A Call to Establish the Kingdom Now

A Call to Establish the Kingdom Now

Brothers and sisters in the Faith, we know that dark days are ahead and the persecution is inevitable for those who choose to worship the One Creator. It has now been revealed that before the days of the presence of the Creator being made known in the thunderous clouds to remove the evil one, Jehovih’s Kingdom will begin to be established in Guatama (America) from among the Remnant which currently resides in various Spiritual Communities. Concerning this, Jehovih said, “Call My people now to assemble for the purpose of establishing the Kingdom in Guatama. Call them from afar, from every land and every nation they shall come. These are My Faithists and they will be representatives of the first kingdom established in the land of My choice. My Kingdom shall also be established in Jerusalem and in many locations, but at this time, I am calling the Remnant to the land of Guatama. I will call them through their chiefs, and the faithful shall say, ‘I am here to do as Jehovih wills. I will come.'”

“The first Remnant to be raised up at this time shall bring themselves together as one people to learn with one another and to speak of the Book and My Name. After they have made their dwellings, they shall take up employment to support their community and the land in which it has been established. They shall plant food for their harvests and live a simple life with their Creator as the focus of their devotion.”

“In Jehovih’s Kingdom, all shall be equal, with various appointments for necessary duties, and all shall labour according to their talents, abilities and what they can learn. Those who refuse to labour for no other purpose than being slothful, shall present their case before the chief and if their reason is not sufficient, they shall not remain in My Kingdom. If a citizen has developed a sickness or disease, their labour will be according to their abilities until such a time they have recovered. Such ones shall be attended to by proper physicians and they shall also be anointed by the chiefs and the elders appointed for this duty.”

“The citizens shall work six days a week, but they shall rest on the seventh day (Saturday), because it is a holy day. And on the seventh day they shall assemble together to hear the Book and to worship their Creator. They shall also gather on each of the appointed times of the Kingdom’s calendar.”

“As My chosen ones labour together they can learn from one another in cultures, music and languages. They will impart knowledge to one another in their conversations and friendship.”

“And concerning marriage, only two persons are permitted to be part of a marital union. Polygamy is not permitted in My Kingdom. All citizens involved with a polygamous union shall lose their citizenship. And concerning divorce, it is not permissible except in the case of one of the spouses committing adultery. The sinner shall be removed from My Kingdom until a future time when that one has repented.”

“And none who are not of the Remnant shall enter into My Kingdom without invitation for seeking knowledge, but they shall not become citizens unless they are found worthy of living on the land. They must be called by Me through the chiefs whom I have appointed.”

“My people, I am calling you. Come into My Kingdom and become a citizen and be blessed with the fellowship of your brothers and sisters. Live among one another and demonstrate peace and light to the world.”

4 February 2024

Una traducción al español de lo anterior está disponible en formato PDF.

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