Lectionary Readings for Tuesday, May 25th, 2021

Lectionary Readings for Tuesday, May 25th, 2021

Book of Judgement Chapter 24


1. God said: One rule have I given unto all men, whereby it may be known what kind of
angels minister unto them; that rule is a mortal’s own manifestations and behavior.

2. Whoso manifesteth serving himself chiefly, hath little light from my organic kingdoms;
but whoso serveth Jehovih by laboring for others, with all his wisdom and strength, is
attended by the light of my organic kingdoms.

3. Judge thyself, O man, as to thyself, who and what angels attend thee.

4. Behold, one man will say to thee: I have a band of wise and most ancient angels who
attend me! Another will say: I have very Gods who attend me!

5. Judge them not by their words, nor by the names professed; but judge them by the work
they accomplish. Nevertheless, hold thy peace in regard to them.

6. This rule do I also give unto thee, in regard to the angels who attend mortals.

7. As, for example, thou knowest that a soldier is not permitted to go away from his
regiment, and pursue other employment.

8. The soldier belongeth to his regiment; he is one with the regiment; he moveth
therewith; the affairs and business of the regiment are his affairs and business also.

9. Even so is it with my organic heavens, wherein es’yans become volunteers to
accomplish resurrection.

10. And, thereafter, they apply themselves not to isolated development, but to affiliation,
for attaining to the higher kingdoms.

11. The least of my organic kingdoms containeth half a thousand million angels; and
many of them contain five thousand millions.

12. These are composed of thousands of branches, suited to the various talents created
with all; so, that all who enter find a delightful adaptation.

13. When thou wert taught of old, to say: May thy kingdom come on earth as it is in
heaven, it was instruction given thee to lead thee in the method of my dominions.

14. As to wandering spirits, they have not yet entered the first resurrection; but, such
as have enlisted in my organic kingdoms, are called es’yans, whilst learning the rites
and discipline, and are said to be in the first resurrection. And such as have become
organic workers are in the second resurrection, and this is a kingdom of heavens.

15. This rule is also uniform in all my heavenly kingdoms: That, after the entrance to the
first resurrection, none of the angels return as individuals, to commune with mortals, save
as hereinafter mentioned, or save when especially commissioned by me or my Lords.

16. Think not, that my discipline is less systematic than that of a mortal general’s army, or
that the heavens of thy God are permitted to run at loose ends, and without order or
concert of action.

17. Be reasonable, O man, weigh these things according to thine own observation and
judgment, for there is not, in all the heavens, any wide departure from what thou hast in
some form a counterpart-resemblance on earth.

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