Unity and Harmony Amongst Brothers and Sisters

Unity and Harmony Amongst Brothers and Sisters

“Discover the good that is in your neighbour, and laud him therefore, for this is the method of raising him higher.” (Book of Discipline 7:15)

We read in the Scriptures, “There is divine unity amongst my disciples, but each has also been granted a special freedom by my Father in all those matters which are not considered essential to the liberation of the soul.”

Faithism upholds the importance of unity among all its members, regardless of their status as laity or clergy. When we speak of unity it does not mean developing a “Borg” or cult mentality. Faithists are never asked to believe in anything other than the essentials – brethren maintain unity in doctrine by remaining steadfast in the essentials of the Faith. Therefore, diverse thoughts, within righteousness, are permitted among the brethren, especially where direct teachings have not yet been provided by the celestial beings, especially of the current era.

It must also be kept in mind that when Divine Revelation is given on any particular subject that was not discussed before, Faithists are always willing to abandon all preconceptions and accept the Light provided to them. This is one means by which brothers and sisters remain in unity with the Messenger of Light.

If individual Faithists, whether they are clerics or laity, have written and published materials on subjects that may now seem contrary to Divine Revelation or other spiritual direction, those individuals must review such previous writings and make the proper adjustments where necessary. When writing on any subject that has not been addressed by way of Divine Revelation in a non-confidential nature, the author should make a note that the thoughts within the article, book or other material are the views of the author and not necessarily those of the Association or of all Faithists in general. While there is unity within diversity, the brethren know very well that if they are teaching anything that is contrary to the teachings of our Pillars, then such contrary matters must be corrected or abandoned in favour of the Light and revelation that is being provided by Jehovih.

There are obviously many benefits of remaining in harmony and peaceful unity with brothers and sisters of the Faith including the appointed leadership, but Faithists also believe in the importance of keeping unity within one’s family, even if some of those family members are not fellow believers. The reason for this is to keep peace among family but not to the point of compromising righteous principles that have been learned. If a non-believing family member tempts you to compromise the truth for an act of unrighteousness, the Faithist must remain strong in his or her faith and take a stand, even if it means dealing with some confrontation. Faithists never wish to trade Light for darkness – for the two are incompatible and the latter means death, while the Light means eternity within the very presence of the Father.

Faithists deeply cherish the unity they have amongst each other. This unity is through their worship of the Eternal Jehovih, genuine love of one another, sharing the sense of responsibility to share the teachings of the Light with others in the world, unity in the family, and on the essential doctrinal matters.

We read in the Scriptures: “Cherish the freedom that has been given unto you as children of the Light. Remain in unison with one another, in your shared faith concerning the worship of the Father of Greatness; remain in unity concerning the Message of Light that has been revealed unto you, for it is light from the Great Spirit who is above the heavens. Remain in unity with me and you will draw closer to the Father of Greatness.”

(Adapted from the original of 5 May 2013)

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