Lectionary Readings for Wednesday, July 31st, 2019

Lectionary Readings for Wednesday, July 31st, 2019

Weekday Sabbath

Bon’s Book of Praise LAIS, LOO


1. Sing to Jehovih, O ye heavenly places in the Orian fields of Yuniv and H’monken; and
ye Saughts and Mentabraw, and of the arc of Ole and Leigga.

2. O ye heavenly places in the Nirvanian Mountains of Itis and Vairiyonirom; and in the
crystal fountains of Ittiyivius, the great summer visiting place of millions of Gods; in the
high Clefts and Arches of Yasinosa!

3. O ye heavenly places in the etherean plains of Aoit and Tas and Foe and Raim,
and of the Mantles of Light in Thessagon, home of the forty thousand millions.

4. O ye seas of Nista and Hoit, in the Nirvanian heavens, where course a thousand million
ships of the congregations of the Almighty. Sing to Him, thou sea of etherean fire,
Poyisativi, home of billions!

5. O ye fields of Norse and ye Marshes of Ho in the Orian Chain of Avasta and
Songastos. Sing to the Creator, ye etherean swamps and plains and mountains, Habak and
Yadis, home of a hundred thousand millions.

6. O ye etherean farms of Izaracna and Towen, by the road of Oya. Sing to the Creator, O
Wuts, thou old head-quarters of the Gods and Goddesses, Foetisya and Yagahectus and
Sortaba, in the Holy Council of the roads.

7. O ye etherean worlds, Sue’kan and Yabaxax and Sud, where the ten thousand fleets of
the ships of Navagatta and Plowkom and Iodoyo came in the Council of Habiyi, to make
the vortex of Novian to Jehovih.

8. O all ye millions of heavenly worlds created by the Creator for His countless millions
of high-raised angels, since millions of years; proclaim Him in the matchless wonder of
His creations, the Almighty, the All One, Jehovih.


1. Find ye great words of praise to the All Light, Jehovih; ye etherean worlds. And thou,
O arc of Rapta, proclaim the Almighty.

2. Render great praise to the place of Shapeliness, the fountains of Apollo; thou
etherean place of beauty, where the Great Spirit fashioned song in mortals!

3. G’treb and Zadukawaski, and ye mountains of Magal and Rak, ye contributors of the
etherean hosts, thousands and millions for remodeling mortals.

4. Sing to the Almighty for the perfection of the beauty and shape of mortals, O ye Gods
and Goddesses that labored with Apollo for the glory of the Great Spirit.

5. Let Um rejoice and Proeking send forth a song of gladness; the thanks of mortals to the
All Light for shapeliness and beauty and song.

6. Rejoice, O ye thousands of millions of high-raised angels in the etherean heavens,
Rositij and Matthai and Horatanad, rejoice in Jehovih’s name.

7. P’timus and Betatis and Tah and Tanaya, O ye Orian angels of heaven, join in the
song of mortals, and let Mamts, and Buru, and Waak, proclaim unto the Almighty.

8. Find ye sweet words of praise to the All Highest Creator, O ye thousands of millions of
etherean angels. Mortals are risen to know the Almighty!

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