Lectionary Readings for Wednesday August 3rd, 2022

Lectionary Readings for Wednesday August 3rd, 2022

Memorial Sabbath

Book of Inspiration Chapter 11

1. SEEK not to spread My gospels, and entice followers unto this, or that, saith Jehovih.

2. Neither go about preaching, saying: Thus saith Jehovih!

3. Let all men hear Me in their own way.

4. No man shall follow another.

5. I will have no sect.

6. I will have no creed.

7. I am not exclusive; but I am with all My living creatures.

8. To those who choose Me, practicing their all highest light, I am a shield and fortification against all darkness, and against all evil and contention.

9. Thou shalt not establish Me by man’s laws, nor by the government of man, saith Jehovih.

10. Nor establish by man’s laws or government any book or revelation, saying: Behold, this is Jehovih’s book.

11. To keep man from interfering with man, this hath been great labor.

12. To teach man to comprehend liberty, especially as to thought and as to knowledge, this hath been a great labor.

13. For he falleth easily under the inspiration of his surroundings, and falleth under the teachings and persuasions of his brother.

14. Because he cometh from My hand into the world in innocence, a helpless infant.

15. And his elder brothers take advantage of his innocence, and teach him their own knowledge, instead of directing him to Me.

16. And his elder brothers were in darkness themselves, and their elder brothers before them.

17. I said unto man: Be free! Learn to know liberty! Think for thyself! Study thy Creator in all things, and in thyself in particular!

18. Turn thou away from thy elder brothers; come thou to the All Highest Fountain.

19. Be not confounded with abstruse reasonings; cut all things short, Godlike; learn thou of the Creator and His creations, there is nothing more.

20. Thou art one of the seeds of Jehovih, and wert planted by His Hand. Be thou free from all the world.

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