Oahspe Guidelines to Live By

Oahspe Guidelines to Live By

“Seek not to spread My gospels, and entice followers unto this, or that, saith Jehovih.”

Jehovih’s Faithists should not attempt to establish missionary societies for the purpose of converting people to “Faithism”. Jehovih comes to individuals according to their own needs.

“Neither go about preaching, saying: Thus saith Jehovih!”

It is never appropriate to teach anything that is not in alignment with the words of the Creator and claim that it is from Jehovih Himself.

“Let all men hear Me in their own way.”

As mentioned above, Jehovih approaches each human being according to what He knows each person needs. Not everyone has the same mental capacity to understand and retain deeper knowledge from the Oahspe.

“No man shall follow another.”

Jehovih’s Faithist worship and follow only the Creator, and never political or religious leaders, or denominations and sects.

“I will have no sect.”

We have always stated that it is inappropriate to refer to groups as “false Faithists” or call ourselves the only true Faithists. While there are various groups of Faithists each with their unique interpretation or cultural expressions, there is not one that can truly refer to its “brand” as the only one with the Creator’s favour. At the same time, Jehovih is not commanding us to call attention to dangerous cults that have come and gone, such as those who have committed heinous deeds in the name of Jehovih or the Oahspe Bible.

“I will have no creed.”

While we have principles and teachings from our Scriptures, there is no set creed, because as stated in verses 1 and 3, man’s understanding of Jehovih’s word may change over time due to his ability to gain additional wisdom.

“I am not exclusive; but I am with all My living creatures.”

Jehovih the Creator is all encompassing; He is omnipresent. No religious group can claim that Jehovih is only the God of their group. As Jehovih’s Faithists, we know that He loves all of His creation.

“To those who choose Me, practising their all highest light, I am a shield and fortification against all darkness, and against all evil and contention.”

Jehovih’s grace extends to all those who desire to walk in His will, according to His purposes. Walking on the path of righteousness can lead to a blessed life in Jehovih’s way.

“Thou shalt not establish Me by man’s laws, nor by the government of man, saith Jehovih.”

The Creator does not need human laws and government institutions to make Him known. Some oppressive philosophies have mandated that their “religion” be forced upon all citizens, creating a form of religious nationalism. Such is not Jehovih’s way.

“Nor establish by man’s laws or government any book or revelation, saying: Behold, this is Jehovih’s book.”

As noted for the ninth verse, Jehovih’s teachings and laws can not be forced upon people, and no human government can bring about His truth upon earth.

“To keep man from interfering with man, this hath been great labour.”

Throughout history, mankind has desired to wield authority over other people, forcing them to bend to their will by establishing oppressive and evil governments.

“To teach man to comprehend liberty, especially as to thought and as to knowledge, this hath been a great labour.”

Those who wish to lord their authority over others do not have a proper understanding of the term liberty. Religious leaders who have evil agendas never speak of providing freedom of thought for those who follow after them.

“For he falleth easily under the inspiration of his surroundings, and falleth under the teachings and persuasions of his brother.”

Many among humankind are often swayed by fads, fashions, entertainment, and ideologies. The phrase “his brother” in this verse simply means “fellow man”.

“Because he cometh from My hand into the world in innocence, a helpless infant. And his elder brothers take advantage of his innocence, and teach him their own knowledge, instead of directing him to Me.”

Those who have the desire to prey upon and rule mankind always seek to inculcate ideas of submission. This typically occurs from childhood, before the individual has the ability to learn what liberty means. “Instead of directing him to” the Creator, those who take authority over mankind always seek glory for themselves.

“And his elder brothers were in darkness themselves, and their elder brothers before them.”

This form of lordship is like an unending chain. As long as liberty is not at the heart of mankind, there will be oppression and lack of understanding about the Creator. We mostly see this with certain religious institutes and human governments.

“I said unto man: Be free! Learn to know liberty! Think for thyself! Study thy Creator in all things, and in thyself in particular!”

Jehovih encourages His creation to understand the meaning of liberty and to think for themselves. Our Creator does not want His people to be under the lordship of oppressive humans, whether religious or political.

“Turn thou away from thy elder brothers; come thou to the All Highest Fountain.”

The Creator has said that we are not to walk in the ways of those who have tried to force their authority over us. This does not mean that we should not have properly organised governments, or that we should not pay taxes and follow the laws of the land.

“Be not confounded with abstruse reasonings; cut all things short, Godlike; learn thou of the Creator and His creations, there is nothing more.”

All that is required of Jehovih is to learn His way.

“Thou art one of the seeds of Jehovih, and were planted by His Hand. Be thou free from all the world.”

To be free from the ways of the world is to walk in the ways of Jehovih. We are all Jehovih’s children, and He is our Father Almighty.

(Book of Inspiration 11 with Comments)

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