Oahspe Study Notes Lika XII

Oahspe Study Notes Lika XII

Pride and Jehovih’s faithfulness is the theme of the 12th chapter of Lika.

Ahura’s pride did not permit him to hear the Voice of Jehovih. (12:4-13)

Ahura desired material gain, praise from others and the desire to rule. (12:14-16)

Ahura’s kingdom failed (12:17-18)

Even in Ahura’s great pride and sin, Jehovih did not forget him. (12:19-24). Jehovih sent His celestial beings (Gods) to help Ahura, delivering him from hell (12:25). Ahura now praises Jehovih. (12:26)

The narrative changes somewhat with vs. 27 which is the beginning of a heartbreaking account concerning two companions whose friendship was shattered due to pride. (12:27-32) Ahura is comforted and told by Lika that his friend De’yus will be delivered from hell due to his pleading. (12:33)

Questions for Review

  1. Why did Ahura not hear Jehovih’s voice?
  2. What three things did Ahura desire above that of his Creator?
  3. Why did Ahura’s kingdom fail?
  4. Did Jehovih abandon Ahura? Explain.
  5. What caused the friendship of Ahura and De’yus to be destroyed?
  6. Is it out of Jehovih’s power to deliver people out of certain levels of hell? Explain.

Who is De’yus?
Anuhasaj (De’yus). A false God, formerly a sub-God under Ahura, and eventually a “True” Lord God (though duplicitous in that role). He had been a close friend of Ahura, until a bruised ego led him down a contrary path. He assumed the name De’yus as the Creator. He first gave the impression that he intended to form a “De’yus,” or congress, but took the name for himself. Not to be confused with Dyaus, who had been the false God Sudga, under Anuhasaj, who also took the name De’yus, but spelled in Oahspe “Dyaus,” so as not to be mistaken for Anuhasaj. (Source: Glossary of the 2016 Eloist Edition of the Oahspe Bible, page 770)

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