Lectionary Readings for Thursday, August 1st, 2019

Lectionary Readings for Thursday, August 1st, 2019

Bon’s Book of Praise SUAT, YAT


1. Yesain, mighty sheds of Le, ye towering strength in etherea, sing to the Almighty. And
ye, C’taran and Hituns, thou, Stalacti, visiting place for the congregations born of other

2. Shout loud and long to the Ever Present, O ye plans of Palla and forests of
Sethawan, ye golden triumphs fashioned in the Arches of Hiatusa and Nor.

3. Remember Him in praise, O ye swamps of Ludz and place of toil of the Orian Chief,
Hazu, with his four thousand million etherean hosts, making the Roads of Semetatosa.

4. Unto the Person of the Almighty, sing, thou, Orub, thou habitation of twelve million
cities of Gods and Goddesses. Sing in praise and rejoicing for the red star, the young

5. And thou, O Seeing, thou paradise of Goddesses of ten million cities, sing to the
Person of the universe, Jehovih; sing Him an anthem, Whose Voice resteth on the young

6. Sing ye, O Yissain and Wartz, the etherean worlds of the seven cross-roads of the
seven traveling sun-worlds with their millions of stars floating in the breath of the

7. Proclaim the Creator forever, O Hoesonya and Saffer, and thou great etherean light,
Mos, and ye mountains of Galeb; and thou, Yonetz, thou place of the million lakes!

8. Sing in praise of Jehovih, O ye toilers with Thor, Son of the Almighty! Praise ye
Him, O ye etherean angels of Ogonavesta; send forth the glad song forever and ever!


1. O Dae, thou arc of Osiris, and thou, Hetta. Come let us rejoice together in the
Almighty. Let us remember the beginning of learning amongst mortals. The time of
mortals beginning to teach one another of Jehovih!

2. In praise of the Person of all, let us hold up our heads and rejoice, O Hennassalonkya,
with thy ten thousand valleys in the congregations of thy forty thousand million angels!
The time of knowledge was sown on earth.

3. Praise ye Jehovih, O Dows, with thy thousands of mountains and high arches, and
thou, O Schlienuk, and thou, O M’dor, thou pride of the etherean road Tussakaya; and
thou, Thassa, thou doorway of Hemmet’dor.

4. Let us join together in anthem to Jehovih, O Vupper and Nedaya; the measure of the
Almighty is overflowing, the Nessaj is attuned in seven thousand etherean cities; the
traveling place of the ships of Osiris’mighty hosts.

5. And ye Orian kingdoms, Sowinita and Antwa and Lubbak and Oltbak, the places of the
cataracts of the segean oceans; the home of the thirty thousand million ship-builders for
the vortices of Anakonga and Higohadsumad.

6. And ye volunteer heavens, Seeing and Lowtsin, and Nool and Hoessis; with your thirty
million High arches and seven million miles of Holy Mountains, ye crystal heavens of the
Hapsendi, Sons and Daughters of Jehovih!

7. Proclaim the Creator, O thou, Loogab, thou etherean heaven with the sea of Aginodi,
the sea of fire! The running sea of four million miles, the fountain of thirty million

8. Jehovih the Almighty, the Matchless and Ever Extended! O Thou Greatest of all that is
Great! Thou Surpassor, Who hath fashioned wider and more glorious than even Gods can
imagine, glory be to Thee, forever and ever.

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