Lectionary Readings for Monday, January 27th, 2020

Lectionary Readings for Monday, January 27th, 2020

Book of Aph, Son of Jehovih Chapter III, Chapter IV

Chapter 3

1. O ye angels, of hada of the red star; and thou, O God, and ye Lords, upraised and
mighty, with hosts, countless, and quick answering the thoughts of mortals, hear the
words of Aph, Son of Jehovih:

2. When I was in the Orian arc of Noe, and the red star passed the Utswowldayark, in the
etherean group of Vorh, the voice of Jehovih came to me, saying: Go thou, My Son,
deliver the earth. Take with thee all whom I may send.

3. And I examined the records of the stars of heaven, and of the earth; and the accounts of
Jehovih’s harvests, and I perceived the bondage and labor of the red star were of the
seventh magnitude in the advance of habitable worlds.

4. When His voice called the legions in high heaven, from every side, and below and
above the earth, there moved myriads of shapely stars, which were ships of fire, coursing
the firmament, whereon rode the Gods and Goddesses called by Jehovih to the labor of
earth and hada.

5. Closing in on every side they came, and nearer and more compact, and brighter, with
sparkling pillars of fire, and down-swaying curtains of light, till all the space around
about the earth was hedged in with this army of Jehovih’s etherean ships of fire.

6. Again I heard the Father’s voice, saying: O Aph, My Son, My holy one, hearken to the
voice of Jehovih, Creator of Gods and Goddesses:

7. Behold, I sent My Son, Neph, to the red star, with wisdom and power. Long hath he
been gone; long struggling with the black darkness of men and angels.

8. As a valiant soldier rusheth into the heaviest part of battle, and forgetteth himself in
desperate contest, but ceaseth not to struggle on against all odds, even so for three
thousand years hath My God, Neph, hoped to save the whole limbs of the earth (the

9. From My holy place have I watched the battle for everlasting life; but the too prolific
earth contributeth more to the corporeal than to the spiritual man. And I bring My legions
to the rescue of My valiant Son, Neph. Send thou to him, O Aph, My Son. Proclaim to
him and his Lords, and to his ethereans, My just decrees. Aph said:

10. And I sent swift messengers down to hada, informing Neph, Son of Jehovih,
of the march and presence of Gods, and of the decree of the Father; and I added
thereunto, saying: O Neph, Son of Jehovih, come hither, bringing thy hosts with thee.

11. Presently Neph answered me in Jehovih’s name, saying: O Aph, Son of Jehovih, I
come! My prayers are answered. All praise to the All Highest!

12. Then we saw, making ready in hada, preparatory to ascending, the ship of Neph and
his faithful hosts; and that which was seen from my place was also seen by the myriads of
Jehovih’s vessels surrounding the earth. And my place became as a central throne to
which the hosts now made speed, swift and orderly.

13. And in the time they came, also rose up the ship of Neph from hada. Meanwhile, my
ship rested on the borders of Chinvat, in the School of Hein, and from the moon seven

14. Again the voice of Jehovih came to me, saying: My Son, make fast thy ship, for thy
place shall be the head of the army of My hosts. And let thy consorts extend in a line from
thy place down to the earth, for this shall be the delivery of them whom I shall cut off.

15. So I made fast, and my messengers hastened to the concentrating forces of heaven,
informing the etherean groups on Jehovih’s ships of His commandments. And now came
Neph; his ship rose up, filled with his long-laboring hosts. And I greeted him and said
unto him: By the power and wisdom of Jehovih, the continent of Wagga is to be cut loose
and submerged, and her heavens carried away. Return thou to the earth and bring all the

spirits of darkness from all the divisions of earth and heaven to Wagga, that I may carry
them away. Then Neph and his hosts viewed the imposing scene and returned back to the

16. Quickly, now, the ships of fire formed in line, extending from my place down to hada,
where rested Neph and his Lords of the earth, whose hosts extended to all the divisions of
land and water, embracing the various heavenly kingdoms previously built by the Lords.

17. And in the line of the etherean ships were stationed the plateaux of rank; and the hosts
of Gods and Goddesses took their places according to the rank of wisdom, power and
love manifested in the etherean departments whence they came, with the two Orian
Chiefs at either extremity.

18. And I divided the line into sections, each with two hundred and fifty ships, and there
were one thousand sections. And every ship was contracted ten thousand fold, which was
the force required to break the crust of the earth and sink a continent.

19. Along the line I stationed sentinels and talisman, and messengers, without number, so
that Jehovih’s voice and His sons’ voices could traverse in a moment of time to every part.
And after that I formed the tube of transit, which extended in front of the ships, and from
the earth to beyond Chinvat; and I filled it with the earth’s atmosphere to the extreme,
whither it joined Io’sank, whither I determined to deliver the drujas and fetals of such as
were to perish in the ocean of the earth.

20. For every ten sections I appointed one hundred marshals and one God, and for every
ten Gods one Chief in Emuts; according to their rank in the heavens whence they came,
so appointed I them. These, then, are the Chief Emuts, to wit:

21. Agar, of the order of Achav, Son of Jehovih, in Bowitch, from the corporeal star
Godad, raised in Ben of a’ji, seventy, of seven hundred thousand years inhabitant of Gon.

22. Hoe’ghi, Son of Jehovih, Marsh’wan of Hadom and Ag, nebulae four and Petrath;
swift messenger of Jun, of the corporeal star Alanx, of one million two hundred thousand
years inhabitant of Roth’wok in Jois.

23. Fist’humitaivi, Daughter of Jehovih, ji’ya’an Oods’lon in Kaih; Goddess of Ine;
Goddess of Ad; Governess of Wal’wal, of the corporeal star Ter’wig, and of the plains of
Exwer and Gohen, in the etherean arc of Labis, of one million three hundred thousand

24. Hi’ata, Daughter of Jehovih, and nurse of Hue’enbak, in fifty-seven, a’ji, of the
corporeal star Heats, a milkmaid, Goddess of Luf, Goddess of the plateau of O’banf, in
etherea, rank ninety, and of two millions of years inhabitant of Nud and Ix.

25. Gon’leps, Son of Jehovih, God of Ney, God of Aper, God of Don, God of Mu, God of
Reau; physician of Bo, and of Ir, and of Jan’er; marshal of Kute and Oblin of Sharar, in
etherea, of the a’ji’an field of Do; of seven hundred thousand years inhabitant of On’lof
and Pick’tus.

26. Neo, God of Lun and Hintaya; God of Mors, and of Thespune; Master of Peh and
Savior of Woh’haggai, a’ji plain seven, and risen from the corporeal star Se’etiyi, and
inhabitant of Sirne one million seven hundred thousand years.

27. Sicci, Goddess of Nu, in Loots and Rab; Goddess of Bad; Goddess of Ture; Goddess
of Red, a’ji twenty, from the corporeal star Ith’mule, inhabitant of Suga one million of
years; inhabitant of Ranna one million two hundred thousand years.

28. Listiac’ca, Goddess of Man; Goddess of Hirze; Goddess of Som and Nye; Weaver of
Olt’bak and Agimus. Rank ninety, raised on the corporeal star Mem; inhabitant of
Das’sawig and Gabriomety two millions nine hundred thousand years.

29. Tussica, Goddess of Kol; Goddess of Lowst and Wittawhaggat; Goddess of Du’e’jhi
and Loo of Maggatza; Goddess of Ep; Goddess Gek of Hennasshalonkya; Goddess of Tur
in the ji’ay’an swamp of Dobbokta, fifty-five, raised on the corporeal sun Nitz, of the
Serpent Tan, inhabitant of Tayay’hitsivi, two millions of years; inhabitant of Palla one
million seven hundred thousand years.

30. Fiatisi, Goddess of Lubbuk; Goddess of Saran’ya, in Gowlolo; Goddess of Iz;
Goddess of Serl; Goddess of Lok’low; Goddess Um of a’ji, seventy-five; Goddess of
Wartz and Do’e’huitta; Goddess of Crayya; Goddess of Bak’hoo; Goddess of Teel and
Ros’itz; Goddess of Mutz’mutz; Goddess of La’errets of Wouk’humhowtz; Goddess of Bil
and Dusk’wan’guessel; Goddess of Ork’sa; Goddess of Unksoot; Goddess of Sl’huitta;
Goddess of Shein; Goddess of Isa; Goddess of Ham; Goddess of Reikowow and Shuitit;
Goddess of Daing and Gou’wok; Goddess of Faitta’zammel; Goddess of Zittayya’howb of
the gardens of Zittayya’bauf in a’ji seven; surgeon of Hualla; surgeon of Bos; surgeon of
Rappaya; surgeon of Lum’zon; nurse of Paigga of Semathais; nurse of Zid; nurse of
Loo’see; nurse of Home; nurse of Briathath; Queen of Ouppa; Queen of Rog’ga,
disciplinarian of Tuh; of Kaibbi’summak, of Tootz’mutz, of Bir’bir, of Ctenski, of Rivvia,
of soon, of Hadab, of Fussohowtz and Ceres; raised on the star Planzza, swift messenger
in Bal and Wawa’lauk five hundred thousand years; swift messenger in To’wakka and
Runfwot five hundred thousand years; inhabitant of Terashash one million of years;
inhabitant of the fields of Ni’jayay one million of years; inhabitant of Gun five hundred
thousand years; maker of corporeal roadways five hundred thousand years.

31. So Fiatisi outranked all other Gods and Goddesses, and was special guest of honor to
Aph, Chief over all the rest.

32. And the star of Fiatisi’s etherean ship was stationed near the earth, that she might the
better behold the deliverance of the spirits that were to be freed by the submersion of the
land of Wagga; and of these spirits there were upward of twenty-four billion four hundred
millions, of whom more than three billion were fetals and familiars and spirits in chaos.

Chapter 4

1. Jehovih said: Aph, My Son, put a wall of pillars of fire around about the land of
Wagga; plant them near, as a hedge is planted. For the false Gods and false Goddesses of
hada, when perceiving their habitation going down into the water, will endeavor to escape
to Jud and Vohu, and other countries.

2. But thou shalt not suffer one to escape; for they have migrated to this division of
the earth because of its sumptuous productions, the better to feast their evil desires.

3. And thou shalt spread a net around the borders of Wagga, against the line of the ocean
and to the high north mountains; and the net shall encompass the continent of Wagga, and
it shall be to the height of a thousand miles, and in breadth, so that no spirit of darkness
can escape and find the way abroad.

4. And when thou hast spread the net, thou shalt send to the large kingdoms in hada, and
to the false kingdoms, a sufficient number of ethereans of great power; and thou shalt
send down to the earth, to Wagga, a sufficient number of ethereans, that every mortal man
and mortal woman, and every mortal child, shall have five to attend. And they that go to

mortals shall take with them birth-blankets a sufficiency; for in the time of destruction,
when the mortals go down in death, thy servants shall receive the liberated spirits on the
birth-blankets, and bear them to the atmospherean column of ascent. And hither shall thy
hosts receive them and provide them with food and clothes, after the manner of es’yans.

5. But it shall come to pass that many mothers shall perish in the waters, with children
in the womb, which live by fetal, as is proper in My sight, for so created I them.

6. Therefore, to all such fetals give special care, for they are without sin. And when the
mother is dead corporeally, and the fetal also, bring hence their spirits, but together; and
provide a volunteer angel of fetal power, and deliver the infant spirit to her to be nurtured
until the proper time of weaning, and provide in the same place a home for the mother of
the child, that she may inherit its love and mirth.

7. When the voice ceased, Aph, Son of Jehovih, looked about over the hosts as if
in search of a sign that the time had come; but again Jehovih spake, saying:

8. In the misfortunes of a fallen world, created I food for the warm love of My etherean
Goddesses. Behold them hereabout in millions; every one in hope of receiving a prize of
that which was lost in darkness, to raise up sons and daughters, who shall rejoice in
everlasting paradise. Think not that I gave the talent of love only to a mother for her
child, and there the talent to end; for as the talent in its incipient age bindeth her
soul to her child, so doth the same talent in My Goddesses overspread a helpless world.

9. Are they not as midwives and mothers to thousands and millions of souls being
delivered from corporeal bondage into everlasting light? And who can number them?
Here standeth a hundred millions come from Laygas; a hundred millions from Inopta;
two hundred millions from Karduk; a hundred millions from Buchk; two hundred
millions from Nin; two hundred and fifty millions from Luth’wig; a hundred
millions from Pied; two hundred millions from Raig; fifty millions from Naivis;
two hundred millions from Dak’dak, and two hundred and fifty millions from Od.

10. I spake in the etherean firmament, and they have answered Me. Yea, they come not as
curiosity seekers, and with empty arms; but, behold them, arrayed with their thousands
and millions of small equipments suited to the newborn! What thing is there under the
sun they have not remembered to bring with them in some part, for regimen or drapery, to
rejoice the souls of them that are to be cut off from corpor?

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