Lectionary Readings for Saturday, July 25th, 2020

Lectionary Readings for Saturday, July 25th, 2020

Seventh-Day Sabbath and Weekday Sabbath

Bon’s Book of Praise SAM, SAR


1. O Thou, Jehovih, give me words rich in Thy praise; my soul is like a fountain
springing up out of the earth.

2. I would look upon Thee; into Thy face, O my Creator, who taketh away my breath by
the awe of Thy countenance.

3. Thou, who fashioned the broad earth and the high heavens! O, the works of Thy hand,

4. Where shall I start with my song unto Thee; or find words to laud the Almighty?

5. Proclaim His Unity, O my beloved; proclaim Him, in one breath, together, O all ye
people. Jehovih! Jehovih!

6. O that I could magnify words to Thy Omnipotence, or hold up the perfection of Thy
Person in fine speech!

7. But I am as one distracted by the over-whelming scene. My words cripple and halt
continually before Thy surprising creations.

8. O that I could find a starting point; or knew a way to make rhymes and meters without
rules, like the works of Jehovih!

1. Almighty! Almighty! Love Abounding! Who gathered up the dust of the earth, as a
wind, with judgment and forethought; and sorted the substance thereof and shaped it.

2. None but Thee, Jehovih, looked on or knew Thy proceedings. And to one Thou
saidst: Be thou a beast of the field; and to another: Be thou a serpent; and to another: Be
thou a wild beast of the forest.

3. And they ran forth at Thy command, every one to his place, rejoicing in the work of
Thy hand. And I looked thereon, O Thou Almighty! What work of perfection in each,
even to the flesh and bones.

4. But Thou turnedst mine eyes inward, and I saw the wisdom of the serpent and the
beast; and the thoughts and desires of their understanding, how perfectly Thou hast made

5. I saw the love Thou gavest each unto its own kind; yea, even the serpent gathered up
her young, because of her love, to shield them from harm.

6. O that I could find the first Cause of the judgment of every living thing! To come close
to the Almighty; to question Him!

7. Thou Who shapedst a moiety of earth, and said: Be thou a bird, with feathers! Fly and
sing! And it went forth, upward in the air of heaven, rejoicing in Thy name, Jehovih!

8. To another: Be thou an eagle; in ice and snow freeze not; above the clouds proclaim
the Almighty!

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