Lectionary Readings for Sunday, September 1st, 2019

Lectionary Readings for Sunday, September 1st, 2019

Holy Memorial Day,

God’s Book of Eskra Chapter 52

Chapter 52


1. The Lord said: Hear, O ye of earth, and ye of the heavens thereof; hear ye of the labor
of God, Son of Jehovih.

2. For what was given me by Jehovih, to be in my keeping for the resurrection of men and
angels, was gone away from me.

3. My kingdoms in heaven were scattered and broken up.

4. I, the God of the heavens of the earth, sent my appeal unto the four false Gods, saying:

5. In the name of Jehovih, greeting unto you. Behold, what ye have done, and also what
hath come to pass!

6. Wherein ye have copied after my ways, ye have gained dominion; but of what profit
unto mortals or angels?

7. Because ye knew that Jehovih’s God appointed ashars unto mortals, ye have also
appointed ashars unto them, though not for their resurrection, but to raise up mortals with
faith in yourselves.

8. Ye have thus built on the earth for the glory of your own kingdoms; for your ashars
teach mortals not of eternal resurrection, but of attaining unto your heavens only.

9. Where and when I send angels to inspire mortals to obtain education and knowledge,
ye send contravening angels, and they incite mortals to destroy their own libraries and
places of learning.

10. Ye persuade mortals that the only good and necessary knowledge is contained in your
sacred books; for ye desire to prevent mortals from knowing there are other heavens than
your own, and other Gods than yourselves.

11. When I have gathered together wandering spirits and chaotic spirits, and provided
ways for their resurrection, ye have sent angel emissaries to thwart my labors.

12. Ye have provided wicked heavenly pastimes, and disgusting tournaments, within your
heavenly places, in order to win subjects for your dominions.

13. Ye provide excursions from your heavenly places down to mortals, for your angels to
witness battles between mortal warriors, that these angels may satiate their own evil

14. Ye thus degrade your own angel subjects by causing them to rejoice in the havoc of
mortal flesh and flowing blood.

15. Ye thus call away from my heavenly schools and colleges angels who had begun
resurrection, flattering yourselves that you are thus augmenting your heavenly kingdoms
by additional subjects.

16. On mortal battle-fields, where there are hosts of chaotic angels, the spirits of the slain,
I send my angels with heavenly ships to gather them up and restore them. But your
emissaries come and destroy my ships for wickedness’sake, calling it glorious sport.

17. Of these great evils ye have been notified times and times again, but ye put not forth
your hands to remedy the wickedness.

18. Ye sell indulgencies to your angels to engage in wicked practices; and ye suffer your
ashars to inspire mortal priests to sell indulgences to their followers in the same way.

19. Thus do ye compound sin.

20. Ye profess to confess the sins of your angels in your heavens, exacting servitude of
them as a purchase of your excuse.

21. And your ashars inspire mortal priests to do the same things for their mortal
followers, for stipulated prices in money.

22. Thus do your ashars prepare mortals to become slaves in your heavenly kingdoms,
that they build unto your own personal glory.

23. For ye take advantage of the infant mind, to bend it away from Jehovih, and away
from eternal progress, that ye may inherit it as your dutiful subject.

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