Are Faithists required to live away from Uzians?

Are Faithists required to live away from Uzians?

For those not familiar with the term “Uzian,” the Oahspe uses this term, to put it simply, as a person of the world. An Uzian is not a Faithist. Another term for this is “worldly person.”

In a modern world, it is almost impossible to live without relying on the Uzians for one reason or another. For example, most of us must purchase goods from worldly manufacturers and retail stores. Most of us do not have the resources or talents to make our own shoes, build our own homes, or manufacture our own medications. While these things are possible, as they were in the past, it is not practical in the world in which we live today.

I purchase my home goods and medicines from the world. I see doctors on a regular basis. All my medical supplies are manufactured by people of the world.

It is not required of Faithists to live physically separate from Uzians. We do live separate from them spiritually. We do not wish to adopt their ways if those ways are detrimental to our own level of spirituality, spiritual growth or if they demean our Creator and His Name.

Faithists, whether they are living as individuals in their countries or cities, hundreds or thousands of miles away from other Faithists, or if they are families worshipping together at home, but still away from an established congregation, are encouraged to affiliate with the Worldwide Faithist Association. This is a doctrinal point in the Oahspe Bible, that affiliation with other Faithists is of great importance and part of our covenant with Jehovih. This binds us as a spiritual community wherever we are on the planet. Part of our purpose is to unite as a family, regardless of the miles/kilometres we are from one another.

Light and peace to you.


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