Notes for Jehovih’s Kingdom Ch. 19

Notes for Jehovih’s Kingdom Ch. 19

A voice spoke to Tae, the leader of Shalam. The voice said they did well in starting a kingdom on Earth, but it’s just a small part of a bigger plan. Lessons from Uz (the world) teach that big cities can make it hard for people to do good things.

So, the rule is that Shalam’s cities shouldn’t be too big—no more than three thousand people. Like bees making new hives, some people from Shalam should leave and start new places. Tae asked for volunteers to do this righteously, as an example for the future.

Tae warned that those who volunteer should know that it will be hard work. He reminded them not to rush for rewards but to understand the effort needed. A colony should not be selfish and only think about itself. The whole world needs help, and Shalam should not keep everything for itself.

Rules are set to guide the colonies in using their resources to build more colonies for Jehovih’s Kingdom, not just giving things away. It’s important to be wise with what they have.

People are encouraged to start new colonies, but not to copy Shalam exactly. Each place should follow the guidance of Jehovih, not imitate others. They should adapt to their own circumstances and not make the mistake of copying what others do. Without Jehovih’s guidance, their efforts might not succeed.

With love, peace and light…
Your sister,
Joanna of Mirin

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