Lectionary Readings for Tuesday, July 12th, 2022

Lectionary Readings for Tuesday, July 12th, 2022

Weekday Sabbath

Book of Judgement Chapter 17

1. REMEMBER the words of thy God, O man, and be reasonable in thy understanding.

2. Whithersoever thou buildest a city, and it increase in inhabitants, it equally increaseth in pauperism and crime. Neither hast thou any doctrine under the sun to provide against this.

3. But I have now opened the book of knowledge before thee. The place of my habitation and of the line of my light and of my holy angels I have made plain.

4. Thou mayest travel a thousand other roads, but none other shall be blessed with the light of my countenance.

5. As thou sayest at the door of the college: Young man, neither prayers nor confessions shall graduate thee in my house, to be companion to such as have passed on before thee.

6. So I say at the gates of my exalted heavens, unto the inhabitants of the earth: Only by knowledge and righteous works, done unto one another, shall ye be able to endure the light of my kingdoms.

7. Now, it shall come to pass, early in the kosmon era, that many shall be gifted to heal by laying on of hands. And they shall say: Behold, the lost gift is returned! Have I not done a good thing in the world?

8. But I say unto thee, O man, that these also mistake the coming of Jehovih’s kingdom.

9. The healing of the sick may be compared unto giving alms to the poor, and saying: Have I not done a good work?

10. I say unto thee, these things were of the past cycles. They shall now consider what shall be done to prevent sickness. This is better than to heal. They shall now consider what shall be done to prevent poverty. This is better than giving to the poor.

11. I have not come to heal and treat the diseased in flesh or spirit; nor to re-establish any of the ancient doctrine or revelations.

12. I am not a patcher-up of old garments.

13. I am not an apologizer for ancient revelations, nor have I anything in common with what is past.

14. Neither their doctrines, nor sacred books, nor their Gods, nor Lords, nor Saviors are anything before me.

15. I am not come to captivate the ignorant and unlearned. Nor am I come to call sinners to repentance. Nor to convert the debauchee, nor to convert the profane man, nor to convert the harlot.

16. Sufficient have been other revelations unto all these.

17. Nor have I come to say: Behold, this is my book! And there shall be none other!

18. But, behold, I come to found Jehovih’s kingdom on earth. I come to the wise and learned. And not to one man only; but to thousands.

19. That which I am uttering in these words, in this place, I am also uttering in the souls of thousands, and I will bring them together.

20. I do not command, saying: Thou shalt believe, because I, thy God, hath said it, or revealed it in this book.

21. I come as thy elder brother, in the name of Jehovih. I show thee how thou canst live without the governments of man. And how thou shalt live, in order to join in my resurrections.

22. Let not the Faithist of this day say: I will purity the government! I will leaven the whole mass!

23. But I say unto thee, thy God laboureth not in such method. The cure is, come thou out of Uz, and be thou clean.

24. Whoso hath more faith in Uz, let him remain in Uz; whoso hath faith in Jehovih, let him come into His kingdoms.

25. To know thy Father in heaven, O man, who hath learned this? They profess Him in words, but they belie Him in their behavior.

26. Renounce them, O my beloved; gather up thy household, and follow my voice, which I speak into thy soul from the Almighty. Follow thou thy highest knowledge, and make thyself a glory in Jehovih’s kingdoms, forever and ever.

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