Lectionary Readings for Thursday, April 8th, 2021

Lectionary Readings for Thursday, April 8th, 2021

Book of Discipline, Chapter 1


1. This is the word from the organic heaven:

2. Hear the words of thy God, O man, I am thy brother, risen from mortality to a
holy place in heaven; profit thou in my wisdom, and be admonished by my love.

3. For as I am thy elder brother, so shall it be with thee, to rise also in time to come,
and look back to mortals and call them to the exalted heavens of the Almighty.

4. To Jehovih all adoration and glory, forever, Amen!

5. By and through Him is all life and motion, and power, things seen and unseen.

6. Nor is there an angel in heaven so high, or sufficiently wise to comprehend Jehovih in
His entirety, nor to see Him as thou seest thy fellow man.

7. For He is within all; beyond and over all:

8. Being Ever Present in all places:

9. Doing by Virtue of His presence:

10. Quickening all the living:

11. Adorable above all things:

12. Even as the sun is to the light of day, so is Jehovih to the understanding of all the

13. Whereon to contemplate is the road of everlasting life, rising in wisdom, love and
power forever.

14. Hear thy God, O man, and distinguish then that the twain, God and Jehovih,
are not the same one; nor more is thy God than what thou shalt be in time to come.

15. First, mortality, then death, which is the first resurrection; such are the spirits
of the dead, angels dwelling with mortals upon the earth, where they abide, some for a
few years, some for a hundred and some for a thousand or more years.

16. Second, angel organization in heaven, and their abandonment of mortals, which is the
second resurrection.

17. As a kingdom on earth hath a king, and the king is nevertheless a mortal, so in like
manner is the heavenly place of thy God a kingdom of angels, and the chief over them is
God, an angel also.

18. Howbeit the kingdom of thy God embraceth all the heavens of the earth. So is it also
with all the corporeal worlds and their atmospherean heavens, a God and organic heavens
belonging to each and all of them.

19. Nor is this all; for there is a third resurrection, in which the angels rise still higher in
wisdom, love and power, and are sent by thy God into etherea, mid-way between
the planets, the highest of all heavens, over which there are Chiefs, who are also Gods
and Goddesses of still more comprehensive attributes.

20. Therefore I am as any other spirit of the dead, a one time man upon the earth, even as
thou art in this day; but one within the organic heavens of the earth.

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