Lectionary Readings for Tuesday, November 24th, 2020

Lectionary Readings for Tuesday, November 24th, 2020

Book of Inspiration Chapters 17-18

Chapter 17

1. As Jehovih, through His God, delivered into freedom Guatama’s slaves, and, thus, to
general slavery dealt the final blow, so Jehovih blessed that day, and sanctified it.

2. And He gave to man, as the master’s sign in the lodge, A HAND POINTING TOWARD A PEN,

3. And Jehovih gave to the members in the lodge to answer in the sign, CLASPED HANDS,

4. Jehovih said: Remember the day of proclamation of freedom, for it is My day, which I
bequeath unto you as a day of freedom in all righteous jollification, which ye shall keep
every year, and commemorate, to the end of the world.


1. Beside the above, Jehovih gave one more holy day, Kosmon Day, which He also
commanded to be kept in commemoration of another matter, which Jehovih commanded
to be secret with the Faithists for a certain period of time, the which time hath not expired
to this day. Therefore, the day of kosmon is still a secret with the Faithists.

2. And Jehovih said: That mortals and angels may live and labor in concert, behold, I
have given certain days, whereby large congregations on earth may be met by My organic
heavens, in re-union, mortals and angels, for the happiness of both, and for the glory of
My works.

3. Now, behold also, as by My Presence I inspire thee, when thou laborest with Me, and
thou art doing righteously, and with purity and love, so also is it with thee, in regard to
My angels.

4. When thou makest and keepest thy corporeal body pure and clean, My angels, who are
pure and clean, come to thee to aid thee, and to enlighten thee.

5. And when thou puttest away all unclean thoughts and all unselfish desires, and
seekest to obtain wisdom, and to learn how best thou canst help thy fellow-man,
behold, My angels of light and wisdom come to thee, and, by virtue of their
presence, which thou seest not, they inspire thy soul in the light of thy Creator.

6. Man hath said: I will not be a seer, or a prophet, nor a su’is, nor sar’gis; verily, I will not
have angels with me to teach me, or to give me any light or knowledge under the sun.

7. Whatever I can attain, it shall be mine own. Wiser is it for me to obtain to know, and to
do things of myself, than have angels come and give to me, or manifest through me.

8. Verily, I will not be used, by man nor angel, for it would be prostituting my flesh and
my spirit to others.

9. Behold, my body was given to me for mine own use and profit, to establish and
develop mine own soul unto eternal happiness in individuality.

10. Alike unto all people is My Presence, saith Jehovih. I am unto the just and the unjust;
I am everywhere, both, in darkness and in light.

11. Because thou art in darkness, thou beholdest not Me.

12. Because thou art imperfect in flesh and spirit, thou deniest Me.

13. Because thou art confounded with inharmony, thou believest not in Me.

14. He, who hath not an ear for music, discovereth not a tune; even as he that is
discordant denieth My Person.

15. To the pure there is no selfishness, neither for earthly things, nor for their own flesh
and spirit.

16. A pure man is as a clear glass; he can see out of himself, and, so, perceive My angels
and Me.

17. Through the pure man, pure angels can see mortality as well as spirituality. Their
presence inspireth him to understand all things.

18. As much with the man that is not a seer, or a su’is, are the angels, as with those that
are seer, or su’is, or sar’gis.

19. Because thou seest not, nor hearest angels, only proveth thy darkness, but proveth not
the absence of angels.

20. To the dark, come the dark; with the dark, abide the dark, both, angels and

21. More is the man of darkness ruled by angels, than is the man of light.

22. Behold, I created thee not to fill any place in all the world for thine own self’s sake.

23. Neither gave I thy flesh nor thy spirit to be thine only.

24. These, also, shalt thou relinquish, saying: To Thee, O Jehovih, I give all; my flesh, my
spirit, mind, and all my service; to be Thine forever.

25. Thou shalt say: Appropriate Thou me, soul and body, in whatsoever way Thou canst,
that I may do the most good unto others, mortals and angels.

26. Until thou attainest this, thou shalt not hear My Voice, nor see My Hand.

27. As I gave away Myself, and thus created all things, so shalt thou follow in My
footsteps, in order to become one with Me.

28. Herein lieth the secret of wisdom, truth, love and power, time without end.


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