Lectionary Readings for Friday, April 17th, 2020

Lectionary Readings for Friday, April 17th, 2020

Book of Cpenta-Armij Chapter 3, Chapter 4

Chapter 3

1. Jehovih spake to God, ruler of atmospherea and of the earth, saying: Well done, O My
Son! The beginning of the end of thy trials is at hand. I have spoken in the highest
heavens, in My etherean worlds; in the gardens of Haot-saiti, near the arc of Spe-ta, to My
Daughter, who hath attained to One with Me, a Nirvanian in the regions of Chen-gotha,
the holy Cpenta-armij.

2. Her ship, an airavagna, with five hundred million etherean deliverers on board, hath
started on the road Salkwatka, swiftly bound to thy regions, to thy new plateau, Craoshivi.

3. Send thou word to Yima to come, and to Vishnu, and to Os, each to come in rank,
attended by ten millions, grade above seventy, with es’enaurs, and marshals, and captains,
and generals, to come to Craoshivi.

4. And send thou invitations to thy Diva to come, and to thy sub-Gods, and to thy Lord
Gods, and to thy Lords, in all the divisions of heaven and the divisions of the earth; and to
bring of their people all above grade fifty. And to thy marshals give thou a list of all who
will be with thee in Craoshivi on that day. And thy marshals shall apportion and divide
and arrange all thy hosts thus assembled in Craoshivi, according to grade, approaching
thy throne in four lines, east and west and north and south, and thy throne shall be the
extreme east.

5. And in the center of the cross shall thy marshal provide space sufficient for the hosts of
Cpenta-armij to land her airavagna, and to disembark. But at the extreme boundary of the
lines of thy hosts thou shalt draw a circle, and thither shall thy light makers erect pillars of
light, making the circle as a wall of light; and, as the diameter of the circle is to the
distance down to the earth’s surface, so a tenth thereof shalt thou make as the summit of
the apex of the canopy of thy capital chamber, for the Holy Council of thy Goddess,

6. God said: Thy will be done, O Jehovih! And thereupon God sent word by his
messengers, as commanded by the Great Spirit; sent invitations to all the Gods and Lords
of heaven and earth, commanding them to come to Craoshivi.

7. And the Lord Gods, and Gods and Lords, thus notified, appointed substitutes to rule in
their places. And they made otevans, every one suitable to the number of angels he was to
take with him, and they embarked and rose up from their several places in atmospherea
and the earth, and, being guided in their courses by such experts as had learned the way,
they came to Craoshivi, where they were received by the chief marshal of God and his
officers, and allotted their several places, according to their respective grades. But as the
plateau was above grade fifty in the earth’s vortex, so there were no angels of less grade
than fifty amongst all the hosts assembled.

8. And Jehovih commanded God to number the angels thus assembled in Craoshivi, and
there were seven thousand millions, and nine hundred and seventy-five millions, and
eight hundred thousand, officers and all.

9. And the day and the hour of their assembling, when they were numbered, was the
self same time that Cpenta-armij’s fire-ship arrived at Chinvat, when her light burst in full
view to the hosts of God in Craoshivi. And they all beheld her coming; saw the manner in
which a Chieftainess cometh to the lower heavens. And because of the great glory
before them, they burst forth in a song of praise to Jehovih, the seven thousand millions.

10. Jehovih spake to God, saying: Ascend thy throne, My Son, and allot the Council and
thy officers to their place, for quickly now, behold, My Daughter will descend. And when
she cometh. My Voice will be with her for the years and the days of the dawn of dan.

11. So God caused his Council and his marshal and his Diva to take their places and be in
readiness for the emancipated Sons and Daughters. And presently the descending star
grew brighter and larger, larger and brighter, till like a sun she shone abroad over all the
plateau of Craoshivi.

12. In awe stood the Gods at sight of the sublime spectacle; for the light of the airavagna
was brilliant, and unlike all the lights of the lower heavens, and new to nearly all the

13. Nearer and nearer descended the ship of light, till soon the music of her hosts
descended down to those beneath, who, awe-stricken and buoyant with delight, burst
forth, entranced with the glory thereof, singing, by the force of Jehovih’s light upon them,
the same glorious anthem.

14. And now the marshals spread the way, for close at hand came the airavagna, over the
bows of which Cpenta-armij shone like a central sun, and with her, her visiting hosts,
Owks and Ha-o-ha and See-wah-Gon; so, but for Cpenta-armij holding out her taper
hand, the hosts below had hardly known which of the four great lights Jehovih had sent.
Presently the curtains swept across the high pyramid of the capital, and then the
transparent blankets and crystal frame-work; and now shot down the anchors, three
hundred thousand; lower and lower, slowly came the mighty ship, till her screen-work,
from which the anchors hung, touched the very floors of the capital; and, all radiant with
holiness, before God and his hosts stood the ethereans, the glory of the most high

15. The attendants then quickly spread the homa; the masters of arches opened the floor
and sides of the airavagna, and there, seated or standing, was ready the central part of the
etherean Council chamber, even as if the throne of God had been built for it. Then
came forth the Chieftainess, Cpenta-armij, accompanied by Owks and Ha-o-ha and Seewa-Gon, and arriving before the throne stood, waiting for the salutation and the sign.

16. God, still sitting on the throne, said: Daughter of Jehovih, Chieftainess of Haotsaiti, in
the name of the Father! And hereupon he gave the sign A
RC OF SPE’TA.! Cpenta-armij and
her three companions saluted in the S
IGN OF THE CIRCUIT! Which was the highest
compliment any God of the earth had ever received.

17. Cpenta-armij said: By Jehovih’s command am I before thee, O God. In Love and
Wisdom and Power am I come. Behold, My Voice is His Voice, Creator of Worlds!

18. God said: My throne is founded in Jehovih’s name. Come thou and honor it, and bring
thy most high Gods and Goddesses with thee.

19. They went forward then, and all the Gods and Goddesses, and Lords and Lordesses
stood up, saluting by shaking hands; and then Cpenta-armij went and sat in the midst of
the throne. Meanwhile, the es’enaurs chanted a hymn of thanksgiving.

20. Cpenta-armij, being under the Voice of Jehovih said: For joy created I man and
woman; for seasons of labor and seasons of recreation. Be ye mirthful before Me, and
jubilant toward one another, in remembrance of My creations. And when I call you to
labor, behold, My hand will move upon you for the furtherance of My kingdoms in their

21. Hereupon the multitude broke off from their places and stateliness, and commingled
together joyfully. And all that were on the throne came down and went into the multitude,
saluting and rejoicing.

Chapter 4


1. For two whole days Cpenta-armij left the people in recreation, but on the third she
ascended the throne, and lo and behold, even in that same moment of time, a light spread
abroad over all the place, so that the people comprehended indeed what was meant by
Jehovih’s hand being upon them. And they all resumed their places, whereupon Jehovih
spake through Cpenta-armij, saying:

2. Whom I brought with Me from Haotsaiti shall be My Council during dawn; but the
portals shall remain open on every side.

3. Who are not of My Council are not bound unto these, My labors, and the same shall go
and come as they choose, remembering the call of their respective Gods.

4. For know ye all, that whoever aspireth to Me shall come to Me; but the nearest way for
many is round about. Ye being above grade fifty are already more to Me and for Me than
against Me or from Me, and in equal degree are cast upon your own responsibility. For
such is the light of My kingdoms, from the first to the highest: To the child, no
responsibility; to grade twenty-five, one quarter; to fifty, one-half; to seventy-five, three-quarters; but to the emancipated in My etherean realms, responsibility not only to self but to all who are beneath.

5. Wherein My highest worlds are responsible for the lowest, being bound unto one
another through Me for the resurrection of all.

6. In this day am I come to deliver My Gods down to the earth, to walk on the earth with
mortals, raising them up in My name.

7. They who shall be raised up in Me, even though still of the earth, shall be holden alike
responsible for all who are beneath them; for with My light and power before them, and
doing in My name, they that are beneath them will hold them, not only on the earth, but in
heaven, for their labors and words.

8. The Voice departed, and then Cpenta-armij spake in her own behalf, saying: Once
around earth and heaven will I now travel, seeing with mine own eyes and hearing with
mine own ears, even as is commanded of me by the Father; that I may know of mine own
knowledge the condition of mortals and of the spirits who dwell both with them and in
the lowest heavens. He who is still your God shall abide with you, and on this throne,
until I return.

9. Cpenta-armij then descended and sat at the foot of the throne, and Owks and Ha-o-ha
and See-wah-Gon with her, whereupon God went down and took her hand, saying: Arise,
O Goddess, and go thy way. And then he raised up the other three in the same way, and

they saluted and stood aside. Now, as soon as God raised them up, the All Light settled
upon him, and he again ascended the throne, and sat in the midst. Then spake Cpentaarmij, saying to God:

10. Jehovih hath commanded the raising of a voice in four divisions of the earth; what is
thy light, O God? God said:

11. In Jaffeth I have raised up a man named Po, an Ihuan of the I’hin side, of grade ninety-five. In Arabin’ya I have raised up a man named Abram, an I’huan of the I’hin side, of grade ninety-five. In Vind’yu I have raised up a man named Brahma, an I’huan of the I’hin
side, of grade ninety-nine. In Guatama I have raised up a man named Eawahtah, an I’huan of the I’hin side, of grade ninety-five.

12. The loo’is who have accomplished this labor are still with their wards, but are
apprised of thy coming. Behold, I send with thee messengers who will answer thy commands.

13. Hereupon, Cpenta-armij, with her hosts, departed, and entered an otevan which God
had had previously prepared for her; and she took with her one million attendants, going
straight down to the earth. And first of all to visit mortals and mortal kingdoms, kings and
queens, temples and oracles, and then to see Po and Abram and Brahma and Eawahtah,
all of whom were sufficiently illumined to see her and to know she was the Person of the
All Voice.

14. Next after these she visited all the heavenly kingdoms belonging to the earth, going
first to the heavenly kingdom, belonging to Japan, thence to Ah’oan, of Jaffeth, thence to
E’chad, and so on until she saw them all.

15. After that Cpenta-armij returned to Craoshivi, making a circuit sufficient to examine
all the plateaux below the belt meteoris.

16. Now the whole time Cpenta-armij had been gone was thirty and two days. Whilst she
had been absent, God extended the receiving grounds of Craoshivi twelve thousand miles
in breadth toward the south, and founded sixty colonies. For even now were, and would
be, for the four years to come, ships arriving daily with hundreds of thousands of angels
who were being prepared for the degree of Brides and Bridegrooms to Jehovih, ready for
the third resurrection.

17. Messengers had arrived in Craoshivi daily from Cpenta-armij, so that God knew when
she would return. And accordingly he had prepared all things in readiness, and she was
received in the name of the Father, in due ceremony.

18. And Cpenta-armij ascended the throne of God and sat in the midst, and a light like a
sun settled around about her. Her companions, Gods and Goddesses, now sat not near her,
though on the throne to the right and left. Whilst they were taking in their respective
places, the es’enaurs were chanting anthems, and the awe and majesty of the scene were
magnified to the utmost.

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