Lectionary Readings for Friday, February 7th, 2020

Lectionary Readings for Friday, February 7th, 2020

The Lords’ Second Book. Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3


Chapter 1

1. God said: I, the Lord, for my predecessors and successors and for myself, declare these
things unto mortals:

2. The chosen of God, being called I’hins, because they were the fruit of both heaven and
earth, were taken into all the earth in the protection of God, his Lords and angels, for the
fulfillment of man on the earth for the glory of the Almighty.

3. And I, the Lord, a one-time mortal, with my holy angels, who had sprung from the
earth in former times, walked with man to keep him upright in the way he should go.

4. By command of God, the angels watched over man, teaching man oft times
unknowingly to himself in all good works and industry. By constant changes of watch did
the angels relieve one another daily, weekly and monthly.

5. And in no time did the angels leave the I’hins alone, and without the light of heaven.

6. And whithersoever the I’hins went, there went the angels; and the angels often took on
sar’gis, and were seen by man, even daily, and man talked with them face to face.

7. And the angels told man what was good for him; showing him the way of

8. And man depended on the Lord and his angels for all things helpful to his

9. Now when the earth was inhabited in many places, and there were thousands of cities
and villages, the Lord said unto man:

10. Behold, thou hast made the earth the joy of the Lord; and now I give it into thy
keeping. How sayest thou?

11. And man answered: It is well; I can keep the earth, and I shall rejoice thereon because
it is the gift of God.

12. The Lord said: If I stay with thee, day and night forever, thou wilt not put forth thine
own power and judgment.

13. Man said: Go thy way, O Lord.

14. Then the Lord withdrew awhile, taking his angels with him.

15. Now in those days there were ground people dwelling in the wilderness, who had not
the light of heaven in them, neither could they be made to understand.

16. As one may discourse to an ox, and it heedeth not; so was speech to the people of

17. Nevertheless, in winter, when food was scarce, the ground people came to the cities of
the I’hins, beseeching for food. And the I’hins, remembering the commandments of God,
went out to them, treating them to everything good to eat.

18. Now, behold, the chosen were tempted by the people of darkness. And it came to pass
that a new race was born on the earth, and they were called I’huans, after the manner of
the ancient warriors that destroyed the chosen, before the flood.

19. These I’huans were copper colored and were capable of speech.

20. When God beheld what had happened, he called to the I’hins, saying: O ye that could
dispense with the Lord! Gave I not unto you the mark of circumcision as a limit to the
line of my chosen?

21. Hear me now in my prophecy: The I’huan shall be taught the name of Jehovih, the
Great Spirit, and the plans of heaven and earth. And the I’huan shall inhabit the whole
earth in time to come; and he shall have dominion over everything on earth, and in the
waters on the earth.

22. And in time to come the I’hin race shall disappear from the earth; their like shall not
be found on this my footstool.

23. The I’hins inquired of the Lord when these things should come to pass. The Lord said:
In twenty thousand years.

24. The Lord said: From this time forth the I’hins shall not mingle with any other people
on the face of the earth. This is my commandment. And whosoever violateth my word
shall be cast out of my cities, and go and dwell with the barbarians.

25. Inasmuch as the I’huans are your heirs, and are capable of everlasting life, ye shall be
unto them the light of my kingdoms. Teaching them peace, righteousness and mercy; but
ye shall in no case suffer them to enter your cities and abide therein.

26. Neither shall ye raise a hand to do them harm. But if they come upon you in
multitudes to take your stores, then shall ye depart out of that city, leaving the I’huans to
take the goods and food for themselves.

27. For ye shall be an example of non-resistance for the sake of establishing the love of
God in them.

Chapter 2

1. God foresaw that the I’huans should be separated from the druks, otherwise Yaks
would again be born into the world.

2. And he said unto the I’hins: Behold, the I’huans cannot hear the voice of the Lord,
therefore, go ye unto them, saying: Thus saith the Lord: If ye mingle with the druks your
seed shall not inherit everlasting life, but go down in darkness.

3. And the I’hins went and told the I’huans the words of God. Nevertheless many of the
I’huans broke the commandment. And, indeed, Yaks were again born into the world.

4. The I’hins said to one another: Are not these like unto those of the legends of old, who
were made eunuchs and servants?

5. The I’huans inquired the meaning; and when they were told, they made a law unto
themselves, making eunuchs and servants of both Yaks and the ground people wherever
they came upon them.

6. The I’hins feared for the judgments of God, and they called out to him for a remedy.

7. But God answered them, saying: Because of the enmity betwixt these two races,
behold, they will not marry. Suffer ye the I’huans to do in their own way. For of what
profit is it to bring forth heirs that cannot inherit my exalted heavens? Because the tribes
of darkness cannot be made to understand, behold their souls go out of being as a lamp
that is burned out.

8. So it came to pass that the I’huans made eunuchs of the tribes of darkness; of both
sexes did they thus; and they made slaves of them also.

9. The Lord said: The I’huans shall have laws of their own. Let my chosen go unto them
and make laws for them, saying: Thus saith the Lord.

10. The I’huans shall be guardians over the I’hins, the sacred people; and through the
I’hins will I bless the I’huans, and make them mighty.

11. Since it is not lawful for the I’hins to kill beast, nor bird, nor serpent, behold, their
cities and mounds are invaded by all manner of evil beasts and serpents.

12. The I’huans shall slay all such evil beasts and serpents.

13. And they shall guard around about the cities and mounds, where abide my chosen.

14. Servants shall the ground people and the Yaks be unto the I’huan. And the latter shall
cast their servants, that they shall not multiply on the earth.

15. Hear ye then, the law of God betwixt the I’huans, one with another.

16. Whoso doth an injury to his neighbor or to a stranger, the same shall be done unto

17. Whoso taketh from another, an equivalent shall he render two fold.

18. Whoso killeth a man, or woman, or child, shall be put to death.

19. Whoso marrieth his sister or mother, or his half-sister or half-mother, they shall all
suffer death together.

20. Whoso oppresseth another shall be cast out of the tribe of his people.

21. He that blasphemeth the Great Spirit shall be put to death.

22. He that respecteth not the time of woman shall be put to death.

23. The fields have I given to the I’hins, but the forests and wilderness have I, the Lord,
given unto the I’huans.

24. And it was so; the I’huans began to be carnivorous. But both the I’hins and the tribes
of darkness ate neither flesh nor fish.

Chapter 3

1. In all the great divisions of the earth these things were; nor had one division of
the earth much preference over another. But in the regions of summer weather, where
the earth brought forth abundantly, the I’huans and ground people dwelt most numerously.

2. Though the I’hins dwelt in both the warm and the cold countries. For they clothed
themselves; and built habitations. But the I’huans wore only a covering about the loins;
neither built they any habitations. And they roved about far and near.

3. But the ground people traveled not; and they mingled with their own kin, bringing forth
heirs of darkness.

4. The I’huans learned the laws and obeyed them; and they looked upon the I’hins as a
sacred people, doing them no harm.

5. And it came to pass that the I’huans were a very prolific people; four times more
prolific than the I’hins, or the ground people.

6. And they spread rapidly over the earth, in all the regions where the earth brought forth
fruit and roots, and flesh, and fish, that were good to eat.

7. For two thousand years the I’huans prospered; and they became mighty in many

8. But in course of time they began to war upon one another.

9. And for hundreds of years they descended lower and lower in darkness.

10. And they obeyed no longer the commandments of God. But they mingled with the
ground people, bringing forth heirs of darkness.


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