Protection for the Remnant

Protection for the Remnant

Jehovih said, “My people have been scattered by the enemy, the false Christ and his followers. The evil one, the woman who hides in the dark chambers of the earth, has devoured the innocent and caused them to be thrown against a wall of stone. Their blood cries out to their Creator, and I hear them. I will avenge His people, and My Name will be revered throughout all the heavens and the earth.”

“The evil ones will crawl out from beneath the soil and emerge from their dark spirit world in order to consume the sons of men. They will seek to destroy Jehovih’s Faithists, My faithful remnant, wherever they reside. The shrieks of these demons will bellow out from the hidden recesses of the earth and the oceans. Behold! I will take notice, and I will not forget My remnant. I will provide them with protection.”

When the presence of Jehovih comes upon the earth, the skies will become darkened, and the evil one and her servants will shake with fear. The earth beneath their feet will quake, and the skies will rain blood and fire upon all of the Creator’s enemies. The blood of the innocent, unjustly spilled upon the stone wall, will serve as a testimony against the evil one.

Jehovih will speak to His Faithists, saying, “I am here, do not permit your hearts to weaken. Do not fear what the enemy does, but place your trust in Me. I am your Creator and your Shepherd. I will gather you under My wings. Call upon My Name and walk in the Way that you have been taught.”

At that time, Jehovih’s Faithists will stand up and look upon the Light of their Creator, and they shall give forth praise to the Shepherd who has guided them into a safe field. From that place, they will chant and give thanksgiving, saying, “This is the Way, we have walked in it. You are Jehovih, it is You whom we worship and none other. We shall abide in the Covenant that You made with us. All praise and thanks be to Jehovih our Creator.”

Jehovih’s highest angels will surround His Remnant, and they will continue, day and night, giving praise to the One who delivered them from the hands of the persecutors. Their manna will be both spiritual and physical, for Jehovih has promised to fill them and make them satisfied.

Jehovih will say to His flock, “Stand firm, My people, and do not forget the teachings of the Book.” And the people will open the Book and be reminded daily of the words of the Creator.

2 February 2024

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