Lectionary Readings for Friday, September 25th, 2020

Lectionary Readings for Friday, September 25th, 2020

Book of Es Chapter 15


1. When the right time came, Jehovih spake to God, saying: My Son, behold, the kosmon
era is near, and the light of the arc of su’is entereth the fields of Paradise. Stretch forth thy
hand over the nations of the earth and over the heavens thereof, and sweep clean thy
kingdoms for My everlasting light.

2. The four false Gods, the perpetuators of the beast, will call out in agony, but thou shalt
heed them not in My judgments.

3. Then God sent forth his disciplined hosts, twelve thousand millions, to cut off the
supplies of the earth. Even as a mortal general cutteth off the supplies of a wicked city to
subdue it, so was the accumulated power of the All Light upon the four kingdoms of the
four false Gods, they that had proclaimed themselves the Saviors of mortals and angels.

4. And the angels of God spread around about the whole earth! In armies of millions and
tens of millions, well disciplined, they gathered together in the mortal cities, and in the
country places, amongst all nations, tribes and peoples.

5. And these angel armies were officered and drilled to work in concert, with lines of
light extending to the throne of God.

6. And God spake in Paradise, by means of the lines of light, and his voice went into all
the mighty armies of his hosts, the twelve thousand million, saying:

7. Cut off the earth supplies of the four beasts of the earth. They and their countless
legions of followers have become profitless in the resurrection of mortals and angels.

8. Their names have become a stench upon the earth. Their mortal followers are grovelers
in all manner of uncleanness. Their spirits have become as vagabonds on the earth and in
the heavens thereof.

9. My hosts have tried to persuade them, but they will not hear; the light of the upper
kingdoms, they will not receive.

10. But I will make them look up. Like beasts that are untamed, they shall cry out for
sustenance, but they shall not find it in the places of their old haunts.

11. Then, the hosts of God marched in betwixt the drujas, the worshipers of the four false
Gods, and their mortal harvests.

12. And the drujas turned to their respective Gods, the false Brahma, the false Budha, and
Gabriel of Kalla, and the false Kriste, crying out: Behold, our supplies are cut off! Is not
the earth thy kingdom, and the place of thy footstool. Saidst thou not that thou wert the
Almighty? How, then, hath another God come between? If thou art, indeed, our Savior,
now save us! But if thou hast been all this while deceiving, then shall hell by thy portion!

13. The four false Gods heard the cry of anger and suspicion in their mighty kingdoms;
heard the wailings of the sixty thousand millions. And they feared, and trembled.

14. Most of all in fear was the false Kriste, for, for sake of aggrandizing his own
kingdom, he had had it proclaimed on the earth that: Whosoever believeth in me,
shall be saved; but whosoever believeth not in me, shall be in danger of hell-fire!

15. And countless millions of mortals had taken no thought as to self-resurrection, but
taken him at his word; and so had lived and died and become his slaves for hundreds of
years. Millions of these angels had heavenly banners made, with the promises of this false
Lord inscribed thereon, and with these went in processions in heaven, crying out: Bread
or blood! Bread or blood! We come not to bring peace in heaven; we come to bring a
sword! We come to set angel against angel! Give unto us, O thou, our God, or hell shall
be thy portion!

16. Thus, it came to pass, as had been foretold by God, whereof he had said: Anarchy
shall encompass your heavenly kingdoms, and ye shall yet own that ye are false before

17. And the four false Gods, fearing the fires of hell, went about, crying out: I am not the
true Brahma! I am not the true Budah! I am not the true God! I am not the true Kriste!

18. For they hoped thereby to save themselves. But, alas, for them. Their thousands of
millions fell upon their heavenly cities, palaces and thrones, and robbed them.

19. And, when their fury was started, behold, the vast multitudes rushed for the false
Gods, and fell upon them, beat them, suffocated them with foul smells, covered them up
with suffocating gases, walled them in with sulfurous fires.

20. And they brought the officers and priests and monks and high officers, and cast
them into hells also, millions and millions of high-ruling angels of the false Gods.

21. Thus were these four false Gods hemmed in, even within their own dissolute
kingdoms, and every day and every hour grew more terrible. It was the infuriated
madness of sixty thousand millions of deceived angels, broken loose from slavery, turned
upon them.

22. Then Jehovih’s God, from Paradise, went forth in a ship of fire, brilliant, past the
endurance of drujas; went forth with ten millions high in the grades; ten millions against
sixty thousand millions. God brought these from the realms of Aroqu and Harivya, well
disciplined for the purpose.

23. And on the ship, and on the banners thereof, were inscribed these words: THERE IS BUT

24. He crieth out: Come unto Me; My kingdoms are ample unto all the living. Be ye
strong in resurrection, for I am come to deliver.

25. And God gathered in from the highest grades of the disrupted heavenly kingdoms
thirteen thousand million homeless angels, who had been worshipers of the four false
Gods. And God had them sent to Luana, on the plateau, Hivestos, where he officered
them in colonies, with places for education and labor.

26. God said unto them: Ye hoped to ascend to Jehovih’s highest kingdoms by prayers
and confessions to false Gods. Behold, I say unto you, there is no resurrection but by
developing the talents Jehovih created unto all men. Go ye to work, therefore, and to
places of education, that ye may become fit companions to Jehovih’s exalted angels.

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