Lectionary Readings for Tuesday, August 6th, 2019

Lectionary Readings for Tuesday, August 6th, 2019

Bon’s Book of Praise RUX, GHOI


1. Then sang the bound heavens, the atmosphereans. First, Ghiovagna, with her two
million cities, in the plateau Wahaputosivi.

2. Almighty Creator, hear Thy Daughter in the Hemsan-way, sweet cliffs in the colleges
of Tuan, with her thirty million students, swift uprising. Marching onward in praise of
Thee, my Creator.

3. With ample material, O Thou Boundless, for Thy sixty million hosts in jubilee.
Striving onward in Thy praise, buoyant with love and rejoicing in the lessons of the

4. With seven million factories to train the untutored es’yan the purpose of the talents
Thou createdst with all to be most shining lights in building the house of the Almighty in
rapturous industry.

5. With her two million nurseries for the spirits of infants, full of delight and songs to
Jehovih! With fragrance and delightful plains and forests and shining waters, created by
Thee, Thou All Perfect.

6. With my four million miles of roadways and atmospherean oceans, wherein Thy highraised angels teach the es’yans how to master the elements Thou createdst, swift and
mighty, proclaiming Thy power.

7. O the songs and praises of Thy Daughter, Ghiovagna, the heaven of four hundred
million angels, swift in learning, pure in love, with a choir a million strong to sing and
chant to Thee on the waters of heaven.

8. O the songs of gladness, the shining robes of Thy loved ones, Jehovih. The lessons of
wisdom, the growth of talent, the dance and merry-making, the learning to master Thy
elements, O thou Almighty.


1. Then Farja sang: Thy Daughter, O Jehovih! Thy Schliegashawaka, uplifted unto Thee,
Thou Almighty! I am Thy heaven, O Father, with six million cities in the plateau Shia
Chong, far in the grades.

2. With three million places of learning for the es’yans newly risen from the earth; the
colleges of Sitiviyanpegonska on the very high mountain, Hoit’su’gonderoga, heavenly.

3. With four million factories and eight hundred million angels, high in the grades,
joyous, full of wisdom and song, masterly in Thy elements, created by Thee, Thou
Almighty Creator!

4. Well weaned from the earth and corporeal desires, heavenly aspiring! With their heads
turned upward and their souls in the way of Jehovih! Most righteous; and in unison,
striving in the way of Jehovih!

5. O that I could find corporeal words for the love of my heaven! For the joy of my eight
hundred millions! And of heavenly things display to mortals the glorious creations
created by the All Light, Jehovih!

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