Lectionary Readings for Thursday, July 30th, 2020

Lectionary Readings for Thursday, July 30th, 2020

Bon’s Book of Praise AIEDS, FUR


1. The Almighty calleth from the boundaries of the firmament down to the sands of the
earth in glory of His creations.

2. Proclaim His name with the hands of those that knew not speech. Give them the sign of
the Rising Sun, the High Noon and the Shades of Evening.

3. The Almighty, Whose breath bloweth millions of worlds in the circuit of the universe!
Whose pulse is the flight of countless suns and stars!

4. Praise ye the Almighty, Whose triumph encircleth the world. Let the races of man
proclaim Him forever.


1. Where are Thy singers, Jehovih? Who have beholden the vastness of the Creator! And
the times and the splendor of Thy universe.

2. And the adoration that slumbereth but for a season, and then bursteth like a world on
fire! Whom Thou appointest from time to time to sing of Thee.

3. Sing unto the Almighty. He spandeth the times of millions of years as if but a day, in
the fashion and splendor of His works.

4. He openeth His heavens as a book is opened. The prophet of the Creator readeth of the
magnitude of the works of Jehovih!

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