Bring the newborn into the forests of Uk’loo
and the ji’ay’an roads to the arc of Noe, in the etherean heaven of Hautuon; and when thou
hast founded them on a world of their own, leave thou Gods and Goddesses with them to
sort them and provide according to their necessities, for all things shall be provided unto
them that they may attain to knowledge and individuality.

2. And when thou hast placed them, hasten thou with My Son, Neph, back to the earth,
where I have labor with the ships of the I’hins. And they were thus delivered.

3. So I departed as soon as possible, taking leave of Fiatisi, thanking her for her assistance
in this great deliverance; and I took with me Neph, Son of Jehovih, and other
thirty thousand Gods and Goddesses, besides ten million ethereans who had had
thousands of years’ experience in heaven and on various corporeal worlds; and
we came back to the earth, even to the ocean where the land had gone down.

4. And when I came to the ships in which the I’hins were escaped, finding the Gods who
had them in charge, even as I had previously commanded, Thy voice, O Jehovih, came to
me, saying: Bend thou the currents of the winds of heaven, O My Son; and shape the
ships that they shall fall into groups; and thou shalt divide the groups, making four groups
in all. And thou shalt drive the groups of ships before the winds of heaven, and bring
them into the four different lands of the earth, according to its previous history and

5. For in all countries shall My chosen begin the laying down of the foundation of My
everlasting kingdom, and they shall never more be destroyed by the people of darkness,
neither of earth or heaven.

6. So I divided my hosts according to the labor Thy commandments put upon me, making
four divisions of them. And I said unto Neph: Direct them, O God, to such countries as
Jehovih hath shown thee, for thou knowest all the earth; for, remember, thou art still God
of earth.

7. I said: By Thy light, Jehovih, I desire two ships to go to the north land, which was not
sunken, for they shall be a testimony in time to come. Let Thy Gods, therefore, shift the
winds and drive two ships aside from the rest, and in that same time my messengers will
go and lead the way to the north land, whither Thy Gods shall shape the winds of heaven.

8. Now, those in charge of the wind currents divided the ships and drove two of them off
to the north land. And the Gods and angels turned the currents about and drove the four
groups of ships in four different ways, according to the directions of God, Son of Jehovih;
and the messengers of God led the way, showing the Gods and angels of the wind, the
countries designated by Jehovih.

9. So it came to pass that in one hundred and fifty days’ time all the ships of the Faithists
were in the ports, and the people went ashore, in the different countries whither they had
been taken. Again Thy voice, O Jehovih, came to me, saying: Behold, My people are few
in the world, and lest they take the ships and sail about, and so get divided and lost, thou
shalt send thy hosts down to the sea at night to sink the ships.

10. When I told God (Neph) what Thou hadst said, God said unto me: My angels shall
inspire the I’hins to take all things out of the ships, and this night shall thy hosts fulfill the
commandment of Jehovih. And so it came to pass; the I’hins took all their goods out of

the ships, not knowing they were inspired; and in the night I sent angels down, and they
sank the ships.

11. And in the morning the I’hins beheld their ships had disappeared, and they said with
one voice: Of a truth, I know I was inspired, for I would not rest till all the goods were
taken out of the ships. Let us, therefore, build an altar unto the Lord, and sing and dance,
because he is with us. And when God (Neph) saw that their souls were propitious for
good works and miracles, he stationed his ashars (guardian angels) around about the
altars, and sent other ashars into the country, and they gathered fruit which was growing
wild, and brought it to the I’hins, casting it on the altars of the Lord, even whilst the
people danced.

12. Thus did I fulfill the work Thou commandedst of me, O Jehovih, whereupon I
surrendered my commission to Thy Son, Neph, God of heaven and earth.

Chapter 8

1. Neph, God of earth, said: Behold, O Aph, Son of Jehovih, by the power and
magnificence of thy work am I bewildered in thy presence. Who can come so near the
Almighty? Who but Jehovih hath attained beyond the power of thy soul? Who hath
wisdom like unto thee, save the Great Creator? Thou hast stretched a line beyond the
moon, and by thy spoken word crushed in the side of the great earth, as if it were nothing.
Thou hast said: Arise! and a world moved at thy command! Yea, thou hast the love and
esteem of millions of Gods and Goddesses.

2. And thou camest against the winds of the earth, saying: Turn ye hither or turn ye
thither, and lo, the winds moved before thy words as an obedient child to its father’s
voice. Thou callest down the fire of heaven; it cometh at thy bidding; and thou sayst: O
Jehovih, put thy hand under the heavens of the earth, and straightway a light and floor
wide as the earth fly into the place of thy desire.

3. Now, behold thou hast said: O Jehovih, I surrender my commission; I have finished
that which Thou commandest me to do. Wherefore, O Aph, my soul hath great sorrow.
But because thou hast labored a hundred days and cleaned up the whole earth and
her heavens, as one might sweep the floor of a house, I am bowed down in gratitude.

4. Then Aph, Son of Jehovih, said: O Jehovih, what have I done that Thy Son’s love hath
come to me? So far as I have become one with Thee, O Thou Everlasting Creator, so
Thou showest me plainer and plainer that I am nothing. And yet Thy Son heapest praise
upon me, seeing I am but as a figure moved by Thy hand. Shall a man lose sight of the

5. Nevertheless, O Jehovih, who so weak in love as I, Thy servant? Because Thou hast
quickened me in wisdom and power, so hast Thou made my love as a place that can never
be supplied to the fill. How shall I find strength to leave this, Thy Son, on the far-off
earth? Will I not glory in his love and great esteem; and yet know I not that I will repine
because I have him not with me?

6. Hear me, O Jehovih, for I will measure Thy Son with swiftness. Scarce forty thousand
years raised up to etherea, and yet Thou madest him God of heaven and earth. For three
thousand years struggled he in the battle against evil and darkness; and the broad heavens
in the etherean world looked on in sympathy and love and hope, because of his tenacity

and wisdom and power.

7. It was as one man fighting against a house on fire, and the place filled with helpless
babes. And yet Thy God ceased not, nor once rested and said: It is useless; but forever
renewed the battle in new ways and stratagems. As a light showeth better in the dark, so
did Thy Son Neph, O Jehovih, move the souls of even Gods and Goddesses in Thy
exalted heavens.

8. Then came Thy voice, O Father, saying: Go thou, O Aph, My Son, and deliver the
earth. And, behold, the congregating of Gods and Goddesses! So eager to fly to the
assistance of Thy honored Son!

9. And God (Neph) said: One favor, O Aph, Son of Jehovih, I ask of thee; which is
that thou shalt tarry three days and honor the throne of God. For I will have it
founded and ready; and my Lords shall have the honor of speaking to thee face to face.

10. Aph, Son of Jehovih, said: By Thy permission, O Jehovih, I will tarry three days and
three nights with Thy Son, God of heaven and earth, and I will honor his throne and speak
face to face with his Lords, that I may win their love.

11. In three days’ time the kingdom of God was founded, and situated in atmospherea,
near and over the land of Jaffeth (Chine’ya), but the plateaux extended with two wings, so
as to embrace Shem and Ham (India and Egypt); and thither went the Gods, with their
Lords and attendants.

12. Now, there were with God (Neph) two million spirits (earth-born) in the second
resurrection, who had volunteered to serve another two hundred years for the founding of
the new kingdom of heaven, and they were well learned in official capacity, knowing how
to found plateaux, with factories, mansions, hospitals, nurseries, and all such places as are
required in heaven for the newborn, so that God only had to say: Do ye thus, or so; and it
was done, and without error.

13. And now, from the hosts of Aph, Son of Jehovih, there came before God half a
million etherean volunteers who desired to remain two hundred years with God and his

14. God said to them: Behold, the earth hath passed Tryista, and it is no longer lawful
for any but earth-born to hold the places of sub-Gods and sub-Lords and marshals;
and since ye are from different stars raised, and from different etherean circuits,
what shall I do that ye may be honored, and also profitable to yourselves in development?

15. Gaitivaya, chief spokesman for them, said: We desire to be laborers only. For what is
two hundred years to us? We pray thee, appoint us not to the I’hins, for they are already
advanced, but appoint us to the natives in the divisions of the earth, especially to those
who speak but little, and who burrow in the ground. Neither do we desire a place in thy
heaven, but we will abide with mortals, and in the first resurrection of those who are born
in darkness.

16. God said: Thou shalt remain, and thy people with thee. For since thou hast
volunteered to leave thy high estate and come and dwell for one dan on the lowest of all
places, laboring for the blind and dumb, thou shalt be recompensed with the love of
millions in time to come.

17. Then God departed, and Aph, Son of Jehovih, went with him, and they came into the
midst of the kingdom of God, whereat they halted, and God said: Here will I build my
throne; and inasmuch as Sethantes, in the olden time, called his place Hored, so will I call

my place Hored also, and on the earth it shall be called the Mountain of God, for it shall
be my home.

18. So God stretched forth his hand to Jehovih, saying: Throne of Thy throne, O Father!
And there came down from the heavens above a great light, and it settled around about
in the midst of the place of God and Aph, Jehovih’s Son; and presently the light gathered
up of the atmospherean substance and made it shining and condensed, whereupon
the attendants who do such matters brought and laid the throne of God, and thereafter
fenced it around with pillars of fire, after the manner of Hored of the ancient days.

19. And God ascended and sat on the throne, and Aph also sat on the right hand of God,
and the four Lords of the earth on the left hand; but the fifth Lord, Eolait, stood down at
the foot. And he said: Behold, the division of the earth that was mine is sunk beneath the
sea; how, then, shall I sit on the throne of God?

20. God said: Since thy labor hath been taken from thee, thou art as a parable on the
newly dead; who have lost the earth, but have no place in heaven. Since the es’yan
serveth a time through the proxy of others, so shalt thou in that which I will bestow
upon thee. Know, then, thou shalt sit on my right hand, for thou shalt be my assistant
and Vice-God during the time of my sojourn; and, after that, whatsoever thou wilt.

21. Eolait said: Thou hast honored me, O God! Jehovih’s will be done! So God rose up,
raising his hand, and said: O Thou All Light, crown Thou Thy Son Vice-God of Hored,
for Thine Own Glory, forever!

22. And as the light of etherea descended into God’s right hand, he shaped it into a crown
and placed it on Eolait’s head, with the usual ceremony of such rank in heaven. And
Eolait came and sat on the right hand of God. And in that same time, Aph, Son of
Jehovih, rose up, whereupon God and the Lords, and all people whatsoever, sat down, for
the place was as if Jehovih had appeared in person. Aph said:

23. As a father is made to comprehend his own early life by looking on his infant son, so
hast Thou, O Jehovih, forever raised up before my eyes the images of times and
conditions long past. In these, Thy Lords, Thou hast called me back to the time and place
when first Thou and Thy Son crowned me a Lord and a Vice-God over one of the
divisions of my native star.

24. And my soul rose up to Thee in fear and prayer; for I understood how unmindful men
and angels are of the labor of Gods and Lords, and prone to rate themselves as Chiefs of
all created things. But Thy Voice, O Jehovih, came to me, saying: Complain not, My Son,
against the self-conceit of men and angels, nor of their criticisms of My Gods and Lords;
for to such boasters do I provide trials, which they perceive not till they are encompassed
therewith. Suffer them, therefore, within thy dominions to grow in their own glory, for I
have sufficient labor for them, either on earth or in heaven.

25. And I perceived Thy wisdom, and I applied it through my angels; and when my
people rose to the first resurrection, and the second resurrection, behold, I knew where to
place them that they might prove themselves all in all. And Thy light came upon me in
my place, saying: As thou hast profited in the first lesson, so shalt thou comprehend the
second, and even up to the etherean heavens.

26. Nevertheless, O Father, Thou sufferedest all things to harass me and perplex my soul;
and I was filled with fear and reverence because of the great responsibility Thou
gavest unto my keeping. So great were my tribulations and trials that I called out to

Thee in Thy holy place to remember all other Gods and Lords in Thy whole universe.

27. And Thou saidst: Hear the words of Thy Creator, thou, My God, My Son: For I
created man to enter heaven as helpless as he entered earth life, and dependent on those
above him, that he might comprehend the unity between high and low, strong and weak,
light and darkness; and I placed him in My mills, wherein he should learn that, even as
others grind for him, so should he grind for those beneath him.

28. For of what profit under the sun is it for My Lords to come down from their liberty
and glory in My etherean firmament and become Lords over the grovellers in the flesh, or
over the es’yans in darkness? Shall selfishness reign in heaven, and every one for himself?
Have I not proved it on the earth that the love of doing good works unto others is all that
insures a rich harvest of love in return.

29. Because they stoop from their high estate in order to promote My children which I
created alive, are they not becoming the more one with Me? Even so is all exaltation in
heaven; for as I stoop down to the dumb earth and water, and quicken them, making man,
so have I stooped lower than can anything of all My universe. And they that do after My
example, raising them up to make them have joy in life, are on the road to attain to all
power and wisdom and love.

30. Aph, Son of Jehovih, said: I perceived Thy wisdom, O Father; and Thy power and
wisdom came upon me tenfold. Then I sought forever after to go to the lowest and darkest
places; but, lo, when I had grown in Thy judgment, Thou spakest again to me, saying:

31. O Aph, My Son, because thou hast found the key to unlock the doors to the highest
heavens, behold, thou art too mighty for small labor. Come, therefore, with Thy Creator,
for I have a whole etherean world at thy command, and thy wisdom and power are
required at My hand.

32. And I obeyed Thy call, O Jehovih. And then again, after a season, Thou calledest me
again, and again, and madest my labors to extend into many etherean worlds. But I loved
to look back and glorify Thee for my first Lord-dom, and to treasure up the millions of
loves I found in those days. And again, O Father, hast Thou blessed me to meet many
millions of them in this pruning of the red star, the earth.

33. Now Thou hast called me to speak on the throne of Thy God of earth. Alas, thy God
has said: O Aph, Son of Jehovih, come thou and honor my throne! Whereas, O Jehovih, I
am the most honored of men and Gods because I have again opened my mouth
before Thee and in Thy name. All glory be to Thee, O Jehovih, now and forever!

34. Then Aph, Son of Jehovih, sat down, and God signaled to the marshals, who
proclaimed freedom for two whole days. Thereupon the Gods and Goddesses of Aph’s
staff filed past the throne, and after them came the hosts of God, and then the hosts of the
Lords, for they all desired to pass near and look upon Aph, and receive the signal of his

35. And presently thereafter all the people joined in with the es’enaurs and sang a song of
glory unto Jehovih, the All Highest. And when it was finished, the multitude turned to
recreation and social intercourse.

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