Lectionary Readings for Tuesday, March 17th, 2020

Lectionary Readings for Tuesday, March 17th, 2020

Book of Fragapatti Chapter 31, Chapter 32

Chapter 31

1. After Yima’s appointment by Fragapatti, he had come to these regions; and, finding
great darkness upon both spirits and mortals, he besought Jehovih, to know the cause and
cure thereof.

2. The Voice of Jehovih came to Yima, saying: Whether spirits or mortals, they seek
rather to obey their own self-desires than My commandments. Behold, I sent them
Apollo, and he gave them intercourse betwixt the two worlds, angels and mortals.
And for a season they held up their heads and remembered Me and My kingdoms.

3. But presently, they turned everything upside down, and built on their own account. I
had shown them that by industry and perseverance they could attain to knowledge and
power. But because mortals discovered that prophecy could come from the spirits
of the dead, they ceased to perfect themselves, and they grew up in idleness.

4. The angels loved not to labor, to achieve My exalted heavens, being contented with the
lowest. And they likewise fell in darkness, forgetting Me and My higher places above.

5. I called out to My Son, Osiris, saying: Go thou down to the earth and her heavens, and
build them up, in My name. Yea, thou shalt wall them apart, that there shall be no
communion betwixt the two worlds, save to My chosen.

6. And Osiris came, and fulfilled my commandments; to mortals he provided them that no
spirit could come to them; and, as for the spirits that infested the earth about, he drove
them away and colonized them, and he cut them off from the earth. And for a season,
mortals prospered under My judgments; and they sought to improve the talents I created


7. But again have they confounded My judgments and perverted My laws. Every man on
the earth hath a philosophy of his own; every spirit in these heavens hath a philosophy of
his own. And there is no uniformity between any of them. Hear Me then, My Son;
thou shalt not teach as Osiris did, nor yet as Apollo, but pursue a mean betwixt the two.

8. Thou shalt select them, permitting certain spirits to return to mortals, and permitting
certain mortals to attain su’is and sar’gis, and to see and commune with spirits. But thou
shalt provide them in judgment; making the process of inter-communion a secret amongst
mortals. For in this thou shalt shut off the drujas of heaven and the druks on earth.

9. Behold, My Son Samati will come this way; labor thou with him and Zarathustra. Into
God’s hands have I given my decrees; he shall build on the earth. Build thou in heaven.
As he buildeth for mortals, build thou for the spirits of the intermediate world. But keep
thou open the doorway to My holy places in the heavens above.

Chapter 32

1. Yima inquired of Jehovih, and the Voice answered him, saying:

2. Go thou from place to place in these heavens, and prove thy power. To the ignorant,
power is antecedent in gaining the judgment; after power, wisdom. The fool saith: What
canst thou do that I cannot? But when he seeth the power that cometh from My hand, he
openeth his ears and eyes. To teach men and angels to unite, how have they not failed on
all hands!

3. Mortals have said: It is good to be good, but it is not practicable. They have said: It
is wise to be wise, but wisdom runneth in a thousand roadways; every man for himself.

4. The angels of these regions have said: It is good for us to unite into kingdoms; to have
Gods and Lords; but who can unite us? Shall we sell our liberty to one person? But they
will not unite; they dwell in inharmony. Every one taketh the earnings of another; the
profit of one is the injury of others; they are barren of united good.

5. Jehovih said: One kingdom may have many good men and many good women, but be
of no good as a kingdom. I measure not the individuals, but the entire household. I
judge the virtue of a kingdom by its combined harvest delivered unto My keeping.

6. When a kingdom is aggregating to itself more wisdom and virtue, the amount of its
increase is My harvest. When a kingdom cannot retain its own members, it is falling away
from Me. The uprightness of its few is as nothing in My sight. The secret of the power of
a kingdom lieth in its capacity to aggregate in My name and obey My commandments.

7. For a hundred days Yima went through the lower heavens, displaying the miracles of
the upper heavens; and his hosts, many of whom traveled with him, enlisted pupils,
particularly collecting the spirits of young children. And in a hundred days he had many
millions of spirits, abracadabras, mostly helpless wanderers.

8. With these he repaired to Astoreth, and made ready to found his kingdom. Jehovih
spake to him, saying: Fear not, My son, because of the helplessness of thy subjects. He
who would start a new kingdom is wise in choosing none who have hobbies of their own.
Whosoever goeth forth in My name, I will be with him.

9. Yima inquired of Jehovih who should be appointed assistant God, and the Voice
answered: Thulae. So Yima appointed Thulae; and he made Habal chief marshal of the


10. Again the Voice of Jehovih came to Yima, saying: Thou shalt appoint unto Shem one
hundred Lords, and they shall have dominion over mortals. Hear thou the Voice of thy
Creator: Through My Son, Zarathustra, will I establish temples to My Lords and Gods;
and thou shalt so provide thy heavenly kingdom, that thy Lords shall inhabit the temples,
communing with the rab’bahs, who shall be called God-irs; but the communion betwixt
spirits and mortals shall be known only to the God-irs, and to the sub-priests under them.
But mortals shall be left to believe that these fathers have attained to spirit communion by
great purity and wisdom.

11. Likewise, when drujas manifest to mortals, it shall not be countenanced but as a mark
of evil, raised up against truth.

12. And when thou hast established thy kingdom, thou shalt cut off the supplies of the
drujas, so they will become borrowers from thy people. In this manner, they will in time
consent to labor.

13. Yima then appointed one hundred Lords, who became as the roots to the tree of
heaven. The Aoshoan Lords were:

14. Ithwa, Yaztas, Micros, Jube, Zarust, Hom, Paoiris, Vadeve, Niasha, Cope, Drhon,
Yus’ak, Cood’ayay and Thracton.

15. The Thestasias Lords were: Kashvre, Tusht, Yain, Amesh and Amesha; Armait,
Wai’iv, Vahois, Vstavia and Comek.

16. The general Lords were called Ashem, with voice; that is to say, Ashem-vohu, Lords
in chief, given for the kingdoms of the Sun, in the land of Shem. They were: Shnaota,
Zathias, Mutu, Aoirio, Kaeshas, Cter’ay, Shahkya, Thraetem, Gahnaetobirischae,
Habarshya, Paitis’gomya, Huiyus, Hakdodt, Anerana, Tibalath, Kever, Darunasya, Hors,
Maidoyeshemo, Runnas, Gayomoratischi, Ba’ahraya, Zartushta, Kai’boryawich-
‘wich’toe’benyas and Cpitama. And Yima made these twenty-five Lords controllers of the
Voice, with mortals, to take the place of Samati after the death and ascension of
Zarathustra, for which reason they were called the Ashem-vohu. (See the Vedic

17. The Lords of farmers and herdsmen were: Gaomah, Hoshag, Tamur, Jamshed,
Freden, Minochihr-bani and Hus.

18. The Lords of sea-faring men were: Thaetas, Mirh-jan, Nyas, Khaftras, Thivia, Agreft,
Ardus’lor, Tanafar, Avoitas, Marganesiachta, Hoakastanya and Vartuan.

19. The Lordesses of births and mothers, the Hotche’che, were: Kaviti, Way’huts, Howd,
Anechorhaite, Juveas, Wisseta, Hopaeny, Ctnevirchow, Aivipohu, Cadhan, Hucrova,
Dion, Balkwoh and Gamosyi.

20. The Lords of buildings were: Irathama, Haira’thracna, Heidas, Hutu, Coy’gaga, HairaWahti, Vivi’seeon, Muta’hagga, Kaoyas, Macyo, Aims, Hodo, Trusivi, Verecopagga and

21. The Lords of time-keeping, who had dominion of the change of watch, were:
Copurasastras, Vaitimohu and Howitchwak.

22. Jehovih spake to Yima, saying: In this day will I bless thy labor. Because mortals
have ceased to believe in immortality, they have shut off the intercourse with drujas. For
which reason thou shalt establish pure communion with thy pure Lords, and none other.

23. Yima sent his Lords to their several places, and every Lord took with him a thousand
attendant angels. Yima said to them, before they departed: See to it, O ye Lords; in your
several places stir the people up. And wherever ye find kings or queens or generals
surrounded by spirits that urge them on in their affairs, cut off those spirits, leaving the
mortals destitute of inspiration, and their kingdoms and armies will become disorganized
and helpless.

24. And whenever (the mortals) Samati and Zarathustra come to a city, go ye also,
laboring with them. And when Zarathustra holdeth up his hands and saith: O Father,
Light of Thy Light! gather ye of the substance around about, and shield him with a wall of
fire. And if Zarathustra say: O Father, Ormazd, give Thy children food, then shall ye cast
down, from the air above, fish and fruit.

25. And if a king or a captain raise a hand against Zarathustra, gather ye about him and
shield him. And if a man draw a sword against Zarathustra, catch ye the blade and break
it to pieces.

26. Jehovih spake to Yima, saying: The time will come when the present mortal
kingdoms will fall. But the followers of Zarathustra, who will succeed them under
the Zarathustrian law, shall be protected, even, as ye, during dawn, protect Zarathustra.

27. For which reason, thy Lords shall raise up other Lords to take their places after the
ascent of this dawn. And it shall come to pass that All Light and All Truth and All
Success shall come to mortals through the priests (rab’bahs), who shall succeed
Zarathustra. But as for the kings of great cities, who will not accept My Light, they shall
go down in darkness, and their kingdoms shall fall to pieces.

28. Yima having established his Lords, now turned his attention to the heavenly
kingdoms of hadas.

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