Lectionary Readings for Thursday, April 16th, 2020

Lectionary Readings for Thursday, April 16th, 2020

Book of Cpenta-Armij, Daughter of Jehovih Chapter 1, Chapter 2


Chapter 1

1. Jehovih spake to Cpenta-armij, Goddess of Haot-saiti, in Nirvana, in the arc of Spe-ta,
Commander of the South fields of Abarom, in the Orian Plains of Bilothowitchieun, of a
reign of two hundred thousand years; Surveyor for Otsias, ten thousand years; Leader of
the Oixan, seventy thousand years; Captain of Geliyas’roadways, in the forest of Lugga,
twenty thousand years; Founder and Ruler of Isaas, thirty thousand years; Trencher of the
Haigusets swamps, four thousand years; Goddess of Nor, Goddess of Eunigi, Goddess of
Poutu, each ten thousand years, saying:

2. My Daughter, behold, the red star and her heavens come thy way. She will cross the arc
of Spe-ta, four years and thirty-two days’riding. Open thou thy fields in Abarom, and give
her forty years’indulgence, for this is the first of her deliverances.

3. Cpenta-armij answered, saying: I see the red star, the earth, O Jehovih! Like a
wandering ship in a wide ocean she cometh through my fields, the young earth, traveling
on, carefully, in the roads of Salkwatka. Hath she so soon, but little more than sixty
thousand years, overcome her enduring knots and torturing hells?

4. In Thy Wisdom and Power, O Jehovih, I will go in person to this corporeal world, and
encourage her God and Lords for the excellent labor done.

5. Jehovih said: Call thy Council, and proclaim from My throne the FEAST OF THE ARC OF
SPE’TA. Then Cpenta-Armij called her High Council, a hundred millions, Sons and
Daughters of Jehovih, and she ascended to her place in the midst of the throne of the
Great Spirit.

6. And there were present: Obed, God of Oise, in Embrahk; Gavaini, Goddess of Ipthor,
of the Solastis Plains; Ab, First Shriever of Riv-Seing; Holon-ho, God of Loo-Gam;
Raisi, Goddess of Esdras; Wish-tse, God of Zuth, in Ronega; and all these Gods and
Goddesses were above a hundred thousand years raised in etherean realms, and knew the
earth before inhabited by man.

7. On a visit to Cpenta-armij were: Owks, Orian Chief of Maiter-lan, fifty thousand years,
Marshal of Wiski-loo, thirty thousand years, God of Tunsin, in the Tarps Roads, ninety
thousand years; and See-wah-Gon, Chieftainess of the Orian arc of Su-los, two hundred
thousand years, Mistress of Aftong, in the Plains of Bel, three hundred thousand years,
Pilotess of Lu-wow-lu, one hundred thousand years, Goddess of Eune, in the Mountains
of Gem-king; and Ha-o-ha, Founder of Ogee, of Siam, of Wick-a-wick, and the twelve
Nirvanian Old-tse, in Lo-owtz, Eli-hagam, together with their traveling hosts, each five

8. Cpenta-armij said: For Thy glory, O Jehovih, I proclaim the FEAST OF THE ARC OF SPE’TA.
And these, my visiting hosts, shall enjoy the four years’deliverance of the red star and her

9. Then responded Owks, and then See-wah-Gon, then Ha-o-ha, speaking at great length,
and rejoicing for the invitation. And they related many adventures on other stars in the
time of the arc of deliverance, the arc of Spe-ta, and with what Gods and Goddesses they

journeyed, and what Chiefs and Chieftainesses.

10. So Cpenta-armij spake to her chief marshal, saying: Send thou heralds to the builders,
and order me an airavagna capable of five hundred millions, and of speed, grade sixty.
After this thou shalt select from my attendants one hundred millions, and after that three
hundred millions of the Egisi.

11. With these, and with my visitors, I will start for the red star in twenty days.
The proper officers attended to these things, and whilst they were moving about, behold,
the red star, the earth, rose up in the far-off place, the roadway, and the es’enaurs saw it,
and they chanted:

12. What is yonder? The red star, Jehovih! Thy breath hath spoken. Thy voice, the silent
motion. O Thy endless power, Jehovih!

13. Around about her, close; what is that filled with angels, thousands of millions!
Wondrous are Thy works, O Jehovih, and measureless. She rideth around the sun, two
hundred and seventy million miles.

14. It is her atmosphere, traveling with her; its boundary, Chinvat. How fearfully hast
thou created, O Jehovih! And the magnitude of Thy places! That little red star is a world,
O Father! And the thousands of millions of angels, why do they stay in such heavens, O

15. Then the trumpeters afar off answered: She that spinneth round the sun, the red star,
the earth, a new world, a generator of the souls of men. The Gods have called her, but
she will not hear. Her atmosphere is full of angels struggling for the earth. But Thy
hand is upon them, O Jehovih. Thy trumpeters will line the roads of Salkwatka.

16. Then sang the es’enaurs: How lovely are Thy works, O Jehovih! Too lovely are
Thy places, O Jehovih! Too lovely is the red star, the earth, O Jehovih! Thy
children love it while in mortal form; after death too much they love it, O Jehovih!

17. The pipers answer for Jehovih from the Wide East: O so little to love, made I the
earth, the red star. I gave her poisoned weeds and vines and grasses; millions of death-dealing serpents. Then I created poisoned marshes and terrible fevers. In sore travail, and
full of misery, created I man on the earth, that he should turn and look upward for a holier

18. Then sang the es’enaurs: Too lovely createdst Thou Thy atmospherean heavens,
O Jehovih! Thy bounden heavens that travel with the red star, the earth. The spirits
raised up from the mortal earth find too much to love in Thy lower heavens, O Jehovih!

19. The pipers again answered for Jehovih: My lower heavens created I full of darkness
and evil possibilities. A place for madness created I it; a place for lying and deceit; full of
hell and torments. To drive man upward; to blow My breath upon him, to lift him up, as
one lighteth the fire by blowing.

20. Cpenta-armij spake from Jehovih’s throne, saying: What is the deliverance of man? Is
it from his mother’s womb? Is it from his corporeal body? Is it from the corporeal
world and her atmosphere? Three births hath the Father given unto all men. In the
first, man hath nothing to do, as to his shaping or time in his mother’s womb. In the
second he hath a little more to do as to directing his course during his mortal life;
but for the third, for the higher heavens, he must work for his own deliverance.

21. Cpenta-armij said: Three kinds of earth deliverance for man created the Creator; First
from his mother’s womb, coming crying, blank and helpless; second, from the tetracts

(earthly passions and desires), serious and full of fear; third, from the enemies of the
Great Spirit. This is the Feast of Spe-ta.

Chatper 2

1. Cpenta-armij said: I looked afar, and saw the earth and her heavens traveling on. I
listened to the voice of mortals! A merchant counted over his gains; he said: This is
heaven! A drunkard quaffed a cup of poison; he said: This is heaven! A wanton said:
This is heaven! A general, red with blood, counted the badges on his breast; he said:
This is heaven! A tyrant, rich in toiling slaves, said: This is heaven! Then a vast
multitude, all smeared with the blood of war, pointed to a field of mortals slain, and
said: This is heaven! A farmer stretched wide his arms, toward his great possessions,
uncultivated; he said: This is heaven! A little child with a toy said: This is heaven!

2. Then spake Jehovih, saying: None of these canst thou convince to the contrary. They
are not ready for deliverance.

3. I listened to the voice of spirits, the angels traveling with the earth. A wanderer, going
about, with nothing to do, said: This is heaven! An obsessor of mortals and of other
angels said: This is heaven! The fairies, the butterfly angels, the triflers, that forever look
in crystal waters to behold their own forms, said: This is heaven! The rollicking,
deceiving angels, went and inspired mortals to falsehood; these angels said: This is
heaven! Vampire angels, that nestle in the atmosphere of mortals, largely living on
their substance, said: This is heaven! Evil angels, obsessing mortals for murder’s sake,
to make mortals burn houses and torture helpless creatures, said: This is heaven!

4. Then spake Jehovih, saying: None of these canst thou convince to the contrary. They
are not ready for deliverance.

5. Again I listened to the sounds coming from the far-off earth. And I heard the prayers of
mortals. The king prayed for his kingdom and for himself. The general prayed for success
in war. The merchant for great gains; the tyrant for great authority.

6. Jehovih said: Only the earth can answer such prayers.

7. I listened again for the prayers of mortals; they had great afflictions, dire diseases, and
famines, and wars; the merchants were bankrupt, and there was great suffering, and they
prayed for deliverance.

8. Jehovih said: Shouldst thou deliver them they would return to their old, evil habits. I
say unto thee, the merchant shall be bankrupt; the king shall fail; the general be
overthrown; the healthy shall be sick for a season. Save they know My power, they
cannot learn; save they feel affliction, they will not help one another. Shall a man say: O
Jehovih, come Thou and heal the sick? Shall he not first of all recognize My will and
know My power?

9. To give money to the drunkard, what good is that? To give wealth and earthly
prosperity to them that acknowledge not Me, is to set them against Me. To give healing to
the fevered, is to teach them that I have no power in the unseen air. Answer not thou the
prayers of these.

10. I listened once more to the prayers of mortals. And they were such as lived according
to their highest light; they purified the flesh by pure food, and by bathing every day;
and they went about doing good constantly, hoarding up neither clothes, nor silver, nor

gold, nor anything earthly. And they purified their thoughts by putting away the evil
tongue, and the evil eye, and evil ear; and many of them were bound by the kings, and
the tyrants, and the laws of mortals; and some of them were sick. And they prayed,
saying: Great is my affliction, O Jehovih. I know that in Thy sight I am justly punished.

11. But hear Thou my prayer, O Father! Make me strong, that I may carry heavy burdens
for the weary; give me liberty, that I may go about helping the poor forever. Give me
wisdom, that I may uncover Thy glories before men.

12. Jehovih said: Go thou, My Daughter, and deliver them. They are ready for
deliverance! Answer thou the prayers of such.

13. Then I called my hosts together, five hundred millions, in the Nirvanian heavens in
Haot-saiti, in etherea, the highest heaven. And we entered into the airavagna, as, swelling
high on every side, the music of millions cheered us on. Upward, high up, shone the
glimmering red star, whereon now our steersman pointed the fire-arrow, to shoot meteor-like across Jehovih’s pathway, and thitherward turned our buoyant souls, saluting our starters with a happy good-by!

14. Arise! Arise! By my vested power in thee, O Jehovih, shall the elements fall
before my will! Arise; onward! To the red star, speed on! Airavagna, upward, on!

15. Thus spake Cpenta-armij, her voice mellow and sweet, but so tuned to the spheres it
could be heard the breadth of a world. And Jehovih, with whose power and will she had
learned to be as one, by long experience and studying submission to His will, lent a
willing ear and strong hand. Out shot the flames, the buoyant force manufactured by less
skilled workmen learning the trade of Gods, where whirled the million screws of fire,
propelling, till the mighty ship reeled, and turned, and rose from its foundation, with all
its joyous hosts aboard, shouting loud, and singing praise to Him who ruleth over all.
Then turning round and round, slowly, spiral like, the great secret form and force of
vortices now first revealed to man, to show the plan of worlds, and how holden in their
places and moved in universal harmony and endless creation, the great airavagna began
her course in the roadway of Salkwatka, in etherea, shooting toward the red star, the
young earth.

16. Nearing first the Oixanian Spars of Ochesu, where were gathered near the road ten
million spectators to see the Goddess pass in her ship; and their banners waved, and their
music burst forth most exhilarating; the which were answered by the airavagna’s cheering
hosts and sailing streamers. She halted, to salute in honor, the Goddess Yuetisiv, and then
upward shot a thousand miles suddenly.

17. Again onward, turning the breadth of the road, a million miles, to the right, to salute
Vultanya, Goddess of the swamps of Ailassasak, where stood by the portico of her
heavenly palace seventy million pupils, in their thousandth year of tuition, to receive the
passing blessing of the Orian Chieftainess, Cpenta-armij. And thither, but a halt, as it
were a nod, and downward on their heads Cpenta-armij sent a shower of newly-created
flowers from the sphere above, and in turn heard their chorus rise joyfully, in as many
million words of love and admiration.

18. Still onward, upward sped the airavagna, her hosts viewing the scenes on every side,
here most, the richest part and most glorious places of Salkwatka. Where the etherean
worlds, rich in the glitter of swamps shining on the countless rainbow arches and crystal
pyramids, afford an extensive view of the new Orian boundaries of Oteson’s broad

kingdoms. Here course the thousands of excursionists from the measureless regions of the
Huan lights, where are to be seen a million varieties of fire-ships, of sizes from ten miles
across to the breadth of a world, in unceasing travel, in tens of thousands of directions,
onward in their ways, every several one a history of millions of years, and of thousands
of millions of souls, and every soul rich in the knowledge of thousands of worlds.

19. By music alone, some their ships propelled, the vibratory chords affording power
sufficient in such high-skilled hands, and the tunes changing according to the regions
traversed. Others, even by colors made in the waves of sound, went forward, carrying
millions of angels, every one attuned so perfectly that his very presence lent power and
beauty to the monarch vessel. And downward and upward, and east and west, and north
and south, and of every angle and course; such were the traveling regions of
Wellagowthiij, in the etherean fields of Oteson.

20. And of the million ships, with their tens of thousands of millions of spirits, who so
great a Goddess, like Cpenta-armij, could turn her well-learned eyes on any one, and
know its home regions, and from what Orian pastures sailed; or perhaps Nirvanian rivers!
Or, like her visiting friends now with her, great Owks, and See-wah-Gon, and Ha-o-ha,
that with her stood side by side, reading the coursing fleets, and relating to one
another who they were, and the great Chiefs aboard, with whom thousands of years
ago they had been together taming some rambling star and quieting its disturbed
vortex, or perhaps surveying a roadway many millions of miles through an a’ji’an forest.

21. And the while the airavagna was shooting on in the hands of her proper officers, every
one to his part and all the hosts in varied amusement; for such is the labor of the high
raised in heaven, labor itself becometh an amusement of great relish. Coming then to the
Crossings, near Bilothowitchieun, where was a small colony, ninety million etherean
weavers, superintended by Cpenta-armij’s ward, Hoewuel, God of two thousand years,
who knew she was coming his way, and had lighted the roadway a hundred thousand
miles in honor thereof, she turned the airavagna and cast the streamers and banners,
saluting. Here again Cpenta-armij sent down to her beloved sons and daughters, for every
one, flowers and keepsakes; and on every flower was written the history and mission
to the earth and her heavens. And then again the airavagna upward rose and sped on.

22. Thus in Jehovih’s wide universe went forth the Goddess, the Chieftainess, Cpenta-armij, went toward the red star; passing through ten thousand varieties of etherean worlds and roadways in the ji’ay’an fields and forests of high heaven, seeing millions of
etherean ships going hither and thither, every one knowing its own mission and field
of labor, whilst the highest raised Gods and Goddesses could exchange courtesies
with the fiery vehicles, and speak them, to know whither bent, and for what purpose.

23. Then rising high; here on a level lieth the earth, here the boundary of her vortex,
Chinvat; just beyond the sweep of the moon; halteth here to view the rolling earth, her
land and water; and her atmospherean heavens, the sojourning place of the newly dead,
and of such as have not aspired to rise to holier heavens.

24. Quickly, now, Cpenta-armij taketh in the situation, and ordereth on the airavagna,
which now taketh a downward course, steering straight toward the habitable earth.
Slowly now, turning slowly, and descending; viewing all the regions on every side in
the great vortex, she spies the plateau Craoshivi, the place of God, new founded.

25. And to her companions and to her hosts quickly Cpenta-armij, of the Nirvanian
Chengotha, explaineth the place; and, stretching forth her slender hand, itself most like a
stream of fire, she crieth out: Behold my anchorage! Here bring my ship and make fast,
where riseth now the voices of my weary God and his Lords, of me so long expectant. In
Thy wisdom and power, O Jehovih, I will raise them up!



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