Are Faithists Advocates of UFO Science Fiction?

Are Faithists Advocates of UFO Science Fiction?

Inquiry: I’ve heard mention of space vessels in the Oahspe. Do Faithists hold beliefs in aliens and UFOs?

Reply: Faithism encapsulates a belief system centered on spiritual growth, ethical conduct, and a profound reverence for Jehovih, the Creator. While interpretations may differ among groups identifying as “Faithists,” Jehovih’s Faithists specifically do not engage with the notion of UFOs or extraterrestrial entities within our sacred texts or principles.

Certain factions self-identifying as Faithists and anti-Oahspeans have construed particular passages in the Oahspe Bible as alluding to UFOs. However, Jehovih’s Faithists and the Worldwide Faithist Association firmly dismiss contemporary science fiction concepts concerning alien life. This certainly does not rule out the fact that Faithists believe in life in various parts of the universe.

The verses to which you allude employ the term “star ship” are found in the Book of Divinity (chapter XVI), yet Jehovih’s Faithists do not include this particular book in their edition of the Oahspe and do not ascribe the same interpretation as is found in science fiction narratives. Similarly, the Hebrew scripture of Ezekiel recounts the celestial chariot of the Creator. The initial chapter of Ezekiel describes Jehovih (or Yahweh) arriving in a chariot to converse with Ezekiel. This aligns with Jehovih’s Faithists’ understanding of the term “star ship”; namely, we perceive these vessels as celestial chariots. Regrettably, many have sensationalised these passages into the realm of science fiction. The purported extraterrestrial beings witnessed by select individuals are either potentially malevolent entities or, at times, manifestations stemming from frail mental faculties.

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