Lectionary Readings for Saturday, August 15th, 2020

Lectionary Readings for Saturday, August 15th, 2020

Weekday Sabbath and Seventh-Day Sabbath

God’s Book of Eskra Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9


1. At the time the roadways of the earth’s heavens were completed, which was in the three
hundred and ninetieth year of the cycle of Bon, this was the standing thereof, to wit:

2. There had ascended, as Brides and Bridegrooms, for etherea, thirty-six thousand
millions; nearly one-half of whom were from the kingdoms of Anuhasaj and his subGods.

3. And now inhabiting the five spheres, forty-eight thousand million spirits.

4. In the first sphere, or hada, in which there were two thousand four hundred heavenly
kingdoms, the grades were from one to seven.

5. In the second sphere, which ranked first resurrection in those days, the grades were
from seven to fifteen. In these regions there were ten thousand heavenly kingdoms.

6. In the third sphere the grades were from fifteen to thirty. In these regions there were
four thousand heavenly kingdoms. And including the kingdoms of Anuhasaj, five
thousand more kingdoms.

7. In the fourth sphere, the grades were from thirty to sixty, and there were one thousand
five hundred heavenly kingdoms in these regions.

8. In the fifth sphere, the grades were from sixty to ninety-nine, and here were one
thousand heavenly kingdoms.

9. And yet, not included in these, because of a different kind, were the kingdoms of
Yaton’te, the subjective heaven, a visiting place, and with but a small fixed population,
but whose visitors and students and teachers numbered three thousand million angels,
graded from one to ninety-nine. But many of these belonged in other heavenly kingdoms.

10. Such then were the inhabitants of the bound heavens. And they numbered, all told,
forty-eight times more people than the mortal inhabitants of the earth. But in those days
not many women on the earth committed abortions; neither died so many very young
children; so that the fetals sent back to inhabit mortals numbered, all told, only two
hundred and thirty millions. Whilst of vampire spirits, of both classes, (that is, such
as inhabit gormandizers, and gluttons, and drunkards, and harlots, absorbing their
spiritual sustenance, and thus making them the breeders of infidels; and such as live
on the atmospherean part of mortal food, thus causing their mortal victims to
emaciate and to become insane), there were, all told, not more than forty-six millions.

11. Besides these, there were thirty-one million lusters, who feed on the secret vices of
mortals; who were being forever pursued from place to place by ashars, and often
captured and carried away to heavenly kingdoms; but would often escape and flee back to
mortals. Yet, with all these fetals, and vampires and lusters included, never before had the
earth remained so long in so pure a state.

12. When the roadways were completed, God proclaimed seven days recreation in
all the kingdoms of heaven, in order that the inhabitants should sing and dance
and render praise unto Jehovih for the great works that had been accomplished.

13. And on the last of the seven days, Toyvraghah assigned the roads over to God, and
named them, ROADS IN PARADISE. Whereupon God crowned Toyvraghah, PRIMAL GOD OF
ROADS OF PARADISE, of twelve hundred thousand miles.

14. God said: After the manner of the government of the etherean heavens do I these

15. And as the kingdoms and spheres of my heavens are situated, within and without,
with their roadways and heavenly canals, forming one great kingdom with many parts, it
shall be a type of the kingdoms in etherea, which are thousands of times larger. And it
was so.


1. Jehovih hath said: I gave to man legs and feet to walk; arms and hands to work; eyes to
see, and ears to hear; and, withal, the capacity to reflect and comprehend and understand.

2. I gave none of these capacities to man to lie dormant or to be useless. Neither can any
man advance to My highest kingdoms if crippled, or weak, or uncultivated, in all or part
of these talents I have given him.

3. But he shall be perfected in all particulars before he is capacitated for companionship
with My exalted ones.

4. The Lord said: It mattereth little what kind of workmanship a man doeth; for one may
till the soil, and thus train his hands and arms to full development; and another may
weave, or spin, or forge iron, and also attain full development. It is not the kind of labor,
but the development that comes of useful practice, which maketh every talent to stand
upright in heaven as a glory to the Creator.

5. For there be servants on earth, who neither read nor write, that are better developed
in their talents and members than many of the rich, and kings and philosophers.

6. And when they die and enter my heavenly places, the ranks and caste in my kingdoms
seem to them to be upside-down. The rich man, or the king, or the pleader (lawyer), or
priest, or the philosopher, may be as a helpless child, whilst he who was as a pauper on
earth may be as a very God over them to lift them up.

7. Neither is the preference to the rich, nor the poor, nor to the philosopher, nor the fool;
for any of these may be as dwarfs in some talent or part, whilst also any of these may be a
most perfect man in spirit.

8. So, God established, through his high-raised officers, schools and colleges and
factories, heavenly, adapted to the spirits of the dead, even as similar places are
established on the earth for mortals.


1. The Lord said: Aside from the orderly kingdoms of God, there were seven false
kingdoms in hada, ruled over by false Gods and false Goddesses. Chief of these were
Baal, with four thousand million angel slaves; Ashtaroth, false Goddess, with three
thousand million angel slaves; Hi’lizar, with three thousand million angel slaves;
Sodonius, Goddess, with two million angel slaves, and then came Fue-Sin, Hrivatza.
Beside these there were six hundred false Lords and Lordesses, who had occupied the
mortal temples of worship, and the oracle temples.

2. But the latter were driven away from mortals by command of God, that they might be
induced to seek resurrection.

3. And God foresaw that the travel of the earth would cause her to pass through an a’ji’an
forest of four hundred years, and that darkness would be upon the lower heavens.

4. And God sent down to the earth angel inspectors and numerators and recorders to
prepare the record of mortals for the libraries of heaven. And there were of inspectors,
four hundred thousand angels; of numerators, twelve thousand; and graders, ninety
thousand; of recorders and scribes, forty thousand; and of bearers, six hundred thousand.
Besides these were the messengers, heralds and musicians, of whom there were sixty

5. Such was the army sent down to the earth according to God’s command. And they were
in charge of Toyvraghah and Yulis and Hagonte and Rufus.

6. And God called up the great mathematicians, Yahimus, Menres, Fargawitha,
Howitchkal, Jemima, Jordan, Molakka, Kossitus, Makkas and Agebon; and God said
unto them:

7. The time of the fall of a’ji on the earth is at hand. Compute ye the regions of the
earth where it will fall most; and having determined, go ye to the mortal prophets
who are in su’is, and cause them to prophesy unto the inhabitants of the earth.

8. The mathematicians saluted and departed for the earth, as commanded of God.

9. Now when God foresaw that darkness was near at hand, for a period of four hundred
years, he commanded his Holy Council and his heavenly kingdoms to pray to Jehovih for
the space of one day, for wisdom and strength.

10. In answer to their prayers, there came a swift messenger from Lika, Orian Chief, Son
of Jehovih; he came from Takuspe, in the etherean worlds, in an etherean arrow-ship,
with thirty thousands. His name was, Yotaportas, God of Eriasa, in the plains of
Woo’Sin. And when he had come before the throne of God, duly saluting, he said:

11. In Jehovih’s name I come, greeting by His Son, Lika. God said: In Jehovih’s name I
am blessed by thy presence, God of Eriasa, Nirvanian Host. What wouldst thou?

12. Yotaportas said: By command of Jehovih, through His exalted Son, thou shalt
withdraw thine emissaries from the kingdoms of Baal and Ashtaroth, and from all
kingdoms on the earth, whose mortals pay obedience to false Gods. A’ji of four hundred
years will reign upon the earth and her heavens. It is so determined and provided by the
Holy Etherean Dispensers of roads in Vragapathon. Of which matters I am sent to thee
that thou mayest be duly provided therefore.

13. The time is also now at hand when the I’hins, the sacred people, the mound-builders,
will cease to dwell on the earth. The darkness which is necessary to the earth will be
too much for them. The heavens that have heretofore received their spirits shall be
dissolved, and the plateaux thereof removed to the outer rim of the earth’s vortex.

14. The Lords’reports showed there were at this time on the earth two million three
hundred thousand I’hins. Of these, seven hundred thousand inhabited Egupt and western
Arabin’ya; two hundred thousand inhabited Chine’ya, the Jaffeth of the ancients; and the
balance, for the most part, inhabited North Guatama and toward Hon’ya-pan.

15. Such, then, were all that remained of a people that once covered over the whole earth,
more than a thousand million of them.

16. God declared a day of recreation in honor of Yotaportas; and the angels of heaven had
great rejoicing.

17. And on the day following, Yotaportas, with his hosts, departed for Eriasa, in etherea.

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