Lectionary Readings for Thursday, September 24th, 2020

Lectionary Readings for Thursday, September 24th, 2020

1st Quarter Moon

Book of Es Chapter 14


1. For three hundred years prior to the above transactions, the four false Gods had been in
war to a limited extent in their heavens, and for certain earth possessions also.

2. In Chine’ya, the Ka’yuans (Confucians) had made great progress, to the injury of the
false Brahma, Ennochissa. But the latter had pushed his people into Vind’yu and Parsi’e.

3. On the part of Kabalactes, the false Budha, he had pushed his people into Chine’ya and
Parsi’e also. And in many parts of Vind’yu, these Budhists had treated the Brahmins with
great slaughter.

4. But neither of the above false Gods was a match for Thoth, alias God-Gabriel. Under
the name and doctrines of Mohammed, he had made great inroads upon the
possessions of the other two false Gods, both as to the earth and the heavens thereof.

5. And yet, on the other hand, Looeamong, the false Kriste, had taken advantage of all the
other three false Gods. He had found mortal emissaries in Britain (western Uropa) whom

he had inspired under the name, EAST INDIA COMPANY. To these he had said: Come, I will
lead you where there is great wealth and most luxurious enjoyment. Behold, ye shall
possess the place, and overcome the heathen of a rich country.

6. So, Looeamong led them, and they took with them missionaries and bibles and swords
and cannons and war-ships. And when they arrived at Vind’yu, Looeamong, through his
angel hosts, said unto them: Tell these heathen, ye are worshipers of the Lamb of Peace;
that ye have come in love and for righteousness’sake. And, behold, they will receive you.
And it shall come to pass, when ye are once within, ye shall fall upon them, and destroy
them by the million, men, women and children. And ye shall fall upon their aqueducts,
which irrigate the lands, and ye shall destroy them also; and, behold, millions of these
heathen shall starve every year, because of the famines that shall surely come upon them.

7. Now, all these came to pass; the idolaters of Looeamong did fall upon the
Budhists’earthly possessions, and did possess the land of Vind’yu, and, in the name of
Kriste and the Holy Ghost, did kill seven million men, women and children.

8. And they also destroyed the aqueducts, whereby famines came upon the Vind’yuans, so
that, in course of time, thirty millions more perished of starvation.

9. Now, although Kabalactes thus lost, in a great measure, his earthly possessions, he still
maintained the heavens of Vind’yu, so that Looeamong really gained but few souls, in
heaven, after all his destructions.

10. Looeamong had also led his mortal emissaries into Chine’ya, in hope to possess that
country also. He had said to them: Go thither, and enforce upon them the opium trade.
And it shall come to pass, they will become a drunken and worthless people, and ye shall
fall upon them, and overcome them, and possess all their country, wherein there are
stored great riches.

11. And the idolaters of the false Kriste did fall upon the Chine’yans and enforce the
opium trade, and did also make many of them a drunken and worthless people. And after
they were thus drunk, the idolaters of the false Kriste raised the cry: Behold, the drunken
heathen! The indulgers in opium!

12. Nevertheless, the Ka’yuans of Chine’ya were a mighty power, and they baffled
Looeamong’s emissaries in all further encroachments.

13. Now, although Looeamong had been beaten by the wisdom of God, in possessing the
colonies of Guatama, nevertheless, Looeamong still hoped to regain the country to
himself. And to carry out his designs, he sent two thousand million angel warriors to
accomplish the destruction of the Algonquin tribes that inhabited the country.

14. And this also came to pass, the idolaters of Looeamong did fall upon the Algonquins,
and caused three millions of them to be put to death, men, women and children.

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