Lectionary Readings for Wednesday, February 5th, 2020

Lectionary Readings for Wednesday, February 5th, 2020

Weekday Sabbath

Book of Sue, Son of Jehovih Chapters 3 and 4

Chapter 3

1. Jehovih spake through Sue, saying: Mine is a strong government, and everlasting.
Hearken to the wisdom of your Creator, O My sons and daughters. Wherein have I not
given liberty to all people? He that doeth aright, wherein is he not free? He that doeth
awrong, wherein hath he liberty? Whoever endeavoreth to surpass himself, have I not
shown him his limit?

2. I created man at zero, but for him to add unto himself forever. Liberty I gave him to
add only that which perfecteth his own soul. Wherefore, if he eat poison, it taketh from
him his body which I gave. Herein made I a boundary, both on earth and in heaven, which
is to say, inasmuch as man accumulateth virtue, wisdom, patience, love, truth and pure
words, he is free; because, in so doing, he followeth Me in My works. But he that seeketh
to glorify himself in his possessions bindeth himself; because he is unlike Me, for I gave
All, and thus made the universe.

3. Two states, therefore, have I created open to all men, both on earth and in atmospherea,
which are, liberty and bondage. And man I made to choose that which he will; but that he
might not err, behold, I send My emancipated angels to explain these things beforehand.

4. Even so are governments ordained by My holy ones, wherein ye may judge whether a
government be of Me or against Me. For if it give liberty to all righteous works, and for
the promotion of knowledge, providing teachers to the extent of the demand, it is of Me.
But if the government maketh of itself a self, for which its aggrandizement is at the
expense of My children’s liberty, then is it against Me.

5. For I have not created a people to be to-day as were their forefathers, but provided
them with perpetual growth in wisdom and virtue; wherefore the rising generations shall
rebel against that which was well and good for their forefathers. All My governments
understand this, whether on earth or in heaven. Whatever government accepteth not this
rule, shall go down to destruction. For, as I have hedged man about with sentinels, such
as pestilence, poverty and hunger, in order to awaken him to knowledge and industry, so
have I hedged in all governments under the sun with sentinels, such as rebellion and
assassinations, and war, and bankruptcy. As pestilence proveth man’s disobedience to My
commandments, so do rebellion and anarchy prove the disobedience of governments to
the progressive spirit with which I created man.

6. The self-God saith: I will make a strong government; by armies and cruel masters will I
bind the subjects of my dominions. And he draweth up a multitude of laws, and heapeth
up books to explain the laws, and findeth judges to explain the books that explain the
laws, and he saith: Behold how wise I am! Behold the great wisdom of my judges!
Behold the great learning of my books! Behold my most perfect laws! Behold my armies
that stand behind all, and in great power!

7. But lo, a star appeareth in heaven, and all his fabric goeth as a spider’s web. For
instead of choosing his Creator, Who is strong, he erected things that were as nothing.

8. Hear thy Creator, O My God, for through My Son I bequeath a new light to the lower
heaven: For, as thou hast portioned to the self-Gods to take kingdoms, suffer them to
hedge themselves about with a multitude of laws; but thou thyself shalt have no laws
save the rites and ceremonies, which thou shalt adorn with music and processions.

9. And it shall come to pass that the dominions of the self-Gods will prosper for a season;
and they will, for sake of self-glory, deplete the earth people of familiar spirits and fetals.
But, in time after, their subjects will tire of the laws of the self-Gods, and hearing that
thou hast no laws, save rites and ceremonies, they will come to Hored of their own

10. Henceforth, then, shalt thou convert the nurseries and hospitals, and factories and
places of education, into places of delight and recreation.

11. The voice ceased, but Sue said: Behold, a time cometh, in all the atmospherean
heavens, when the discipline of former days must give way to something new; and
such a time is now in this kingdom. It may be likened to a young child that hath been
led by the hand for a long time, but now hath become strong of limb so as to walk alone.

12. For this purpose hath the earth been brought through the fields of Izaracha, and my
hosts are come with music and wisdom. Hear, then, my decree, O God of earth, and thou
shalt be the most blessed of Gods: Send thy messengers into all parts of atmospherea,
proclaiming a recreation of ten days, of music and dancing and marching, with pageantry
and feasting, to be in Hored in the first of the moon of Jaffeth.

13. The rest leave to the Father, for He will provide us in the time thereof. And whilst
the time is coming, I will go around the earth with my hosts in my etherean ship.

14. God said: I perceive Thy wisdom, O Jehovih; in Thy decrees am I raised up with new
wisdom and power. O that I could have devised a way for them before they fell so low!

15. Sue called the Council and his own hosts from labor to recreation for one day, and the
people mingled together rejoicing; for of the ethereans with the hosts of Sue were many
who had been earth-born, many thousands of years before, and their assurance of the
emancipated heavens above had greater weight with the atmosphereans than anything that
others could say. Then Sue and his hosts visited the earth and her heavens; and after that
returned again to Hored.

Chapter 4

1. When the time of the festival had come, there congregated in Hored, besides the
etherean hosts, more than a thousand million souls, to witness and participate in the
ceremonies. Sue said: Here is wisdom and folly; false Gods and their dupes; laziness
and industry; swiftness and sloth. Yea, here is a world worthless before Jehovih.

2. And why? Simply for lack of discipline and harmony. Every one is for self, and none
are producers for the general good. Alas, they are the same as mortals, but stripped of
flesh. They are of no value to themselves. Now will I show thee, O God, that these
hapless beings, with no joy in life nor hope of resurrection, shall become a great glory to
the Father and His Kingdoms.

3. God said: Pity them, O Father! It is over a thousand years since they have been visited
by the higher heaven. Many of them are learned, but doubting if there be other heavens,
save the plateaus of the atmospherea of the earth. Millions and millions of them have
never seen an etherean. Alas, I fear for them.

4. Sue said: Fear not, O God. They are as mortar in my hands. Neither shall there be
preaching to them, nor praying for them. They are tired of these things. But I will found a
new light amongst them, and it shall speak for us. Hear me, then, and with the populace I
shall be as One that is unknown. Call, then, thy es’enaurs, and thy trumpeters and harpists,
and all the musicians belonging to thy kingdom and to the kingdoms of thy Lords, and let
the procession begin.

5. For in all public matters those who are at the front, if wise, can lead on forever. Be
politic, therefore, and shape the populace whilst the self-Gods are amazed at the
immensity of the hosts assembled.

6. God did as commanded, and the people saw there was a head to the proceedings. Sue
said: Send thy marshals and decorators to follow close after the musicians, distributing
raiment to all who will follow in the procession. My etherean hosts are advised. They will
stand by the way, and, with marvelous swiftness, provide the raiment. And all possible
extravagant colors and fabrics, and hats and ornaments, shall be distributed, and

7. My hosts shall be arranged in plain white; and they shall march not, but be as
servants and workmen. And when the atmosphereans have played and sung over all the
boundaries of Hored, then shall My etherean band sing and play and start the dance.

8. All these things were done, and from the very start to the termination of the music
there was harmony in every place and corner amongst the thousand millions assembled.
Nor was there ever so extravagantly equipped a multitude in the earth’s heaven. And,
so completely captivated were the people, their enthusiasm was boundless. Then
came the etherean dance, the which so far surpassed the capacity of the atmosphereans
that not one could join in. Neither could they take part in the etherean music.

9. So the atmosphereans looked on, confounded by the excellence of that which was
before their eyes.

10. Thus ended the first day’s proceedings, which to describe in full would require a large
book. So the people were called to refreshment. And the ethereans, still dressed in white,
and as servants and laborers, provided the viands. For they had previously made
convenience for a supply of material. And so easily and with such swiftness did they their
work that now for the first time did the more learned of atmospherea begin to observe
them with surprise and wonder.

11. Presently inquiries were made as to who they were and whence they came. For so
Jehovih created man, that when of his own accord he admireth the excellence of his
neighbor, he goeth to the extreme in praising him.

12. So God said: On the morrow shall a new entertainment be given, and new raiment and
new viands for the feast. And the hosts shouted with great vigor and praise. Then the
people mingled together to converse on all they had witnessed; neither comprehended
they the object, save for pleasure only.

13. When the next day came the ethereans had been divided into groups, and the rites of
the ancients and of the hosts of a’ji in Partha were announced, requiring extravagant
toilets and millions of atmosphereans as assistants.

14. So great was their ambition to take part that only by promises of something in the
next rites could the marshals make selections.

15. Sue, Jehovih’s Son, had previously stationed signal bells at remote distances from one
another, but connected them so that the sounds would answer quickly. And in the
intervening places, extemporized forests and waterfalls were arranged; and near the
middle space one thousand columns of fire were erected.

16. So, in the morning of the second day, when all these glorious scenes were completed,
and the ethereans, still plain and in white, stationed about, the atmospereans were more
confounded than ever, and more loudly shouting in their praise.

17. First came the birth-rites; then marriage-rites; then death-rites and the first
resurrection; then the rites of harmony. And the play represented a million of ethereans
who went to a corporeal world and followed it through its life, and to death and
resurrection; its darkness and enharmony and terrible suffering in atmospherea; ending
with a tableau of a great sun of light descending, to deliver them into everlasting paradise.

18. So grand was the spectacle, and so sublime the music and the spoken words, that the
hosts of Hored wept, and laughed, and shouted, and prayed, as if their souls would break
with joy.

19. Thus ended the second day, and so complete was the glorious work that every soul
had sworn a solemn oath to forsake the earth and lower heaven forever. Then God
announced for the third day, the display of etherean power.

20. And the people were so bewildered already that a child could have led the most
stubborn of all. For thus Jehovih created man, who, having become much conceited in
himself, turneth right about and maketh himself a submissive fool.

21. So, on the third day, the ethereans displayed their power over the elements of
the atmosphere; making corporeal substances and dissolving them at pleasure; making
light into darkness, and darkness into light. Weaving fabrics and making diadems
and precious stones. Gathering viands from the essence of things evaporated up from
the earth; founding plateaux and temples in heaven. Making ships and chains
and musical instruments. And, lastly, the etherean marshals, with half a million
ethereans, turned the winds and sent a heavy shower of rain down to the corporeal earth.

22. And all the while, the musicians of the hosts of Sue were discoursing music, the
sweetness and grandeur of which surpassed the atmosphereans so far that they were as

23. So, because of the exhibition of great power and wisdom, the third day had changed
the fortunes and aspirations of every man and woman in the lower heaven. And they were
running hither and thither, pleading to be taken as apprentices or servants, pledging
themselves to do anything required of them. Neither would they be put off, demanding
that half of the next day should be given to initiating them as real beginners in the second

24. Then God spake to them, saying: Ye know not what ye speak. Behold, I have
commanded ye for hundreds of years to put away your fine raiment and sparkling gems,
and to begin adorning your souls, so as to become Brides and Bridegrooms of the Great

25. But ye would not, but strove continually to adorn yourselves, forgetting to labor for
those beneath you. Behold, now stand Jehovih’s Brides and Bridegrooms before you.

What is their worth compared to yours? Are they not plain? And are ye not decorated?

26. But millions of voices rose up, saying: We will do whatever thou commandest,
O God. There is no God like unto thee. Then God spake, saying: Hear me, then, further:
This is to begin the second resurrection: to put away your jewels and diadems and
ornaments, and, above all things, to forsake self, and henceforth labor for others
who are beneath you. If ye do this in a brotherhood, ye are already beginning
the second resurrection. Neither is there any other road to wisdom and power.

27. Again the multitude cried out: We will do anything; we have faith. And God
answered them, saying: Suffer, then, a few to be initiated on to-morrow; but be ye patient
and of good judgment; slow to resolve, but firm forever.

28. So on the fourth day, in the morning, behold, more than a hundred millions of spirits
had abandoned their showy raiment and stood arrayed in white, devoid of jewels and
diadems, ready to be initiated and take the vows of the second resurrection, as above. And
accordingly new music was prepared, and the procession and ceremonies so arranged that
the greatest possible glory would be manifested.

29. Canopies were stretched overhead, and arches and columns on the borders of the
march, decorated with flowers and vines; and amidst these, half concealed, were nestled
the response singers, who were to speak for and with the initiates. But concealed
from view, and afar off, were bells and explosives, which were the morning signals.

30. And the glad and solemn sound of the Immortal Voice came upon the souls of
millions impatient to vow themselves to a new life; and God and his hosts welcomed
them with great joy. So grand and imposing were the ceremonies, that, ere midday,
another hundred millions came, robed in white, to be initiated also. Neither desired the
people any other entertainment.

31. And so the initiations were continued on the fifth day; and yet another hundred
millions applied, also robed in white. And this was continued on the sixth and seventh
and eighth and ninth and tenth days. And, lo and behold, a thousand million angels had
taken the vows of the second resurrection.

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