Notes on the Book of Discipline Chapter 1

Notes on the Book of Discipline Chapter 1

The first chapter of the Book of Discipline begins by urging us to open our minds to discern the beauty and glory of heavenly places prepared by the various celestial beings.

In the second verse, we read about the concept of two resurrections. The first resurrection is described as chaotic, with individuals pursuing worldly desires, while the second resurrection aims for orderliness and growth.

The Oahspe Bible states that mortals and angels attract each other based on their desires and aspirations. Those who seek similar earthly pursuits attract angels who inspire and guide them accordingly. Thus, it could be said that if we are living a carnal life, we are likely to attract the lower angels into our lives. When we think of spiritual growth, attracting lower angels is not desirable. When mortals die and enter the first resurrection, they are accompanied by angels who influenced them on Earth. This cycle continues until spirits realise there are higher heavens available to them.

The Oahspe likens the multitude of angels of darkness to overcrowded cities on Earth, with many reluctant to ascend to higher heavens.

We are also given information about knowledge and emotions passing between the spirit and mortal worlds, similar to the exchange of temperature between hot and cold metals or the constant interaction of the sea and land.

Signs are given to distinguish between angels of the first and second resurrections. The first resurrection is characterised by individualism, earthly pursuits, and flattery, while the second is associated with light, self-abnegation, and guidance from heavenly places. The second resurrection teaches selflessness and good deeds for others’ benefit, prioritising spiritual elevation over worldly gain.

The Oahspe warns against angels who deny the existence of a Higher Source, promote earthly indulgence, or claim superiority without promoting selflessness and good works.

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