Lectionary Readings for Wednesday, May 13th, 2020

Lectionary Readings for Wednesday, May 13th, 2020

Weekday Sabbath

Book of Wars Against Jehovih Chapter 17, Chapter 18

Chapter 17

1. God, in Craoshivi, bewailed heaven and earth. He said: Great Jehovih, how I have
failed in Thy kingdom! Behold, Thou gavest into my keeping the earth and her heavens,
and they have gone astray!

2. Jehovih said: Behold the plan of My government; which is, to come against nothing in
heaven or earth; to seize nothing by the head and turn it round by violence to go the other

3. Though I am the power that created them, and am the Ever Present that moveth them
along, I gave to them to be Gods, like Myself, with liberty to find their own direction.

4. I created many trees in My garden, the greatest of which is the tree of happiness. And I
called out unto all the living to come and dwell in the shade of that tree, and partake of
the fruits and its perfumes. But they run after prickers and they scourge themselves; and
then, alas, they fall to cursing Me, and accusing Me of shortness in My government.

5. I confined them in their mother’s womb for a season, showing them there is a time for
all things. But they ran forward hurriedly, desiring speedy happiness and wisdom, without
halting to observe My glories by the road-side.

6. I said unto them: Even as I have given liberty unto all My people, so shall ye
not impress into your service your brothers and sisters. But the self-assuming Gods
make slaves of their fellows; they build roads round about, and station armies
of soldiers to prevent My newborn from coming to My most glorious kingdoms.

7. They go down to the earth and inspire kings and queens, and rich men, to do the same
things. And they portion out to their servants, saying to them: Serve ye me, and I will do
for you. They little think that their servants will become as thorns, and stones, and chains,
and spears against them in the far future. They build up a justice of their own, saying:
As much as my servants labor for me, so will I render unto them. But I have said unto
them that no man shall serve another but for love, which shall be his only recompense.

8. The king and the queen of the earth, and the rich man, shut their own eyes against Me,
thinking by that means I cannot see them; they flatter themselves that in heaven they will
give the slip to their servants. But I sowed a seed of bondage in My garden, and I said:
Whosoever bindeth another, shall himself be bound. And behold, when they are risen in
heaven, their servants and their soldiers come upon them; their memory is as a troubled
dream that will not away from them.

9. Nevertheless, with these great examples before them, still there are angels in hada that
have not profited therein. For they say unto themselves; I will build a great kingdom in
heaven; I will become the mightiest of Gods; millions of angels shall serve me; I will shut
out the Great Spirit and His far-off heavens; I will wall my place around with an army of
soldiers, and with fire and water.

10. As a libertine stealeth an unsuspicious damsel to abuse her; and, in time, she waketh
up to the matter but to curse him, so do the false Gods steal upon the inhabitants of My
places and carry them into bondage. But the light of My understanding dwelleth in the
souls of My little ones; it waiteth for the spring sun; and it will spring up and grow into a
mighty tree to accuse these Gods.

11. God inquired concerning warfare?

12. Jehovih said: I answer all things by good. To the good at heart I give good thoughts,
desires and holy observations. To the perverse of heart I hold up My glories and the
beneficence of virtue and peaceful understanding. To them that practice charity and good
works unto others, laboring not for self, I give the highest delight. Though they be
pricked in the flesh with poverty and wicked persecutions, yet their souls are as the
waters of a smooth-running river. Amongst them that practice evil, and destruction, and
war, I send emissaries of benevolence and healing, who have plenteous words of pity.

13. These are My arrows, and spears, and war-clubs, O God: Pity, gentle words, and the
example of tenderness. Soon or late, these shall triumph over all things in heaven and

14. Behold, these wars in hada and on the earth will continue more than a thousand years.
And the inhabitants will go down in darkness, even to the lowest darkness. For
which reason, thou and thy successors shall provide not hastily, as if the matter were
to change with the wind. But thou shalt organize a new army of deliverers for My
Faithists, and it shall have two branches, one for the earth and one for hada. And the
business of thy army shall be to rescue My people from them that seek to destroy them.
And as to the spirits of the dead who were Faithists on the earth, provide thou means of
transportation and bring them to thy new kingdom, which thou shalt call At-ce-wan,

where thou shalt provide a sub-God, and officers, and attendants, hundreds of millions.

15. And in At-ce-wan, thou shalt provide the sub-God all such places and nurseries,
hospitals, factories, schools, colleges and such other houses and places of instructions
required, in the kingdoms of My Lords in hada.

16. And when thou hast this matter in good working order, thou shalt speak before thy
Holy Council; in My name shalt thou say to them after this manner: Two hundred
thousand hath Jehovih called; by Him am I commanded to find them; and they shall be
wise and strong and without fear. For they shall be angel-preachers in Jehovih’s name to
go down to Hored, the place of De’yus, the Lord God the false, and to the kingdoms of his
Gods; and their labor shall be to preach and proclaim the Father and His glories in the
etherean worlds.

17. And my preachers shall not say one word against the Lord God nor his Gods;
but rather the other way; by majesty of Jehovih’s love, be loving towards them and
their officers and subjects. For by this means shall my preachers have peaceful dwellings
in these warring kingdoms; and thus their voices shall have great weight. For the greatest
wisdom of a great diplomatist is not to be too opposite or too vehement, but conciliating.

18. Jehovih said: And thy preachers shall travel constantly in the lowest kingdoms,
teaching and explaining My boundless worlds, sowing the seed of aspiration with the
wise and with the ignorant, and especially with the enslaved.

19. And to as many as become converted, and desire to ascend to Craoshivi, thou shalt
say: Go ye to the border of your kingdom, whither the Father’s laborers have a ship to take
ye to His kingdom. But thy preachers shall not go with them to excite suspicion or hate,
but continue on preaching and inciting the slaves to ascend to higher and holier heavens.

20. Then God, of Craoshivi, fell to work to carry out the commandments of Jehovih.
And his Council labored with him. At-ce-wan was established and Yotse-hagah
was made the sub-God, with a Holy Council of one hundred thousand angels, with
a thousand attendants, with fifty thousand messengers. He was provided with a
capital, and throne, and with ship-makers and builders of mansions, one million angels.

21. After that God and the Council of Craoshivi organized all the armies as commanded
by Jehovih. And there were in these armies, all told, seventeen hundred millions, and two
hundred and eight thousand five hundred and sixty, all of whom were above grade fifty,
and some as high as ninety.

22. And it so turned out that these organizations were completed and in working order
two days prior to De’yus and his hosts beginning their war on the earth. But the Faithist
angels were distributed mostly in hada and the regions above. So that whilst De’yus’hosts
of two thousand millions were gone down to the earth, there were of Faithist angels for
the same place but four hundred thousand, save the ashars who were in regular service.

Chapter 18

1. De’yus was no slow hand; not a dull God. He had two thousand seven hundred years’
experience, and his soul quick and strong in mighty works. He rushed not in without first
measuring the way, most deliberately and in great wisdom.

2. At first he felt his way along, to humor the populace, doing as if by proxy Jehovih’s
commands, till safely fell into his dominion and power his flattered Gods and officers,
then boldly launching forth: I, the Lord God, command!

3. The very audaciousness of which overtopped his friends’judgment, and made them
believe for a fact that De’yus was the foremost and greatest, mighty God. To do whose
will, and reverently applaud his name, was the surest road to home laurels.

4. To win great majesty to himself, and after having sworn to havoc the whole earth in
order to establish the name De’yus, and Lord God, he called to his side his five chiefest
friends: the Gods, Hikas, falsely named Te-in; Wotchissij, falsely named Sudga; Che-lemung, falsely named Osiris; Baal, and Ashtaroth. And thus in dignity De’yus spake to them:

5. It is well, my Gods, ye stand about and see the battles; but let your generals and high
captains go forth and mingle in the bloody work. In your kingdoms be constantly
upraising your magnificence, and in times sallying forth to the earth valiantly, as when
kings and queens and prophets are to win a victory, or be plunged into mortal death,
to show how your august presence turned the tide of battle. Then hie ye back in dignity
to your thrones, leaving your officers and inspiring hosts to go in the game of mortal

6. Then spake Osiris, falsely named, saying: To exalt thy name, O De’yus, thou Lord God;
and to persuade mortals that thou, of all created beings, can stand in Hored, and by thy
will control the victory to whomsoever applaudeth thee and praiseth thy name, be thou to
me the bond of my solemn oath, so will I lose or win battles on the earth accordingly
as they shall honor thee and despise the Great Spirit, or any other God or Lord.

7. Then Te-in, also falsely named, said: To keep mortals in constant war for a thousand
years; to teach them that battles are won or lost according to the loudest call and praise
to thee, O De’yus, under thy thigh will I be as an oath renewed from everlasting to

8. Sudga, the false, said: By all my parts, to shape the arms and legs of the unborn in
comeliness, shall my legions drum into the ears of enceinte women a thousand years,
swearing them to thy name, O De’yus; or, if refusing, to curse with crookedness all their
progeny. And when these mothers sleep, my legions shall find their souls in their dreams,
and give them delight or torment, accordingly as they, when awake, applaud thee, my
most might Lord God.

9. Baal said: To overturn the oracles of Jehovih, and to make the prophets and seers
receive and announce thy name, O’De’yus, thou Lord God of heaven and earth, have I
already sworn more than ten thousand oaths.

10. Ashtaroth said: The work of my legions shall be to deal death to thy enemies, O
De’yus. To them that raise the name Jehovih, or Ormazd, or Great Spirit, my legions shall
carry foul smells to their noses whilst they sleep. And for thy enemies, who may win a
battle against thy people, my legions shall carry inoculation from the rotten dead; in the
air shall they carry the virus to the breath of them that will not bow down to the name,
Lord God!

11. De’yus answered them, saying: So spoken, so shall these things be; I, the Lord your
God, command. Send forth your generals and high captains thus decreed; to each and
every one sufficient armies to make patent these, our high resolves. Into three great
armies shall my legions be divided for the earth battles: one to Jaffeth, one to Vind’yu,

and one to Arabin’ya and the regions lying west and north. Of the latter, thou, Osiris, shalt
have chief command; and thou, Baal, and thou, Ashtaroth, ye twain, so linked in love and
one purpose, shall be the earth managers to Osiris’will. For your efficient service, behold,
I have given you these high-raised generals and captains: Jah, Pluton-ya, Apollo-ya,
Petoris, Hi-ram, T’cro-no, Egupt, Ares, Yube, Ali-jah, Afro-dite, Ar-ti-mis, Ben, Aa-ron,
Argo, Atstsil, Nadar and Oyeb, besides Peter, Yact-ta-roth, Haur, Abel, Said, Josh and
Wab, who shall be the conquering spirits to play on both sides in battles, urging stubborn
mortals on to religious feud till both sides fall in death, or till one, to me and my
Gods, boweth down in fear and reverence. And they shall sing their names in mortal ears
day and night, and teach them to live in praise of the Lord, your God, the De’yus of
heaven and earth, and to be most daring in the overthrow of Jehovih, most hated of Gods.

12. To thee, Te-in, another third of my legions is committed, to deal with the land of
giants, and urge them on in the same way, to greatness or to death, doing honor and
reverence to me and my kingdoms. High raised are thy generals: Wah-ka, Ho-jou-ya,
Oke-ya-nos, Thu-wowth, Haing-le, Gochin-woh-to-gow, and Eurga-roth, besides Yamyam, Hi-rack-to, Kacan-cat, Isaah, Lutz-rom and Le-Wiang, and others of high grade and power.

13. And to thee, O Sudga, in like manner have I given another third of my legions to play
battles with mortals for a thousand years. Like Osiris and Te-in, to set mortals up in war,
and move them one way and then another, and thus plunge them into each other’s bloody
arms and death. That they may learn to know of a truth they are but machines and
playthings in the hands of angels and Gods; that they are worked like clay in a potter’s
hand, till they cry out: Enough! I will bow my head to God, who is Lord over all, great
De’yus. Yea, more, I will fight for him and drink even my brother’s blood, if De’yus but
prosper me and mine in slaying Faithists, fool-worshippers of Ormazd, the Unseen and
Scattered Wind. To him, in likeness of a man, with head, and legs, and arms in boundary
and size of a man, sitting on a throne in Hored; to him, the great Lord God, will I ever
bow in reverence.

14. And thou, O Sudga, shalt play war in Vind’yu, with the most, highest learned people
of the earth. For which purpose thou shalt have these, my high-raised generals and
captains: Asij, Gaeya, Naiswichi, Samen, Yube, Sol Mung-jo, Don, Hefa-yis-tie, Lowtha,
Daridrat, Udan, Brihat, Bogir, Eshong, Weel, Vanaiti, Plowya, Vazista, Kiro, Cpenista,
Visper, Cpenta-mainyus and Urvasta, and many others, most determined to rescue the
earth from the dominion of far-off Gods.

15. De’yus continued: Go forth, ye Gods, and in majesty build your thrones; in great
splendor ornament your high places, that even the magnificence shall be as a million
preachers’tongues proclaiming the heavens’well-chosen Gods. And as fast as mortals fall
in battle, gather the spirits of the dead into groups, not suffering them for pity’s sake
to lie in chaos, but bring them to your kingdoms in easy riding ships. And when
thus housed, apply your physicians and nurses diligently, to restore them to their senses
and new condition; and when they wake up in heavens, beholding the great glory of
your thrones and kingdoms, initiate them by solemn rites and ceremonies to sworn
servitude to yourselves and to me, your Lord God, to inherit such bounteous kingdoms.

16. And as ye shall thus despoil those of earth, to make them know my power and yours,
so shall ye pursue those newly-arrived in heaven, to make them swear solemnly against

Jehovih, the Great Spirit, the Ormazd, and against all other Gods; but if they stubbornly
refuse, though in heaven, even as they did on earth, take them before my son, Anubi, who
shall further examine them; but if still they refuse, Anubi, with his strong guard and
brands of fire, shall send them down in hell.

17. I, the Lord God, have spoken; my commandments are gone forth in heaven and earth;
whosoever praiseth and glorifieth me, with everlasting service for the exaltation and glory
of my kingdoms, shall enter into everlasting happiness; but whosoever will not bow down
to me shall be cast into everlasting torments.

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