The Breath of Life Leads to our True Home

The Breath of Life Leads to our True Home

“Man perceived the magnitude and glory of the corporeal worlds. He said, How shall I speak of Your great works, O Jehovih, and of Your wisdom and power! Shall I open my mouth before You! I look upon Your countless stars, suns and moons, spread out over the heavens! The millions of years You have rolled them on in the never-ending firmament! Processions in and out, and round about, of mighty worlds! By Your breath going forth!

“O You who are the All Highest! How shall I hide my insignificance! I cannot create the smallest thing alive! Nor change the colour of a hair on my head. What am I, that You even look upon me?

“Tell me, O my Creator, how did life come to be? This unseen within me that is conscious of being? Tell me how all the living came into life.” (Oahspe, Book of Jehovih 5:1-3, Revised Authorised Version)

The Creator breathes life into us and we become alive in His Presence. He enlightens our minds to His Way. As we follow His Commandments, He leads us to His Light, our true home.

When we disobey His Commandments, our pride and intractableness blocks the airways of our spiritual lungs, and we are unable to breathe the pure truth of Jehovih’s Word, thus causing our spiritual vision to fail, and causing our feet to stumble in the darkness.

“Whoever becomes a member of my kingdom shall practice light; but whoever practises darkness, will depart from my kingdom of his own accord… discover the good that is in your neighbour, and laud him therefore, for this is the method of raising him higher.” (Book of Discipline 7:9,15)

May we come together, as brethren, and help each other with encouraging words, uplifting each others’ spirit, and sharing the Word of Truth with one another, so that none of us may fail in our mission, but rather, succeed in walking Jehovih’s path of Light.

– RR

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