Oahspe Bible Society

Oahspe Bible Society


  • OAHSPE Bible – A handy-sized edition. Convenient for carrying.
    Hardbound and softcover
  • The Book of Knowledge – Extracted from the Oahspe. Regular and large print editions.
    Softcover and digital
  • The Teachings of Light – Continued revelation.
    Hardbound, softcover and digital
  • Faithist Star – Herald of Jehovih’s Kingdom. Journal for Faithists and seekers (monthly).
    Softcover and digital
  • Kosmon Quarterly – A supplement to Faithist Star, published every three months.
  • Church Service Book – Newly revised with new typeset, larger fonts, and helpful explanations. Originally published in 1938 by Kosmon Press. Includes a section on the home altar with photographs.
    Hardbound, softcover, and digital
  • Daily Spiritual Food for Jehovih’s Faithists – The daily lectionary readings from the Oahspe Bible. Set quarterly dates.
    Hardbound and softcover
  • Bible Topics for Discussion – A list of various topics sorted by alphabetical order with references from the Oahspe Bible.
    Softcover and digital
  • Prayers to My Creator – Children’s book of prayers and verses from the Oahspe. Includes illustrations.
    Hardbound and digital
  • Faithist Calendar – Published annually.
  • College of Prophecy Handbook – A general handbook for members of the College


  • Studies on the Book of Judgement

BOOKLETS, PAMPHLETS and TRACTS (Pamphlets and Tracts are Digital)

  • Who is Jehovih?
  • The Faithist Declaration
  • Faithist Philosophy
  • The Origin of Oahspe (reprint)
  • Compassion for the Less Fortunate
  • What Do Faithists Believe?
  • How Can We Be Guided by the Great Spirit?
  • Some Misconceptions About Faithists
  • Is There Hope for the Dead?
  • The Loss of a Spouse (grief, death)
  • What is Jehovih’s Kingdom?
  • Pure In Thought – The Importance of Avoiding Pornography
  • The End of War – When?
  • Does the Creator Hear My Prayers?
  • Free From False Creeds and Manmade Religion
  • Protecting Our Children
  • Avoiding Gossip
  • Maps of the Oahspe Bible
  • Balancing Our Priorities
  • Will the Problem of Racism Ever Be Resolved?
  • Why Faithists are Pro-Life
  • Life in Jehovih’s Kingdom
  • Why I am a Faithist
  • Life After Death
  • Obstacles to Living for the Creator
  • Does the Oahspe Bible Contain Racist Teachings?
  • How Are Your Grades? (for children)
  • Dealing with Depression and Anxiety
  • The Commandments of Moses
  • Dedicated to Jehovih
  • Marriage and Family
  • Is Conversion of the World Necessary?
  • How Angels Can Help Us
  • The Loss of a Child (grieving, death)
  • What is the Kosmon Era?
  • The Differences Between Self Defence, Killing and Murder
  • The 12 Virtues – Stepping Stones to Perfection
  • How Can I Serve Others?
  • A Brief Synopsis of the Books of the Oahspe
  • Overcoming Addiction
  • A Place of Dark Shadows
  • Reincarnation – Is It a Reality?
  • Extremes of Belief and Unbelief
  • Strengths and Weaknesses
  • The Only Hope for All Mankind
  • A Tribe of our Own – The Story of John Goins
  • Is the Oahspe Opposed to a Priesthood?
  • A Record of Grades
  • Why Are There So Many Religions?
  • The True Words of the Creator (invitation to read the Oahspe)


Audio, Braille, Large Print, ASL (American Sign Language)


Reprints of various publications from Rabbah’s Oahspe Bible Archives dating back to the late 1800s.

Unless otherwise indicated, digital publications are always free. Printed materials are offered at cost.