This is the website of the Church of Jehovih — the Assembly of Jehovih’s Faithists. The site’s primary purpose is to share studies and commentaries concerning various passages from the Oahspe Bible, the history of Faithism, J.B. Newbrough, and Faithist life in general.

The Church of Jehovih is a small spiritual community that believes in the One Creator Jehovih and in the sacred text known as the Oahspe Bible, along with other spiritual texts given through continued revelation. Jehovih’s Faithists are a diverse group of people. Members are engaged in a variety of public and private ministries. We do not attempt to force our religious beliefs and practices on others.

Additionally, through the blogs of various Faithist writers associated with the Church, Oahspe verses are expounded upon and often compared with those of other sacred texts.

The Church of Jehovih is affiliated with the Worldwide Faithist Association, which is under the guidance of the College of Prophecy which is an institute outlined in the Oahspe. We are not affiliated with any other Faithist organisations. For an outline of Faithist groups and ministries, visit faithism.org.

The Church of Jehovih does not actively seek new members. We encourage everyone to make a serious study the Oahspe Bible on a regular basis.