Lectionary Readings for Thursday, February 6th, 2020

Lectionary Readings for Thursday, February 6th, 2020

Book of Sue, Son of Jehovih Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7

Chapter 5

1. After this manner were the words of the initiation, led by the etherean hosts, to wit:

2. God on the throne said: O E-O-Ih (Jehovih)! Almighty! Boundless!

3. Response: How shall I comprehend Thee, Thou Mighty One?

4. God: Thou Higher than All Gods and Lords!

5. Response: Who movest the universe, with power unlimited!

6. God: Creator and Controller of the corporeal worlds!

7. Response: In Whose hands the etherean firmament is like a fruitful garden, wider than
the boundaries of time!

8. God: Whose members are All Space!

9. Response: Whose members are the All that is within place, beyond measure!

10. God: Thou, E-O-Ih! Thou Fountain and Terminus of all things!

11. Response: E-O-Ih! E-O-Ih! Of Whom all things are but parts, attuned to Thy will!

12. God: Thou All Person, O E-O-Ih! Incomprehensible!

13. Response: Who speakest in the Light! Whose voice is the progress of the universe!

14. God: E-O-Ih! Thou All Giver! By giving, Createth!

15. Response: What are Thy secrets, O Mighty One? O E-O-Ih, Everlasting, and Greater
than Magnitude!

16. God: I see nothing in all the universe but Thee! All selfs are but fractions of Thyself,
O E-O-Ih!

17. Response: Who hath not beholden Thee, O E-O-Ih? Thy Person is in the east and west
and north and south! Below and above; far and near.

18. God: Who hath not heard Thy voice? Who hath not found Thy hand, that pusheth him

19. Response: Without Thee, O E-O-Ih, I go not; I move not. I set out to do things of
myself, and fail utterly.

20. God: What is man before Thee, O E-O-Ih? He setteth up a kingdom, and it falleth as a
house of straw.

21. Response: O E-O-Ih, how I have wasted my time! My buildings were lighter than
chaff! My virtues were but bubbles, and they are burst and gone!

22. God: When will man learn to attune himself to Thee, O E-O-Ih?

23. Response: How can I put away myself, O E-O-Ih? Have I not said: I cannot put away
mine own judgment?

24. God: Man saith: I will not put away my judgment! and lo, therein doeth he it!

25. Response: Have I not said: To protect myself is the first law, and to preserve mine
own the highest law?

26. God: Man assumeth to protect himself, because he is without faith in Thee, O E-o-ih!
And to preserve his own, which, in fact, is not his.

27. And here the Light fell upon the throne, and Jehovih spake out of the Light, saying:

28. I have called thee, O man, from thy youth up! My voice hath never ceased in thine
ear. Who can come into life without Me? Who can measure his own footsteps?
Behold, he treadeth on My ground. Of all that he is made, the substance is Mine.

29. The kingdoms of the earth and the kingdoms of Gods and Lords in heaven, what are
they more than imitations of My works? Wherein they imitate Me well, I am with them in
wisdom, love and power. Shall a man butt his head against a wall to prove he is greater
than his Creator? Behold, I came in the ancient days, saying: Strive to become one with
Me, and thou shalt rejoice that I created thee. Strive to set up for thyself, and thy vanity
shall in time pierce thee as a two-edged sword.

30. Hear the love of thy Creator, O man! For I made thee with fondness for thy sons and
daughters. Of love like Mine Own I gave thee a part. And as thou sendest to thy wayward
son, beseeching him to return to thee, so do I bring My messengers from higher worlds to
call thee. And, that thou mayst not mistake their higher place, I give them power and
wisdom surpassing thee.

31. The voice ceased, and then the initiates said:

32. Henceforth I will serve only Thee, O E-O-Ih! Nor will I more think what shall become
of me. For I know Thou wilt appropriate me wisely, O E-O-Ih!

33. Accordingly, as the stone is hewn and polished, so wilt Thou put it in the walls of Thy

34. My labor is to hew and polish and perfect mine own soul forever!

35. My soul shall become as a shining star.

36. My love like Thy etherean angels.

37. And plain my raiment, and clean, forever!

38. Nor more will I boast, nor speak untruth, forever!

39. Nor sloth attain me.

40. Nor vanity, nor self; nor will I talk of myself.

41. Nor criticize my brethren, nor my neighbors, for they are Thine, O E-O-Ih !

42. To do righteous works and lift up my fellows shall be my labor henceforth, forever!

43. Make me strong in Thee, O E-O-Ih!

44. And wise to do Thy will forever. Amen!

Chapter 6

1. So great were the words and music of the ceremonies that the people were entranced
beyond measure; the old and divided kingdoms, which were without unity and discipline,
were now replaced by extreme sanctity and decorum.

2. Sue said: Hear me, O God, I will counsel thee further: Know, then, that the false Gods
and false Lords have gone off to build up kingdoms of their own, nor know they what
hath happened in Hored. Suffer them to proceed until they have purified the corporeans
from familiars and fetals; but when they have finished, call thou another festival of all
these people, and also send word to the false Gods and false Lords who deny Jehovih, the
All Person, and they will come, bringing their slaves, having themselves adorned in
extravagant raiment and jewelry. For they will expect, by their pageantry, to triumph
over all other Gods and men, hoping to carry back with them millions of subjects.

3. God said: I perceive, O Sue, Son of Jehovih. So, God did as commanded, and sure
enough, in course of time, the false Gods and false Lords stripped the barbarians of the
earth of their familiars and fetals, making slaves of such spirits in heaven. And it came to
pass that God gave another festival, and it was greater than the first, and there were
present upward of three thousand million angels, who had become enlisted in righteous

4. This was the beginning of the third year of Sue; and his wisdom and power were now
manifested all around the world, on earth and in heaven.

5. And this is what happened in reference to the false Gods and false Lords, who came to
the festival, equipped in chariots and ships, and with banners and flags, and crowns and
diadems, and such wonderful extravagancies, the like of which had not been in heaven
since the flood. And each and every false God and false Lord endeavored to outdo the
others in show and parade.

6. As might be expected, the first day of the festival neither won their applause nor
censure. The second day they ceased to attract attention; for the thrift and purity and
wisdom manifested in the countless millions of the second resurrection caused even
children to receive more praise than the Gods and Lords with all their glitter and show.

7. On the third day one-half of the false Gods and false Lords cast aside their adornments
and appeared in plain white, pleading to be initiated into the mysteries of the second
resurrection. And on the day following, the rest of them came also, seeking like

8. Whereupon the Light of Jehovih spake through God on the throne, saying:

9. Bethink ye, O ye Gods and Lords! What are ye doing? But as yesterday ye asked
for kingdoms, desiring to be leaders and great workers, over and above your fellows.

10. And ye obtained your desires, becoming Gods and Lords over millions. And these
became your dutiful subjects, and ye adorned your throne and your persons in great

11. Behold I gave a festival, and ye came as living witnesses of what self-made Gods and
Lords could accomplish. And your dutiful subjects came with you to attest their loyalty
and good faith in your wisdom and power.

12. Now have ye cast aside your crowns and high estate, praying to become workers
amongst the host of men and women! Are ye not mad? And are ye not making yourselves
the destroyers of your own subjects? For, behold, because of your abjuration of self-pomp
and self-glory, all your subjects are cast aside in ignorance and misery.

13. With one voice the self-Gods and self-Lords answered, saying: Alas, O God! What
shall we do? Our crowns we can give away; our raiment and jewels, and our thrones and
kingdoms. But, O God, we cannot give away our subjects; they will not go. We have
bound them to us; and we are bound to them because we accepted them. What shall we
do, O God? The burden is more than we can bear!

14. God said: Be not disconsolate, O Gods and Lords! Ye have done a great work.
Ye have rescued millions and millions of familiars and fetals. And even before ye
applied for the resurrection, behold, most of your subjects had already deserted you!

15. Hear the judgment of your Creator, which is that when all your subjects and fetals are
risen in wisdom and virtue and good works, so as to take the second resurrection, even
on that same day shall ye be promoted. For only until then can ye have freedom of soul.

16. The voice ceased, and the self-Gods and self-Lords answered: Thou art just, O
Jehovih. We will go to work amongst our poor and ignorant subjects, and make them
comprehend Thy wisdom, power and justice.

17. For ten days the festival lasted, and then it ended. Thus were first established rites and
ceremonies in the lower heaven as a power to work wisdom and virtue. And from that
time ever after, music and marching and dancing were included in all ceremonies by the
Gods and Lords of heaven.

Chapter 7

1. In the fifth year of Sue he dispatched swift messengers to Opnetevoc, in etherea,
saying: Thus saith Sue, God of two etherean worlds: Behold, I am sojourning on the
earth, and, with the God of heaven and his Lords, have prepared one thousand million
Brides and Bridegrooms for Jehovih’s etherean harvest. Greeting to Nista, of Ho and
Tow’en, Goddess; in the name of Jehovih, send an airavagna and complete the
resurrection of the Father’s Brides and Bridegrooms!

2. So it came to pass in etherea, the Goddess, Nista, provided an airavagna, an etherean
ship, resolving to come as commander in chief. Sue advised God, saying: Make thou of
this matter a great testimony in thy heaven. Send, therefore, thy messengers into all parts,
and to thy Lords on the earth, inviting all people to be present to witness the ascent of
Jehovih’s Brides and Bridegrooms.

3. God did as commanded, and on the day of the appearance of Nista, daughter of
Jehovih, in her sun-ship, in the firmament, there were assembled in Hored countless
millions of souls inspired of Jehovih.

4. Great was the rejoicing and the manifestations of delight when the sun-ship came in
full view, descending, like a world on fire. And when she passed Chinvat and was
fully within the earth’s vortex, the enthusiasm of the people knew no bounds.

5. They sang, and prayed, and danced, and clapped their hands, as if mad with delight.
Meantime the Brides and Bridegrooms had been arrayed in etherean white, and were now
saluting those whom they were soon to leave.

6. Quietly the etherean hosts filled their part in the great play of the immortal
resurrection; very Gods and Goddesses in demeanor.

7. Nearer and nearer came Nista in her sun-ship, slowly turning and descending, with ten
thousand curtains suspended and waving; and ten times ten thousand banners and flags
waving above and around.

8. And then slowly down, lower and lower, till the airavagna rested on the plateau of
Hored, to the south of the Temple of Jehovih.

9. Gussitavi, marshaless to the throne of Sue, in Izaracha, with ten thousand deputies,
went forward, and with open arms received Nista, Goddess descended, saluting with the
sign of the star and square, having been warm friends two hundred thousand years in the
plains of Oayad, in the etherean es’tu of Hi’dan, the spiritual center of the orbit of the
great serpent when in Zagagowthaka.

10. The es’enaurs of both hosts were chanting, and the angels of the airavagna coming
forth in hundreds of thousands, to be saluted by the previously trained Brides and
Bridegrooms of Jehovih and by the hosts of Sue, the etherean laborers.

11. And when Nista came up to the throne, God and great Sue rose up amidst the light,
now fast gathering as a mantle of brilliant fire over the place of council.

12. Sue said: All hail, O Nista, Jehovih’s Daughter. God said: In Jehovih’s name,
welcome, O Nista. To which Nista answered, saying: By the Wisdom and Power of
Jehovih, O my beloved!

13. And Sue and God parted, and Nista ascended and sat in the midst of the throne. After
the ceremonies of salutation Nista said: Let the Brides and Bridegrooms of Jehovih
approach the throne of God.

14. The marshals then ushered them to their places, a thousand millions, and the swift
messengers bounded them on all sides, so that the responses should be uniform and as if
spoken by one person. Whereupon Nista spake from the throne, and the Brides and
Bridegrooms responded in the usual form of Gods and Goddesses, and then took the
necessary vows and renunciations of the earth and lower heaven, according to Jehovih’s

15. When the ceremonies were finished, God proclaimed one day of recreation, which
was participated in joyously by upward of four thousand million souls.

16. So, on the next day, Nista and her hosts, with the thousand millions of Brides and
Bridegrooms, entered the airavagna, amidst the cheers and weeping of millions of
atmosphereans, who had never witnessed so grand a spectacle.

17. And then Nista, by the power of the Great Spirit, set her ship in motion; raised it up
from the lower heaven; moved it upward by her command, saying: Arise! arise!
Airavagna! By my will, arise! Embrace thou the realms of Great Jehovih! Arise.

18. The es’enaurs and trumpeters were singing and playing; and those ascending threw
down flowers and perfumes, and all manner of pleasant remembrances, to the countless
millions below.

19. In a little while the airavagna disappeared in high heaven.

20. This, then, is what followed of Sue’s ministration, to wit: When the end of dan’ha had
come, that is, the six years, he delivered God and his Lords and another thousand millions
of Brides and Bridegrooms, taking them into the extreme borders of Izaracha, where was
assigned the a’ji’an field of Rus’tsoo with twelve etherean worlds.

21. And Sue left T-hi, as the anointed God of the lower heaven for the next four hundred
years. And God (T-hi) anointed Lords for the divisions of the earth, the same as had been
heretofore. And the earth and heaven prospered, so that in the dan following there were
raised up two thousand million Brides and Bridegrooms.

22. From this time on there was a decrease in the etherean harvests for two thousand
years, after which time there came great darkness on the earth and heaven belonging to it;
and self-Gods filled all atmospherea. And, as for Lords, there rose up in every nation on
the earth thousands and thousands, so that men and angels knew not if there were a true
God or true Lord in all the universe.

23. Thus ended the cycle of Sue, being three thousand and two hundred years.



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