Lectionary Readings for Tuesday, August 2nd, 2022

Lectionary Readings for Tuesday, August 2nd, 2022

Weekday Sabbath

Book of Inspiration Chapter 10

1. IN the first creation none heard Me, or saw Me, saith Jehovih.

2. And, even to this day, many men deny Me and My Person.

3. To teach thee, O man, that thou shouldst be considerate of thy brother’s talents, behold, what a labor for My Gods and ministering angels!

4. To show thee that no two men see alike anything I created;

5. To make thee cautious, that, because thou canst not hear Me, thou shalt not judge thy brother who can hear Me;

6. To induce thee thus and thus, without interfering with thy liberty;

7. To make thee watchful, to learn by thine own inspiration from Me;

8. To make thee skeptical to others’ versions of My words, and yet make thee try to discover My words and My Person, of thine own self, to see Me and hear Me.

9. Now, behold, in the olden times, only here and there one, in all the world, could be made to comprehend Me.

10. As thou mayst say to the beast in the field, or to the dog, the most knowing of animals; Jehovih! Jehovih!

11. And they will not hear thee understandingly;

12. So was it with nearly all the world, in the olden time.

13. To-day, I have quickened many.

14. To-morrow, the whole of the people in all the world shall know Me.

15. This is the progress I created possible unto thee; this road shalt thou travel.

16. Thou hast blockaded the way against Me on every side.

17. Thou hast put Me away, and said: Natural law! Moral law! Divine law! Instinct! Reflection! Intuition! Second sight!

18. I say unto thee: I have abolished all these things. I will have them no more, forever!

19. I have no laws; I do by virtue of Mine own Presence.

20. I am not far away; behold, I am with thee.

21. I gave no instinct to any creature under the sun. By My Presence they do what they do.

22. I give no tuition by intuition; I am the Cause to all, and for all.

23. I am the most easily understood of all things.

24. My Hand is ready to whosoever will reach forth unto Me.

25. My Voice is ready and clear to whosoever will turn away from other things, and away from philosophies and ambiguous words, serving Me in good works.

26. My Light is present, and answereth unto all who follow their all highest knowledge.

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