Lectionary Readings for Tuesday, April 20th, 2021

Lectionary Readings for Tuesday, April 20th, 2021

1st Quarter Moon

Book of Discipline Chapter 13


1. One goeth about preaching against heavenly revelations, and against the wisdom
of Jehovih; and his daring speeches and good logic fall upon errors and blunders
in the written words, and he draweth the populace, after the manner of a gladiator.

2. Yet one such man that hath organized a brotherhood for doing good, the world hath not

3. Another man goeth forth preaching in laudation of heavenly revelations, and on the
glory of Jehovih. The errors in inspiration he heedeth not; the good he treasureth. He may
draw but few unto him and his work may seem little.

4. But in time to come his work becometh mighty over all the world. He organizeth his
people in love and fellowship.

5. The latter is a builder on Jehovih’s edifice.

6. Let these two examples stand before thee; and when the speech of the vain man is
directed against heavenly revelations, saying: This is not of God; this is not of Jehovih, or
this is not of angels, know thou that that man is not a builder.

7. But when a man saith all things are of Jehovih, either directly or indirectly; whatsoever
is good in them is my delight, know thou that that man is a builder.

8. To strive continually to comprehend the right, and to do it, this is excellent discipline.

9. To be capable of judging the right, and ever to practice it within a fraternity, this is

10. In the day thou judgest thyself, as with the eye of thy Creator, thou art as one about to
start on a long journey through a delightful country.

11. In the day thou hast rendered judgment against thyself for not practicing thy highest
light, thou art as one departed from a coast of breakers toward mid-ocean, like one turned
from mortality toward Jehovih! like one turned from perishable things toward the Ever
Eternal, the Almighty.

12. And when thou hast joined with others in a fraternity to do these things, then thou
hast begun the second resurrection.

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