Lectionary Readings for Sunday, June 14th, 2020

Lectionary Readings for Sunday, June 14th, 2020

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Book of the Arc of BonChapter 1, Chapter 2

Showing the es’ean position of the earth in the time of Capilya, Moses and Chine. Jehovih said: The time of My Arc of Bon shall be four hundred years.
And it was so. And at the termination of that period, behold, the earth went into a dark region, and the Israelites, Brahmins and Zarathustrians forsook the higher light, Jehovih, and established kings and rulers, like other nations.


1. In the mountains of Dharma, in the high country of Yatinghadatta, in Vind’yu, God,
Son of Jehovih, chose the family of Capilya for gathering together the scattered Faithists,
and establishing them in safety and prosperity.

2. Six generations previous to the time of Capilya God came down from his holy hill in
heaven, to visit the land of Shem, now called Vind’yu.

3. And God called aloud over all that land, but no man could hear his voice.

4. Then God called his angels, saying: Come hither. Behold, here is a great country, with
millions of people, but they cannot hear the voice of God.

5. God commanded the angels to go down amongst mortals, and to dwell with them for
six generations.

6. To the angels God said: By inspiration and otherwise, lead ye man and woman together
as husband and wife, to the profit of the voice of God. Raise me up a man that can hear
me, for I will deliver the Father’s chosen.

7. The angels of God, half a million of them, then came down to the earth. The angel,
Hirattax, was commander over them. He divided his angel hosts into groups, and allotted
to them certain places in the land of Vind’yu, where they were to dwell and to labor.

8. In those days the Faithists were known by the names: Vede, and Parsi’e, and Hiyah, and
Syiattahoma, beside various other names of less note.

9. In some places they were slaves, in other places serfs, and in still other places hid away
in wildernesses and amongst the mountains; being non-resistant and timorous, having
suffered great persecution by the idolaters of Dyaus and other false Gods and Lords.

1. These are the generations of the scattered tribes, contributory to the bringing forth of

2. In Brahma, begotten of the Lord, Hathiv, who begat Runoad, who begat Yaid, who
begat Ovarana, who begat Chesam, who begat Hottaya, who begat Riviat, who begat
Dhor, who begat Avra, who begat Lutha, who begat Jaim, who begat Yanhad, who begat
Vravishaah, who begat Hoamya, who begat Wotcha, who begat Saratta, who begat
Hriviista, who begat Samatrav, who begat Gatonat, who begat Thurin, who begat
Vrissagga, who begat Hesemwotchi, who begat Ratha, who begat Yoshorvat, who begat

3. Know ye, then, the way of God through his holy angels, and profit ye in the light of his

4. Capilya was a natural born iesu; and also a natural born su’is and sar’gis.

5. God said: Behold, man shall not only learn to bring forth seedless fruits in his
garden, but also learn that all flesh tendeth in the same direction, toward barrenness.

6. And as man draweth nearer and nearer to the light of Jehovih, so doth his race become
less prolific. And when man attaineth to be one with the All Light, behold he is iesu also.

7. God said: By diet and by fasting, iesu can be attained, even by many who have it not.
But the natural born iesu standeth more to the way of Jehovih.

8. When Capilya was born, a light in the form of a crescent appeared above his head,
and the voice of God spake out of the light thereof, saying: This is my son. By him
will I overthrow the governments of the tyrants who have persecuted my people.

9. When Capilya’s mother was pregnant, the angels of Jehovih, under the archangel
Hirattax, stood guard over her, thinking holy thoughts night and day, whereby the
mother’s soul ran constantly to heavenly things.

10. And when Capilya was born, behold, Hirattax appointed a host of one hundred and
forty-four angels to be with the child day and night. Into four watches of six hours each,
divided he the guardian angels.

11. So the angels of God taught Capilya from the time of his birth, and he became wise
above all other children.

12. But, of the way in which God ruleth over nations for the glory of the Creator, consider
ye the history of this deliverance.

13. Jehovih had suffered the power of the kings of Vind’yu to become centered chiefly in
Yokovrana, king of Hafghanistun, of the capital, Oblowski, a great city dedicated to
Dyaus. Yokovrana held forty provinces and four hundred cities tributary to himself, and
every city furnished one governor, and these were the royal Council of king Yokovrana.

14. By the laws of Hafghanistun, the oldest male heir succeeded to the throne; but in case
the king had no male heir, then the king’s oldest brother’s male heir succeeded to the
throne. Therefore, every king desired a son, but Yokovrana was frustrated by the plans of
the loo’is, the angels of Jehovih.

15. For Hirattax, chief loo’is, had said: I will not only raise up an heir to Thee, Jehovih;
but I will have dominion over Thy enemies, to Thine own glory. For by inspiration will I
lead the king of kings to marry with a barren woman; and because he shall have no heirs,
he shall become a tool in my hands for the deliverance of the Faithists, who are
persecuted and outlawed.

16. And in those days, whoso was of the seed of the worshippers of the Great spirit,
Ormazd, was outlawed in receiving instruction. So that the chosen, the Faithists, were
held in ignorance, lest a man of learning might rise up amongst them and deliver them.
And the angel of Jehovih foresaw that Capilya should be a learned man, and acquainted
with the cities and the royal Council. For which matter the angel, Hirattax, provided the
chief king, Yokovrana, to be childless and to desire an heir as successor to the throne.

17. When the king consulted the oracle, behold, the angels of Jehovih had possession, and
they answered the king, saying: Put thy wife away in a dark chamber for nine months, and
she will deliver into thy hand a male child, who shall save the crown from thy brother’s

18. The king told the queen, who was near the time of limit for women, and she would
not believe. Nevertheless, she also went to consult the oracle, and to her the angel of
Jehovih said: Have not kings killed their wives in order to obtain one who shall have an

heir to the throne?

19. The queen acknowledged this, adding: What, then, shall I do, for of a truth I know I
shall bear no child.

20. The angel said: Do thou as the king hath said, and the angels will bring a male
child unto thee in thy dark chamber; and thy maids and thy servants shall see to it
that no other woman entereth into thy place; and they will testify that the child
is thine own. Neither shalt thou, under penalty of death, inform the king otherwise.

21. On the other hand the angels of Jehovih foretold the father and mother of Capilya,
even before his birth, that the child would be carried away and given to the king,
Yokovrana, known for his cruelty as the most hated of men. And the angels said,
moreover: Neither shall ye grieve for loss of the child, for Ormazd will make of him a
deliverer of his people. And it shall come to pass even in the day the child is delivered to
the queen, its own mother shall become its nurse.

22. Thus it came to pass; and in the time of the birth of Capilya, the angels carried him
into the city of Oblowski, into the king’s palace, and to the queen’s arms, in the dark
chamber. And in that same instant of time, the angels illumed the chamber, so that all the
maids and servants saw the child and the light withal, and they were frightened, and fell
down, beseeching Dyaus for protection.

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