Lectionary Readings for Sunday, June 28th, 2020

Lectionary Readings for Sunday, June 28th, 2020

1st Quarter MoonHoly Memorial Day

Book of the Arc of Bon Chapter 29, Chapter 30, Chapter 31

Chapter 29

1. Te-zee, the king, said unto Chine: Because thou hast given me this great light, it
seemeth to me I should issue a decree commanding all my people to accept thy doctrines.

2. Chine replied: O man! How short thou art in understanding our Father! Violence is His
enemy. Such a decree would be no better than a decree establishing any other heavenly
ruler. It would thwart itself. He cometh not with sword and spear, like the idol-Gods; He
cometh with education, the chief book of which is the example of good works, and of
peace and liberty to all.

3. Te-zee said: Thou reasonest well. Hear me, then, thou greatest of men; command me
even as if I were the meanest of servants, and I will obey thee.

4. Chine said: O king, thou tormentest me with my own inability to make thee
understand! Thou shalt not make thyself servant to any man, but to Ormazd, the Great

5. The king said: Then I will put away my kingdom. But Chine said: Consider first if thou
can best serve Him by doing this way or that way, and then follow thy highest light, and
thou shalt not err.

6. The king asked: How, sayest thou, shall I put aside my kingdom and my riches and do
as thou dost?

7. Chine said: Thou shalt be thine own judge. If I judge for thee, and thou follow my
judgment, then am I bound to thee. Suffer me to have my liberty also.

8. Te-zee said: If the Great Spirit would give me thy wisdom, then would I serve Him.
How long, sayest thou, a man shall serve Him in order to reach great wisdom?

9. Chine said: Suppose a man had several pieces of glass; some clear, some clouded with
smoke and grease; how long, sayest thou, would it require to make them all clear alike?
For such is the self in man; it cloudeth his soul; and when he hath put self away, then is
his soul clear, and that is wisdom, for then he beholdeth the Father through his own soul;
yea, and heareth Him also. And until he doeth this, he believeth not in His Person or
Presence, no matter how much he professeth.

10. The king kept Chine many days, and questioned him with great wisdom and delight.
One day Chine said to him: Jehovih saith to me: Go thou quickly unto the five other
provinces of Chine’ya, and explain to the kings thereof Who I am. Chine added:
Therefore, O Te-zee, I must leave thee, but after many days I will return to thee and
exhibit to thee the testimony of immortal life.

11. The king provided camels and servants, and sent Chine on his way. And, after Chine
was gone, Te-zee said to himself: Although I can not decree Chine’s doctrines, I see no
reason why I can not decree the extinction of Te-in and other idol-Gods. And thereupon
he did as he thought best, prohibiting the priests from doing sacrifice to Joss (God), or
Ho-Joss (Lord God), or Te-in, or Po, or any other ruler in heaven, save and except the
Great Spirit.

Chapter 30
1. In course of time Chine completed his labor with the six kings of Jaffeth, and returned
to Te-zee, to die.

2. At this time there had been established in different places more than a thousand
families (communities) of Faithists, either through Chine or his followers, the chief

rab’bahs. And when Chine returned before the king, Te-zee, there came from every
quarter of the world men and women to meet him and learn wisdom.

3. And all that were in any way sick or lame or blind or deaf he cured by pronouncing
the word E-O-Ih over them. And persons who were obsessed with evil spirits he
healed by permitting them to touch his staff. And many that were dead he brought to
life; for he showed before men power to accomplish anything whatsoever. Yea,
he rose up in the air and walked therein and thereon over the heads of the multitude.

4. And whilst he was up in the air he said unto the multitude: I will now come down
amongst you and die, as all men do die. And ye shall suffer my body to lie five days, that
the eyes may be sunken and black, showing that I am dead, of a truth.

5. And on the sixth day ye shall cast the body into the furnace and burn it to ashes. And
the ashes ye shall take into the field and scatter this way and that, that no more of me is
seen or known on the earth.

6. And on the seventh day, which shall be a holy day unto you, behold, ye shall witness in
the field of my ashes a whirlwind, and the whirlwind shall gather up the ashes of my
body; and my soul shall inhabit it and make it whole, as ye now see me, and I will break
the whirlwind and descend down to the earth and abide with you yet other seven days,
and then ye shall behold a ship descend from heaven in an exceeding great light, and I
will enter therein, and ascend to the second heavens.

7. Neither shall any man or woman nor child say: Behold, Chine was a God. Nor shall ye
build an image of me, nor monument, nor in any way do more unto me or my memory
than to the meanest of mortals. For I say unto you, I am but a man who hath put away
earth possessions, desires and aspirations.

8. And whatsoever ye see me do, or know of me having done, the same is possible unto
all men and women created alive on the earth.

9. Remembering that all things are possible with Jehovih (Ormazd); and to Him only is
due all honor and glory forever.

10. So Chine died, and was burnt to ashes on the sixth day, under the superintendence of
king Te-zee, and the ashes were scattered in the field as commanded.

11. And on the seventh day, whilst the multitude surrounded all the place, a whirlwind
came and gathered up the ashes in a small degree; and the ashes were illumed, and the
soul of Chine went therein, and he burst the whirlwind and came down even at the king’s

12. And Chine said: Knowest thou who I am? And the king answered, saying: Of a truth
thou art Chine. And because this hath come to pass I decree that this, thy native land,
shall henceforth forever be called Chine’ya! And I will send unto other kings also, and
they will decree the same thing.

13. Chine said: Even so, do thou. And since the Father hath allotted me seven days to
remain with His chosen and with thee, O king, apprize thou, whom I will name to thee, to
come and see me. And thereupon Chine told the king whom he desired to come.

14. And Chine walked about on the earth, even the same as before death, nor could any
man tell by looking at him that he had passed through death. Nor were his clothes
different, although they were made out of the ashes in the whirlwind.

15. On the last day that he was to remain, he called Te-zee and the persons he had
selected, and thus spake unto them, saying:

Chapter 31
1. My brothers and my sisters, in the name of the Great Spirit, hear me: These are Chine’s
last words, for the Father calleth me. Be ye attentive, that ye may remember my sermon;
be also considerate, for I am no more nor less than one of you.

2. I was sent into the world to wall this great people around with Jehovih’s hand. I have
made you an exclusive people for three thousand years to come. I give unto you peace and
liberty; I have drawn a veil over the bloody past, and taught you to love and respect one

3. Chine’ya shall become the most numerous nation in all the world; this is the miracle
of the Father unto you. On the foundation I have given you, shall your doctrines be henceforth forever.

4. Be ye watchful against Gods (Josses) and Saviors, and especially wary of spirits of the
dead who profess not the Great All Person.

5. All such are instigators of war and lust after earthly things.

6. Be ye exclusive unto one another; suffering not outside barbarians to come amongst
you, especially to marry with my people.

7. Yet ye shall not war against them.

8. But it is lawful for you to build walls around about, to keep them away. And these
walls shall stand as the Father’s judgment against all people who molest you or injure you.

9. And every change of the moon ye shall renew your covenant, which was my covenant,
with Jehovih.

10. Teaching it to your children, and commanding them to teach it to theirs after them,
and so on forever!

11. Swearing ye unto the Great Spirit to ignore all heavenly rulers but the Creator, the I
M who is everywhere.

12. And though idolaters come amongst you, proclaiming their God, or their Lord, or
their Savior, hearken not unto them. But nevertheless, persecute them not, nor injure
them, for they are in darkness.

13. Neither be ye conceited over them; for your forefathers were like unto them.

14. The Father hath made a wide world, and fruitful and joyous, and He giveth it unto
man’s keeping.

15. Unto one people one country; unto another people another country, and so on, all the
world over.

16. Chine’ya He giveth unto you, and He saith:

17. Be ye as brothers and sisters in this, My holy land.

18. Which in the ancients days was made to bloom as a flowery kingdom by my chosen,
the Faithists of old.

19. But they were neglectful of My commandments.

20. Idolaters came upon them and destroyed them, and laid waste their rich fields; yea,
the bones of My people were strewn over all the land.

21. But ye are now once more delivered, and ye shall make Chine’ya bloom again as My
celestial kingdom.

22. And ye shall multiply, and build, and plant, and make this heritage, which I give unto
you, as an example unto all peoples, of industry and peace and thrift.

23. And of the multitude that can dwell in one kingdom, manifesting love, patience and

24. And by your neglect of war and of war inventions, ye shall be a testimony of my
presence in this day.

25. For the time shall surely come when I will put down all unrighteousness, and war, and
idolatry, and I will be the All Person unto the whole world.

26. Chine hath spoken; his last words are spoken. Jehovih’s ship of fire descendeth from
His highest heaven!

27. Chine will rise up in this; and even so shall ye who are pure and good and full of love.

28. A light, like a great cloud, but brilliant, blinding with holy light, descended over all
the field where the multitude were.

29. Many fell down in fear; and many cried aloud in great sorrow.

30. Then Chine went and kissed Te-zee, and immediately walked toward the midst of the
field, and was lost in the exceeding great light.

31. And the light turned around like a whirlwind, and rose up, higher and higher, and then
was seen no more.

32. Chine was gone!

33. And now were manifested the power and glory of Jehovih. Te-zee at once made
special laws protecting all persons who rejected Gods, Lords and Saviors, but worshipped
the All Light (Jehovih). Four other kings followed with the same edicts and laws.

34. The Faithists were safely delivered into freedom throughout Chine’ya.
[Thus end the revelations of the three contemporaneous Sons of Jehovih, Capilya, Moses
and Chine.]

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