What is the Oahspe?

What is the Oahspe?

The OAHSPE is the official Bible of Faithists. It was transcribed and translated to English by angelic direction and released to the world in the 1800’s.

Dr. John Newbrough and others were instrumental in getting copies of the Oahspe Bible into the hands of many people around the world. It has been translated to several languages since then.

According to the Oahspe, it offers hope for the world through the revelation of spiritual truths and teachings. It emphasizes the concept of personal spiritual growth and the development of a loving and cooperative relationship with the Creator. It teaches that individuals can find hope and meaning in life by seeking to align their will with the will of Jehovih and by striving to live a life of service to others. The Oahspe Bible also presents a divine plan for the universe and the ultimate destiny of humanity. It teaches that the world will gradually progress towards a more spiritually enlightened and harmonious state, guided by celestial beings and divine intervention. It offers the hope of a future era of peace and spiritual awakening on Earth through the Kingdom of Jehovih.

THE BOOK OF JEHOVIH gives a general idea of the creation of man, and of vegetable and of animal life on the earth, and of the inorganic habitation of the earth and tier atmospherea. With the

BOOK OF SETHANTES, Son of Jehovih, commences the organic habitation of the earth and her heavens; and with the Book of Ah’shong the history is carried down for six thousand years, then for forty-nine thousand years a synopsis merely is given. The history is again taken up with the

BOOK OF APH, twenty-four thousand years B.K., and carried down to the

BOOK OF LIKA, thirty-four hundred years B.K. The Upper Books treating of Etherea and the lower heavens, and the Lower Books treating of the earth and lower heavens, viz., Atmospherea.


BOOK OF ES bring the history down to Kosmon.

BOOK OF COSMOGONY AND PROPHECY is a statement of the manner in which worlds are made, and the force that governs them, showing how Light and Heat, Magnetism and Electricity, are manufactured, being wholly at variance with the present Systems of Philosophy and Astronomy. Also how to prophesy in regard to the future of the earth and the people thereon.

BOOK OF SAPHAH treats of the formation of languages, and of rites and ceremonies in all ages of the earth.


BOOK OF JEHOVIH’S KINGDOM ON EARTH treats of the condition of things soon to come upon the earth.