Lectionary Readings for Friday, February 14th, 2020

Lectionary Readings for Friday, February 14th, 2020

Book of Apollo, Son of Jehovih Chapter 14, Chapter 15

Chapter 14

1. Jehovih spake from the light of the throne of God, saying: Hear the words of your
Creator, O ye Counselors of heaven.

2. They spin and weave and make clothes; they learn in the places of learning; neither do I
condemn them.

3. But My physicians are tired; My nurses are tired; My teachers are tired. Be wise, O My
Sons and Daughters. Who hath reformed a beggar by giving to him? What physician
preventeth sickness by healing?

4. They bring forth in deformity on the earth, and ye must cure them in heaven. They
squat on their haunches on earth, and they squat the same way in heaven, and ye must
cure them.

5. Go ye to the root of the matter, O My beloved. Send ye down to the kingdoms of
My Lords, and say to them: Thus saith Jehovih: Follow them, O My Lords! Double the
number of ashars, double the loo’is; leave no young man alone; leave no young
woman alone. Keep over them day and night; give them visions and dreams of Apollo.
For I am concerted in heaven and on earth to remold the forms of the earth-born.

6. Jehovih said: Hear your Creator, O Gau! Make seven more plateaux for the second
resurrection. Out of the idolatry of My Son, Apollo, will I beautify the inhabitants of
the earth. And the cast and mold of men and of women shall become a great power.

7. Jealousies will overspread the earth; jealousies will rise in the first resurrection. Make
seven more plateaux in the second resurrection, and sort the es’yans in the hour of birth.

8. God and the Council perceived; and so God appointed workmen, and fulfilled the
commandments of Jehovih. And he established seven hundred tributary kingdoms of the
second resurrection belonging to Gau.

9. These sub-kingdoms were provided with sub-Gods, second in rank below the Lords,
of whom there were ten thousand who had direct supervision over mortals; and the
Lords had every one a sufficiency of guardian angels, ashars, and loo’is, masters of
generations, so that they could direct any required number to such mortals as they chose.

10. The Lords mostly established their heavenly kingdoms in the temples where mortals
came to worship; and by inspiration, they established spirit chambers near the altars,
where the prophets sat to learn the decrees of the Lord. Hither the loo’is came to receive
their appointments over mortals, for the purpose of bringing about marriages acceptable
before Jehovih.

11. The affairs of the sub-Gods were, however, wholly with matters in heaven, save when
commanded by the Lords for special work.

12. And it came to pass that mortals, and the affairs of mortals, were directed and
governed by the decrees of the lower heavens, and these again by the etherean heavens,
which were of Jehovih direct.

13. So Jehovih changed the forms of the earth-born; but they became worshippers of
Apollo; accrediting to one another Jehovih’s perfection in them, according to the form and
figure of the flesh. And because of the idolatry of the women for Apollo, their children
were born of good flesh, and shapely; so that, in four hundred years, the hair on their
heads grew long and straight, and men began to have beards. Neither considered any
young man any virtue in a young woman so important as her form; nor did young women
value any virtue in man so great as a well-molded form.

14. And when mortals died, and their spirits entered the first resurrection, half the labor of
the asaphs, the receiving angels, was accomplished.

15. So God changed the es’yan period to three years, save for the heirs of cousins, and
uncles, and aunts, which was left at five years.

Chapter 15

1. So perfect was the way of heaven, that, at the end of four hundred years, God and his
Lords, and his sub-Gods, had ready for the third resurrection, of grade eighty-eight, eight
and a half thousand million souls for Jehovih’s harvest.

2. So Apollo sent Adova, division Goddess of Reth, in Coak, in etherea, down to the
lower heaven, to deliver God and his hosts. And they were thus raised up to etherea in a
sea of fire, and made one with Jehovih.

3. In like manner, was the next government in the lower heaven and on the earth; and the
next deliverance in dan was ten thousand million souls, of grade sixty-five.

4. In like manner was the next administration in the lower heaven and on the earth, and
the deliverance was ten thousand millions, of grade fifty.

5. In like manner was the next administration on the earth and in the lower heaven, and
the deliverance was ten thousand millions, of grade thirty-eight. So Apollo commanded
these to be delivered in the a’ji’an fields of Oth, in Sanak and Orant, for they were
unsuited for etherea.

6. In like manner was the next administration in the lower heaven and on the earth, and
the deliverance was sixteen thousand millions; but they were of grade twenty-four. So
Apollo commanded them to be delivered in the nebulous straits of Koppawotchiakka, for
further development.

7. In like manner was the next administration in the lower heaven, but not so on the earth.
For the kings and queens carried the idolatry too far, and mortals took to destroying
ill-formed children and cripples, thus casting the ills of mortality into heaven. So there
was no deliverance for the last dan of Apollo’s cycle; and Jehovih received no harvest.

8. Thus ended the cycle of Apollo, being two thousand eight hundred years.


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