Lectionary Readings for Wednesday, March 18th, 2020

Lectionary Readings for Wednesday, March 18th, 2020

Weekday Sabbath

Book of Fragapatti Chapter 33, Chapter 34

Chapter 33

1. Jehovih said to Yima: Thou shalt separate the spirits, the partly light from the wholly
dark. Build thou, therefore, a throne and a plateau sufficient for three thousand million
souls; and because there are more females than males, thou shalt call the place of thy
throne Astoreth. And when thou hast provided a house for thy Council, thou shalt send
forth selectors, who shall bring unto thee as many as choose to come; and these shall be
the foundation of thy kingdom.

2. Yima proceeded as commanded by the Father, and presently he had congregated
around about Astoreth a sufficient number to establish places of amusement, places of
worship, and places of learning. Again the Voice came to Yima, saying:

3. Because thy kingdom is attractive, thou art flooded with idlers, who are of no profit to
any person in heaven or earth. To keep them away, thou shalt wall thy kingdom around
with pillars of fire. For thus have I created man, that to whom putteth him away he
will return with zeal. Because thou shalt make thy labors seclusive, they will run for thee.

4. And when they come to thee, thou shalt bargain with them for righteous behavior erst
thou feedest them. And when thou hast thus gathered in all who come in this way, thou
wilt not yet have the half.

5. But those who are left will be without judgment, and thou shalt take possession
of them, and bestow them in colonies. And thou shalt rank them. The lowest of all
shall be the first rank; those who come after the pillars of fire are built shall be the

second rank; and those who come with the selectors shall be called the third rank.

6. And thou shalt divide thine own hosts; those who go with thy Lords down to mortals
as guardian spirits shall be called ashars, and they shall bring the spirits of the newly
dead and deliver them to thy hosts in heaven, which hosts shall be called asaphs.

7. And the ashars shall drive all spirits away from mortals, save such as are appointed by
thee or thy Lords. For above all things shalt thou seek to become controller over mortals,
to the end that they become Faithists in Me and My dominion.

8. Yima then divided the spirits of heaven according to the commandments of the
Creator. After that he took possession of the wandering spirits of darkness, whether they
were on earth or in heaven, and he had them taken into places prepared for them.
And he provided them with physicians, nurses and teachers, and they were made to
understand they were dead as to their earth bodies, and that they must give up the earth.

9. After this, Yima established places of learning in heaven, and places of labor, teaching
the angels to clothe and feed themselves by their own industry.

10. Again the Voice of Jehovih came to Yima, saying: Behold, My Son, the lower heaven
hath reached Scpe’oke. It is, therefore, the time in which angels of the first grade be
taught to build heavenly mansions.

11. Yima commanded the teachers and the superintendents of factories to prohibit the
spirits from returning to mortals, save by permission. Yima said:

12. It is wiser to inspire mortals to rise in heaven after death than to have them ever
drawing the angels down to the earth. And my Lords on the earth shall labor to this end
also. So Yima taught new inspirations, both in heaven and on earth, which were that the
angels of the dead should build homes in heaven for their kindred, and that mortals
should be taught that there were mansions in heaven ready for their souls after death.

13. Yima said: Mortals becoming founded in this belief, will not so readily become
wandering spirits after death.

14. Whilst Yima was thus building in heaven, his Lords, with their attendant spirits,
were manifesting on earth, as had never been before since the foundation of this world.

15. The temples of the stars were broken and thrown down by the spirits; the iron gates of
the cities were taken off and carried into the forests; the palaces of kings and queens were
unroofed, and the stones of the walls of the palaces were hurled from their places; even to
the foundation, one stone was not left upon another; and these things were done by the
spirits of heaven.

16. And men and women and children were carried in the air by the angels, and
unharmed. The household goods were carried out, and the food of the tables stripped off,
even as mortals sat down to feast, and they were made to behold the food going away;
with their own eyes beheld they these things.

17. And mortals were made to see visions and to dream dreams of prophecy, and to have
unusual powers. And in many places the spirits took on sar’gis, and walked about
amongst mortals, being seen and felt; and they talked audibly, explaining to mortals the
dominion of Yima and his Lords.

18. In all things that Yima and his hosts did in heaven, his Lords worked in harmony with
him in their labor on the earth. Nevertheless, there were also vagrant spirits on earth who
belonged not to the kingdoms of heaven, but who made manifestations on their own
account; and they were given to lying, and to flattery, and to evil generally. Yima, little by

little, cut off these evil spirits, and took them away to his colonies, and disciplined them.

19. Such, then, were Yima’s labors when Fragapatti came to see him, to honor which
occasion, Yima had proclaimed recreation in Astoreth, and invited his Lords and captains
and others to be present and take part in a season of enjoyment.

Chapter 34

1. On the arrival of the avalanza, the es’enaurs of Astoreth, and the trumpeters of the
colonies, sang and played, being joined by the hosts aboard the vessels. And when they
ceased, Thulae, assistant God of Astoreth, commanded the marshals to receive the hosts,
foremost of whom were Yima and his attendants, preceded by his traveling marshals and
harpers, the latter being five thousand females, led by We’aytris, Goddess of Foes’ana, in
etherea. After these came the marshals of Fragapatti, ten thousand; then the swift
messengers, ten thousand; then Fragapatti, on whose left was Yaton’te, and on whose
right was Hoab. And these were followed by the musicians, and then came the hosts in

2. Yima ascended the throne at once, but Fragapatti and his hosts halted in the arena,
within the circuit of the altar. Next beyond these were the guards of the lights; and still
outside of these were the Crescent Members of the Council.

3. Yima said: In the name of Jehovih, I welcome thee, O Fragapatti, Chief of Obsod and
Goomatchala, to the throne of God! In His Wisdom and Power I would have thee honor
Astoreth by taking possession, in the Father’s name!

4. Without replying, Fragapatti walked alone to the throne, saluting on the sign of HIGH
NOON, which Yima answered IN THE SETTING SUN! Yima stood aside, and Fragapatti
ascended and stood in front of the middle of the throne. He said:

5. Into Thy possession, O Jehovih, receive Thou this, Thy Throne! Hardly had Fragapatti
spoken, when a light, bright as the sun, settled above his head, and a Voice came out of
the midst of the light, saying:

6. To thee, My Son, and to thy son, and to thy Gods and Lords, and to all who follow
them in My name, do I bequeath this, My Throne, forever! Whosoever becometh one with
Me, shall not only hear My Voice and receive My Power, but also inherit that which he
createth out of My creation.

7. Jehovih’s Voice continued, saying: Whosoever looketh upon My works and saith:
Behold, I cannot cope with these elements! is short in faith and wisdom. For I have not
created in vain, that either mortals or spirits cannot control My elements in their
respective places. They shall improve the talents I have given them.

8. I made the earth wide, and filled it with many things; but I gave man a foundation, that
he might attain to the mastery of land and water, and minerals, and of all the living. Yea, I
gave him a corporeal body to practice with, and as an abiding place for the assistance of
his own soul.

9. And I created atmospherea wider than the earth, and filled it with all manner of
spiritual things, and with the substance of plateaux; but I gave also to the spirits of
the dead, talents, the which can attain to the mastery of all things in atmospherea.

10. Whoever hath attained to these things is like a traveling sun: My light is upon him; he
prepareth the place, and My Voice cometh out of the Light thereof. Let My Sons and

Daughters stir themselves up; where they are gathered together in My name, there am I
also. My hand is upon them; My Power becometh one with them, and My Voice is
possible in their midst. The Voice ceased.

11. There were many present who had not previously heard the Voice of All Light, and
because of the brilliancy they were blinded for a while, but presently restored. Fragapatti
then said: Hoab and Yaton’te, come ye and sit on the throne. And they went up and sat on
the throne; and in the same time the es’enaurs chanted, H

12. Fragapatti said: In the Father’s name, I proclaim a day of recreation; to resume labor at
the sound of the trumpet in the east. And now the hosts mingled together freely, being
buoyant with cheerfulness. And during the recreation, millions of ethereans went out into
the plateau, visiting the places of learning, the factories and hospitals, and such places as
belong to the lower heavens.

13. On the next day, at the call of the trumpet, the people resumed their places, and after
the music, Fragapatti said: To Thee, O Thulae, will I speak in the name of Jehovih. Thou
art chosen by the Father to be assistant to Yima, Jehovih’s Son, during this dawn, which is
near its end, and after that thou shalt be Lord and God of these heavens and of the earth
beneath, for two hundred years.

14. Because thou art wise and good, the Father hath raised thee up, and great is thy glory.
That thou mayst have strength and power, thou shalt in thy reign be called Yima, also; for
the time hath now come to the earth when mortals must learn to know the Lords and
Gods who rule over them.

15. During two hundred years will the earth be traveling in my Orian field, Goomatchala,
and thou shalt be one with me in thy dominions. Whatsoever thou shalt require at my
hand, I will send to thee. Thou shalt, therefore, keep thy place in order; and if thou
needest a’ji, I will send it; if thou needest dan, I will send it.

16. Be less concerned about the spirits in thy heavens than about mortals on the earth.
Mortals must have sufficient a’ji, that the race become not extinct; they must have a
sufficient dan, that they become not as beasts. For which reason, every eleventh year thou
shalt number abracadabra (See tablet, B
OOK OF SAPHAH) and supply my swift messengers
with the lists thereof. And I will bring the elements of Goomatchala to bear upon thy
labor profitably to the Father!

17. In the next place, be thou careful of too much leniency toward the spirits in the first
resurrection. Suffer them not to abide with mortals as teachers. Remember thou that
mortals so love their dead kindred, they would even deprive them of heavenly education
for the sake of having them around about them. Remember, also, that the spirits of the
recent dead, who are entered as es’yans in all good heavens, so love their mortal
kindred, that they would seek no higher heaven than to linger around about them on
the earth. Which habit groweth upon them, so that in two or three generations they
become drujas, worthless to themselves, knowing little of the earth and less of heaven.

18. Be thou firm, therefore, in holding dominion over the es’yans, permitting them only to
return to mortals under guard; and especially preventing them from teaching other than
the Ormazdian religion.

19. After this, thou shalt be circumspect in Astoreth: remembering that it is the part of a
God to provide his kingdom for the development of all the talents Jehovih hath created
withal. For thou shalt so commingle labor and recreation, and rest and learning, that each
and every one is of equal attraction.

20. And whether thy commandments be for angels or for mortals, thou shalt, first of all,
and last of all, inspire them to faith in the Creator, and to follow the little star of light He
hath given to every soul. Fragapatti ceased.

21. Jehovih said: I have drawn My crescent and My altar. Whoever would hear My
Voice and heed My commandments, let them hearken to the forms and ceremonies
that shape the soul of things. I am Order; I am Stateliness without severity; I am
Love without passion; I am Wisdom by suggestion, and without dictation; I am the most
Silent, but most Powerful; I am the Least Seen, but Always Present when asked for.

22. And now, since the people knew Fragapatti was about to depart, the proper officers
arranged matters, so that all could pass in front of the throne to receive his blessing.
Accordingly, the es’enaurs commenced singing, and the procession began. The master of
the lights of the Council lowered them, and Fragapatti lowered his own lights, and came
down and stood at the foot of the throne, covered with light drapery, which fell down to
his feet.

23. His hands he held upward, waving gently; and he created drapery and perfume, and
wreaths of flowers, and bestowed something upon every soul that passed, of whom there
were more than a thousand millions!

24. And when the procession had all passed, Fragapatti sat down at the foot of the throne.
Then came down Yima and took his hand, saying: Son of Jehovih, arise and go thy way,
and the Father be with thee! So Fragapatti rose up and departed, and Hoab and Yaton’te
and Yima and Thulae with him; and Yima left Hi’etra, Goddess of Me’Loo, on the throne
of Astoreth.

25. So they entered the avalanza, and, with music and rejoicing, departed on their
journey. And Yima conducted them throughout his dominions, both in heaven and on
earth. For many days Fragapatti thus dwelt with Yima and Thulae; and after he had
inspected their labors, and his recorders completed their record, which was to be
afterward taken to etherea and deposited in the libraries of Fragapatti’s dominions, Yima
took leave, and his piedmazr was discharged, and he departed for Astoreth, whither he
arrived in due season. But Fragapatti proceeded to the dominions of Ah’oan, Lord God of
Jaffeth and her heavens.

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