Lectionary Readings for Monday, July 11th, 2022

Lectionary Readings for Monday, July 11th, 2022

Book of Judgement Chapter 16

1. O man, weigh the words of thy God, thy elder brother, of tens of thousands of years experience.

2. Wherein thy soul perceiveth a ray of light, follow it in truth, and not in words merely.

3. It hath been said of old: Thou canst not serve both, God and self. And many go about preaching this, but they themselves, labor for self every day.

4. To serve thy God, is to work for others, especially the sick and helpless, and not for thyself. Thy prayers and confessions to me are but the waste of thy breath.

5. There be such as preach for money, and withal are graduated from the colleges and called, learned priests; but they have not yet learned not to serve mammon, save in words.

6. I say unto thee, that a poor man, who can not read a line, that goeth into the house of the afflicted, giving what little he hath, and, with a willing heart, cleaneth the floor and garments of the bed-ridden, is more learned in my kingdoms than are these graduated preachers.

7. The word, labor, or work, is easily understood.

8. Suffer not thyself to be deceived by them whose trade is preaching and praying. They profess to be laboring for the spiritual man; and, according to the number of their converts, who are also taught words and prayers and confessions, instead of works, so are they called, great workers unto the Lord.

9. But I say unto thee, all these are but the subterfuges of satan (self), to palm off words for works.

10. All such preachers and priests and converts are still tarrying in the mire of grade one.

11. Hear thou thy God, and weigh his words in the balance, and be not blinded by the tricks of satan.

12. A preacher, receiving a good salary, giveth half his money to the poor, and the other half to the church; and his people say: O what a good man!

13. And straightway they raise his salary, and they present him a good house, where he feasteth sumptuously every day, laughing in his sleeve.

14. Now, I say unto thee, that that preacher contributed nothing to the poor. The money, he gave away, was not his, but the fruit of hypocrisy.

15. Because he practiced not labor; but as a beggar and a vampire obtained his money, not for work, but for words, he was false before Jehovih.

16. To serve thy God, or to preach and practice the words of thy God, require not great oratory or education. I require not colleges to brace me up; nor preachers, that serve not the Creator.

17. One crieth out: Come to God! or: Make thy peace with the Lord! But he himself would not give up his bed to a poor sick woman.

18. I say unto thee: All such are either hypocrites, or deceivers of their own souls.

19. Except thou usest thy hands, and bendest thy back in practice, and in producing something in the world, and contributing it unto others, thou art none of mine, nor knowest the way to come to me, nor to make peace with me.

20. It hath been said of old: Do unto others, as thou desirest should be done unto thee; also, to return good for evil, and to sell all thou hast, and give to the poor, and love thy neighbor as thyself.

21. And these words are well known; but who is there, that practiceth them?

22. Wherein the words are impotent and of non-effect.

23. To remedy which, many practice serving themselves by their labor; but in Jehovih’s service, their practice is by prayers and confessions: words, words, words!

24. Saying: It is not possible, in the present condition of society, to do these things!

25. Did thy God limit thee, saying: Do thou this, in the present condition of society? The way was open for another condition; but thou soughtst not to find it. Thou wouldst not give up thyself, and live in a brotherhood. Under the name of liberty, thou held fast to satan and his haunts, saying: I am willing to serve the Creator, but I will not sacrifice my liberty.

26. And thou sellest thyself to self, which shall follow thee into hada.

27. Know then, O man, that whoso would rise into my organic kingdoms in heaven, shall teach himself the first lesson of liberty, which is to free himself from self.

28. He shall not say: I want this; or I must have that; or, I cannot have self abridged; or, I will suffer no dictation.

29. I say unto thee, all such men are already in the bonds of drujas and the throes of hell.

30. But thou shalt say: Here I am, O Jehovih, Thy servant! Appropriate Thou me whichever way I can do the most good unto others! Myself is no longer any consideration.

31. This it is, to be a Faithist in the Father.

32. If an exalted man marry a woman beneath him, he can lift her up.

33. But if an exalted woman marry a man beneath her, he will pull her down.

34. Even so is it with the righteous man, that weddeth to the world and liveth therein; soon or late, it will pull him down.

35. But, if the righteous man go with his fellows into a separate place, and wed himself to Jehovih and His ways, then shall that righteous man be lifted up. And, moreover, he shall be a power to lift up the world.

36. Shall a bride not live with her husband? And they that chose the Creator, live with him?

37. I say unto thee. If thou do not live in a brotherhood on earth, thou shalt not soon find one in heaven.

38. But thou shalt unite thyself with such as are compatible with thee; with whom thou shalt live equal in all things, wherein thou canst do unto them as thou wouldst be done by, loving them as thyself, returning them good constantly.

39. Being willing to make any sacrifice of thine own self’s desires for sake of founding the Father’s kingdom on earth.

40. Remembering, thou wert born in darkness, and art not the same as will be the generations who come after thee, who shall be born in these communities, His kingdoms.

41. Even for them that are yet unborn shalt thy sacrifice be.

42. In which shalt thou consider that it is for the resurrection of others, and not for thyself, that thou art chosen of Jehovih.

43. For herein lieth the key of all resurrections; which is to labor for others; to induce them to assimilate unto Jehovih, and with one another.

44. The words of thy God are not for the glory of any man under the sun, or for any angel in heaven, but for Jehovih.

45. Thou hast had revelation sufficient since thousands of years; and sacred books with most holy doctrines. And, yet, many that know these well, come into the es world as low as drujas, and as wandering spirits.

46. Thou shalt judge thyself; thy spirit is as a manuscript in thine own handwriting; thou art daily writing thy grade and the place of thy abode in heaven.

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