Lectionary Readings for Friday, July 3rd, 2020

Lectionary Readings for Friday, July 3rd, 2020

God’s Book of Ben, the Nine Entities Chapter 9, Chapter 10

Chapter 9

1. Jehovih said: When the Gods have fulfilled their time in earth and heaven, behold I put
them away.

2. And in the time of their going, behold, I open the doors of heaven, and I call down the
angels and send them abroad over the earth. And the earth becometh overrun with

3. Kosmon said: Let the wise man and the prophet consider the signs of the Almighty!
Two extremes forerun the change of the Gods and Saviors in heaven: These are, extreme
disbelief and extreme belief. The one denieth all Gods, and even the person of the
Creator; the other becometh a runner after the spirits of the dead, consulting seers and

4. Esfoma said: These signs are my signs. When these come, behold, the Almighty hath a
new deliverance on hand.

5. None can stay Him, or hold up the Gods and Lords and Saviors of the past against

6. I speak in the wind, and man saith: Behold, something is in the wind; the Gods are at
work; a new light breaketh in upon the understanding of men.

7. Out of the tumult, Jehovih riseth Supreme in every cycle.

8. He leadeth forth a few who know Him. He foundeth them as a separate people in the

9. Uz said: And in the time of Jehovih’s triumph, I come and make myths out of the
deposed Gods and Saviors.

10. Then I stretch forth my hand against the libraries, and houses of ancient records, and I
destroy them.

11. And man is compelled to give up the things of old, and to look about him, and rouse
himself up to the ways of the Almighty.

12. O that the prophets would apply my lessons of the past, in order to foretell the future.

13. Behold, there is no mystery in heaven and earth. They march right on; cycle followeth
cycle, as summer followeth winter.

14. In the overthrow of the departing Gods, behold, there is the beginning of a new
spring-time in Jehovih’s seasons.

15. He planteth a new tree in His garden; it is a tree of new light for the righteous.

16. His chosen go out, away from the flesh-pots of the past, and they have neither kings
nor emperors; only the Almighty!

17. Into the wilderness they go forth, persecuted and beset on all sides by the followers of
the mythical Gods.

Chapter 10
1. God said: Here is wisdom, O man: To be observant of all things and adapt thyself
thereto on Jehovih’s side.

2. To obtain great learning that applieth to the resurrection of thy soul in comprehending
the works of the Almighty.

3. To suffer not thyself to be conceited in the wisdom of the moderns over the ancients,
nor of the ancients over the moderns.

4. The Creator created man wisely for the time of the world in which man was created.

5. Thou art for this era, and not for the past.

6. The ancients were for the past era, and not for the present.

7. To know the present; to be up with the signs of the times, this it is, to see Jehovih’s

8. Make not a God of riches, nor of thy supposed sciences and learning.

9. For in the time thou seest men doing these things, behold, that is the time of a cyclic
coil in the great beast.

10. Thy God and thy Savior shall surely be swept away.

11. Make Jehovih, the Creator, the idol of thy soul; neither setting up this or that as

12. Opening up thy understanding to find the tree of light and righteousness of soul.

13. Admitting that all things are possible in Jehovih’s hands.

14. Then thy God shall surely not be swept away.

15. Look about thee, O man, and learn from the Sons and Daughters of Jehovih, the
march of the Almighty’s kingdoms.

16. Who shall make a system or a philosophy like Jehovih? What hast thou found that is

17. The truth of yesterday is not a truth to-day; the truth of yesterday is the truth to-day.

18. Thou shalt come to understand even this.

19. To learn how to live; to rejoice, and to do good, and make thy neighbor rejoice also,
this is wisdom.

20. Let these be thy loves and the glory of thy speech, and thou shalt learn to prophesy
concerning the ways of Jehovih.

The numbers of the beast shall be sixty-six, and six hundred and sixty-six, and the parts
thereof. Because in the coil of the cycle, behold the distances are two-thirds of a circle, whether
it be a hundred or a thousand, or three times a thousand. Jehovih rolleth up the heavens,
and braideth the serpents of the firmament into His cyclic coil. Who can magnify Jehovih
by calling Him Osiris or Te-in, or Baal, or Lord, or God? He is the circle without beginning
or end; His Majesty encompasseth the universe. (See

Plate 22. ETHEREA.

Plate 23. EARTH.
Black center, and her atmosphere.

Plate 36. SERPENT.
1.Sun. 2.Mercury. 3.Earth. 4.Mars. 5.Artaea. 6.Vesta. 7.Ceres. 8.Jupiter. 9.Saturn. 10.Uranus.
Equivalent: Koo, 28. Sai’Lee, 44. Pisc, 22. Hoo, 85. Frgabal, 114. At’bars,8. Gib’S’Smak, 198.



Plate 68.
A, A, road of travel of the vortex. Tow’-Sang, or solar family of the Great Serpent.
B, B, deviation from a straight line. (See plate 47.)
C, C, C, C, vortices of other symptoms of worlds.
D, D, D, D, dan, dan, dan, dan; that is, from D to D, is three thousand years.
The open space in the curve B, B, near the center of the plate, indicates the place
of of the Serpent in this day.

1 = Equivalent: 4,700,000; 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Other orbits for other phalanxes.

C’vord’um and A’hiss’a-Corpor, embracing nine phalanxes. First of Spe’ta period.
Earth, 3 = 765,744. Gitche, 86. Hem, 11. Entrance to Hyrim, 6,000 years.

Equivalents: Arejaon, 49. Kavi, 7. F’roasha, 76, F’ranraka, 84. Yakna, 13. Huit, 64.
Velocity, = 3,072. 7 = 8,021. 7 = 4716. 76 = 1,085. 84 = 12,008. 13 = 6,047. 64 = 18,765.
Duration = Huit x 2,780 years for the earth. F’ransaka 3,142 years.
Example – To find population in Atmospherea belonging to the earth in Huit, thirty-three
years = 788,000,000 x 2,780 divided by 3 -100 = 83 1-33 x = 65,666,333,333 1-3 souls.

The prophet of Jehovih said: A time shall come when the earth shall travel in the
roadway of the firmament, and so great a light will be therein that the vortex of the earth
shall burst, even as a whirlwind bursteth, and lo and behold, the whole earth shall be
scattered and gone, as if nothing had been. But ere the time cometh, My etherean hosts
shall have redeemed man from sin. Nor shall the inhabitants of the earth marry, for the
time of begetting will be at an end. Even as certain species of animals have failed to
propagate, and have become extinct, so shall it be with man. The earth will have
fulfilled its labor, and its services will be no more under the sun. But the vortex of the sun
shall be round, and the body of the great serpent coiled up. In the place where the earth
was, shall some of My far-off worlds come and fulfill the labor allotted to them. And
the atmosphereans who have not been redeemed from darkness in that day, shall alight
on the new world and also fulfill their labor. ( See B

Jehovih saith: In the time of se’mu I brought the earth into a’ji, and ji’ay, and darkness was
upon the face of the earth for the space of three thousand years; and yet for other three
thousand years half darkness covered all the land and water. Behold, O man, as I have
given to females a time to bring forth their young, so gave I to the earth a time for the
conception of the living species on the land, in the water and in the air above, and I called
the time the era of se’mu.
And it came to pass, when the earth was in the midst of Taza, there fell upon the earth,
for a space equal to twelve days, condensed nebula in dust and stones and
water combined, sufficient in some places to cover up the forests Jehovih had made.
And that which fell was hot like molten iron; and the trees and forests of the
valleys were beaten down, and covered up, and burnt to blackness. Jehovih said:
And these shall remain on the earth, for in the time that followeth, man shall
seek the coal, not knowing whence it came. And it will bear witness of the regions
of a’ji and ji’ay in the firmament of heaven. (See B

PLATE 30. JI’AY. The earth (white spot) in Ji’ay.


Plate 33. HYARTI, or NEBULA.


The power that maketh planets. ( See BOOK OF COSMOGONY AND PROPHECY)



Now called Inqua, a ball within a ball,
or womb of vapor. ( S, S, satellites ).

Within the earth’s atmosphere. The origin of meteors.

Wark in etherea becometh an a’ji’an cloud, and shattered.

Jehovih said: Let the sign of the corporeal worlds be as the signs of the etherean
worlds; nevertheless they shall be independent of one another. Neither shall the travel
of corporea disturb the motions and positions of etherea, but pass through, as if
there were nothing. But the behavior of the etherean worlds on corporea shall be
to bring them to maturity and old age, and final dissolution. And it was so. And
there floated in the midst of etherea certain densities, called a’ji and ji’ay and nebula,
which sometimes augmented the size of the traveling corporeal worlds, and sometimes
illumed them on the borders of the vortices, and these were called photospheres, because
they were the places of the generation of light. (See B

Plate 43.

When Jehovih condensed the earth, and it became firm and crusted over, there rose up
from the earth heat and moisture, which continue to this day. But Jehovih limited the
ascent of the substances going upward, and the boundary of the limit of moisture was as
the clouds that float in the air; and the heat was of like ascent. And whilst the moisture
and heat rise upward, they are met by the etheric substance of the vortex of the earth, and
the moisture and the gases of the air assume the form of needles. On the side of the earth
facing the sun the needles are polarized and acting, driving forth; the which is called
light; but on the face of the earth opposite from the sun the needles are in confusion, and
this is called darkness.

Jehovih said: That man may comprehend the structure of the belt that holdeth the earth, I
will give him a sign high up in the air. And Jehovih caused the vapor in the firmament to
be frozen and fall to the earth, white, and it is called snow. For the snow-drop showeth
the matrix in which it is molded.

Jehovih said: Let this be a sign also, that even as there riseth up from the earth heat
and moisture, there are representatives of all things on the earth which have evaporated
upward, and all such things rise up to the level of the density like unto themselves,
every one to its own level, and they take their places in the strata of the vortex. These
are called plateaux, or spheres, for they surround the whole earth. Some of them are ten
miles high, some a thousand, some a hundred thousand or more miles. And all these
spheres that rotate and travel with the earth are called atmospherea, or lower heavens.

Plate 44.

Jehovih said: The corporeal worlds I created round, with land and water, and I
made them impenetrable, for I bring forth the living on the surface of them. Let
not man imagine that My etherean worlds are also round and impenetrable; for, of
all I have created, no two alike created I them.

Now, it came to pass in the lapse of time, that the atmosphereans so loved the
lower heavens, that they strove not to ascend to the emancipated heavens of
Nirvana, never having reached the bridge of Chinvat. But they oft returned to the
earth and held converse with corporeans, and they lauded the glories of even the
lower heavens, so that man looked up in wonder because of the magnificence of
the works of the Father. Yet these were bounden spirits.

Then Jehovih made the snow-flake and caused it to fall, that man might behold
the beauty and glory of its formation. And he sent ethereans down from the
emancipated heavens, and these taught man that whatever glory he had yet heard
of, was as darkness is to light, compared to the beauty and majesty of the etherean

And the ethereans held up snow-flakes, saying: In the name of Jehovih we declare
unto you, that the etherean worlds are larger than the earth, and penetrable, and
full of roadways of crystals, and arches, and curves, and angles, so that were man
to travel a million of years on one alone, he could not see half its beauty and
glory. And the firmament of heaven hath tens of thousands of millions of
etherean worlds. Let the snow-flakes be before your eyes as microscopic patterns
of the worlds in high heaven; and ye shall tint them as a rainbow, and people
them with countless millions of angels, spotless, pure, holy, and rich in
the knowledge of Jehovih and His works, and full of the majesty of His love.


Jehovih said: In times past, man beheld the sun, saying: The sun is the Creator of all
the living; light and heat come from the sun.

Then Jehovih said: I will put a sign in the firmament, and no man shall gainsay the
work of My hand.

And above the earth, to the north and south, He placed polar lights, that man might
bear witness that light depended not on corporea, and had no part therewith. But the
sun He placed in the midst of the great vortex, so that every side was as a pole to
the corporeal worlds around it. And Jehovih made etherea as a condensing lens, so
that the rotation of each and every corporeal world should manufacture its own light,                                                                                                   
on the side poling to the sun, by the rotation of its wark and vortex. And man
saw that atmospherea turned the earth, and that the earth turned not atmospherea.


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