Lectionary Readings for Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020

Lectionary Readings for Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020

Book of Fragapatti Chapter 3, Chapter 4

Chapter 3

1. But the dawn came; and in the wing of Goomatchala, home of Fragapatti, Orian Chief
in the etherean worlds high standing, came the Voice, Jehovih’s word, saying: My Son!
Behold, the dawn of dan neareth the border of Horub. The wailing earth, the red
star, cometh apace. And God and Lords call out the name of My infant Son, Zarathustra.

2. Fragapatti rose up, hearing the Voice, and saw the time fulfilled, the two hundred
years and more, for the coming world, the time for the revealed word to mortals.
To Thee, O Jehovih! he said, Boundless! I come with my hosts, ten million strong.

3. Fragapatti went into the etherean Council of Gods and Goddesses. He said: The
time hath come; the red star borders on the plains of Horub. Jehovih calleth!

4. Then the Council rejoiced, for the weighty matters of hundreds of etherean worlds
were settled for a space of time, with promised rest and recreation in corporeal
fields. First spake Ad’ar, God of many worlds, a decreer of time in a’ji’an vortices, in
the regions of Hispiain sons saying: O Jehovih, give to Thy Son, Fragapatti, five
years’ rest, the dawn of earth in dan. Only the earth and her heavens to deal with!

5. Next spake Fivaka, Goddess of three etherean worlds, the white-haired Wielder of
the Scimetar of Bars, period of Os, Carbon fashioner for the arcs of Job and Sawl.
She said: O Jehovih, Almighty! What shall be the prayer of Thy Daughter, Fivaka?
What can her love devise for the rest and glory of our high God, Fragapatti, Orian Chief!
Then spake Che’sin, marshal in chief for seven etherean worlds, small man, with
flowing beard, brought forth from the star, Indr. He said: O Jehovih, make me
contributor of my much love to the rest and glory of our Holy Chief, Fragapatti!

6. Thus spake ten thousand Gods and Goddesses of their love and high esteem for the
worker, Fragapatti, rich in power and wisdom and love, above all etherean Gods in

7. Fragapatti said: Ten millions strong my hosts shall be. On the earth, and her
heavens, during her dawn of dan, five years and fifty days, we shall have no other
labor, thus making it as a holiday for Gods and Goddesses to redeem the fallen world!

8. Fragapatti had spoken. So the proper officers and workmen proceeded to their parts;
and in seven days the Yattal announced the fire-ship, the beyan float, ready for the
journey. Meantime, the selection of the ten million Redeemers had been made, and
they came, every one like a brilliant star, to take their rooms in the monarch vessel.

9. Fragapatti made Huod Commander in Chief, and gave him ten thousand aides. For the
curtains and tallij, he made Metrav, Goddess of Rook, Mistress to the Flowing East. And
for the spires, he made Iata Mistress of Restless Morn. She was Weaver to Ga’ing, in
Reth, four thousand years, and much loved, with black eyes, piercing. Of music,
Fragapatti made Theritiviv conductor. She was Goddess of Helm, an etherean world in
the roadway of Zi and Olus, four thousand years Mistress of Ne’alt and Exan; one time
companion to Etisyai, the Vruiji, loved in Wan and Sangawitch, for her mirth in
adversity. Of the trumpeters, Fragapatti made Boan conductor; he was God of Ixalata,
now on leave of absence. For Chartist, he made Yan the Chief; he was Surveyor of Oatha,
an etherean sea in the Orian arc of Wede and Hollenpoitchava, also on leave of absence
during the red star dawn. Of the libraries, he made Hetta Chief Mistress; she was Goddess
of Vitia in the Wails of South Eng; thirty thousand years Teacher of Imes, and
ten thousand years Counselor of the Orian Chief, Erris, of the arc Wiamesse.

10. Besides these, Fragapatti distributed the minor offices of the float to such Gods
and Goddesses whose most exalted states were the extreme opposite, that the great
journey through etherea be the transverse of all serious purpose. And thus they started
on their course, amidst the applause of thousands of millions of ethereans, wishing
them love and joy on their mirthful cruise in furtherance of Jehovih’s will.

11. Speeding swiftly across the swamps of Ull, where seven corporeal stars were
dismembered a thousand million years ago, now set with a’ji’an fields, and forming
nebulae; whereto they bring, at times, the drujas, the dark spirits of other worlds, that they
may take on the semblance of corporeal forms to complete their neglected good works in
times past; the ship rose freely, and then shot into the pastures of Ze, where Lepsa, God of
the corporeal star, Tessa, four hundred years, feedeth seventy million es’yans, colonizing

them to truth and good works. Lepsa knew the float was coming, and so had called a
thousand million spectators, to look on, knowing they desired to see great Fragapatti; and
they sang and blew their trumpets, rejoicing; to which the Gods and Goddesses of
the float cast out myriads of arc’ian flowers, and sweet perfumes, mementoes of love.

12. To Evul, now, the ship made way; where seven etherean worlds bordered in the arc of
Nu, pastures of Elim, God of Ooh’sin, where congregated another host of two thousand
millions, to see them pass, cheering with singing, and with trumpets and stringed
instruments; and to this God, Elim, Fragapatti caused the banners of the float to salute on
the sign, J
EHOVIH‘S NAME, being friends for ninety thousand years, and Elim answered
him with a million posts of light, amidst the waving of innumerable banners.

13. Onward moved the float, the fire-ship, with its ten million joyous souls, now nearing
the borders of Horub, the boundary of Fragapatti’s honored regions, known for hundreds
of thousands of years, and for his work on many worlds. Here, reaching C’vork’um, the
roadway of the solar phalanx, near the post of dan, where were quartered five hundred
million ethereans, on a voyage of exploration of more than four millions of years, rich
stored with the glories of Great Jehovih’s universe. Their koa’loo, their ship, was almost
like a world, so vast, and stored with all appurtenances. They talked of going home! Their
pilots had coursed the firmament since long before the earth was made, and knew more
than a million of roadways in the etherean worlds, and where best to travel to witness the
grandest contrasting scenes.

14. By their invitation, Fragapatti halted here a while, and the hosts interchanged their
love, and discoursed on their purposes, rejoicing in the glories of Jehovih’s everlasting
kingdoms; and though they had lived so long, and seen so much, every one had new and
wondrous works to tell of; for so great is the inventive power of the Great Spirit, that
never twice alike will one find the scenes in the etherean worlds; radiant, differently;
moving into everlasting changes, as if each one were to outdo the former in beauty and

15. And then again they sped onward, now richly stored with the awe-stirring wonders
they had just heard from strange travelers. Presently, now, the float neared the borders of
Chinvat, the earth’s vortex, just beyond the orbit of the moon. Here Fragapatti halted for a
day, sending swift messengers down to the lower heavens, and to the earth, to resolve
where he should anchor during dawn.

16. And, the next day, he ordered the lights lowered, and now slowly moved toward the
rolling earth; down, down, till he reached the third grade of plateaux from the earth’s
surface, called Haraiti.

Chapter 4

1. Jehovih said: Here, O My Son, Fragapatti! Here, in Haraiti, have I laid the foundation
of thy kingdom. Make fast here the fire-ship, five years and fifty days.

2. Call forth thy hosts; build thou a throne of My throne; the voice of thy Creator is with
thee. Fragapatti said: Throne of Thy throne, O Jehovih, here will I build. Haraiti shall be
my headquarters for the dawn of dan. Come forth, O ye Gods of dawn! Come forth, O ye
Goddesses of dawn! Hear the voice of the Son of Jehovih. Bow down, O ye heavens!

3. The ship was anchored, and the ten millions came forth and assembled in a living altar.
Fragapatti raised his hand, saying: Throne of Thy throne, O Jehovih! And the hosts raised
their hands, and the elements took shape and majesty, raising into a throne brilliant as
fire. Then Fragapatti ascended and sat on the throne, saying: Glory be to Thee, O Father,
the Highest!

4. A light came down from the etherean firmament, and covered the throne over with a
canopy, wide enough for five million men to sit under; and at the borders of the canopy,
the ethereans, whose work it fell to, sat up columns of crystals, opaque and transparent,
illuminated in all possible colors and shades and tints.

5. Fragapatti said: From Thy Council Chamber, O Jehovih, will I build to Thee forever!
And now the hosts, Gods and Goddesses, held up their arms, lifting and casting in; and,
lo and behold, there rose and stood the habitable Mouru, council chamber and capital of

6. Then to prayers all hands turned, glorifying the Father; then in singing with praise.

7. After which, Fragapatti said: In Thy name, and by Thy Power and Wisdom, O Jehovih,
will I now establish heaven anew over the earth. My marshals shall now proceed
down to the earth and command the presence of God and his Lords, and all such
others as can endure this light. They shall hear my voice, and learn my decrees.

8. Ten thousand marshals, saluting, departed for the earth and regions below.

9. Fragapatti said: Meanwhile, I will appoint my High Council of the first house of
Mouru, Gods and Goddesses of dawn. Hear me, then, in the name of Jehovih, the All

10. Caoka, God of Airram; Ata-kasha, God of Beraitis; Airyama, God of Kruse; Pathema,
Goddess of Rhon; Maidhyarrya, Mistress of Karyem; Gatha-Ahunavaiti, Goddess of
Halonij; Rama-quactra, God of Veres; Vahista, God of Volu; Airam-ishya, God of Icisi,
the Myazdas; Haptanhaiti, God of Samatras; Yima, God of Aom; Sudhga, God of Laka;
I’ragha, God of Buhk-dhi; Elicic, Goddess of N’Syrus; Harrwaiti, Goddess of Haut-mat, in
a’ji; Dews, Goddess of Vaerethagna; Wettemaiti, Goddess of Dyhama; Quactra, Goddess
of AEgima; Ustavaiti, Goddess of Maha-Meru; Cura, Goddess of Coronea; Yenne,
Goddess of Aka; Caoshyanto, God of Aberet; Rathweiska, God of Huri; Cpentas, God of
Butts; Vairyo, God of Nuga-gala; D’Zoata and her brother, Zaota, God and Goddess of
Atarevasksha; Ratheweiskare, God of Nece; Yatha, God of Ameshas, and Canha, God of

11. Fragapatti said: O Jehovih, behold the glory of my house! I have chosen only such as
have ruled over whole worlds. Was ever a God so favored, with such a Council! Was ever
so great a light sent to so small a world as the red star?

12. Jehovih said: As I have created man to need relaxation at times, so have I carried the
same conditions to be desired by My highest of Gods. Neither have I exalted any God so
high but the most menial office is his glory. Neither shall the autocrat learn sympathy till
he liveth with a beggar; nor the highest best man learn love and tenderness without taking
a season in the depths of misery.

13. Fragapatti said: Shall the strong man forget he was once a child; can an Orian Chief
forget he was once a slave; can he that is in the light forget them that are in the dark?

14. Mighty art Thou, O Jehovih! I came to the earth and her heavens to rest myself in Thy
service; but Thou wert here before me; Thy voice riseth up to rebuke me; yea, I am still
but a child to Thee!

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