Jehovih Inspires His Creation

Jehovih Inspires His Creation

Book of Inspiration 7:8-11

8. To man I give liberty to acquire wisdom by observing the method of My work, as I manifest in other living creatures.

9. I have also given man capacity to attain to know My inspiration in contradistinction from the inspiration he receiveth from his surroundings.

10. To no other creature gave I this capacity.

11. What cometh of Me, is without pain or injury to any one, and with liberty unto all. Such are My inspirations.

Personal Comments

Jehovih the Creator has given humankind the ability to peer into His creation by scientific discovery and by mere observation. Humans have been inspired by Jehovih’s wondrous works of creation since the beginning of man’s existence on earth. Man has been able to observe the various animals perform their daily activities and to learn from them over the years.

While humans can be awe-inspired concerning their environment, it is only humankind that actually is aware of being inspired by the Creator. The Scriptures tell us that the animals are unaware of this fact (vs 5).

While the Father gives inspiration to the spider to weave her web or to the bird to build his nest (vs 6), this is not the same inspiration that the Creator gives to humankind. This is a unique form of inspiration separate from other creation (vs 10). Jehovih has given humanity the ability to hear His voice and to commune with Him.

Inspiration from our Creator is freely given, without charge. There is no admission price, no ticket to purchase. We are only required to have our ears open to His voice, and He will speak to us in various ways.

Light and peace to you.

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