Lectionary Readings for Friday, August 2nd, 2019

Lectionary Readings for Friday, August 2nd, 2019

Bon’s Book of Praise SIAS, JAUS


1. Praise the Great Spirit, O Petris and Obsod, ye heavenly kingdoms of the etherean
heavens of Fragapatti, ye place of the roads of Rogga, with ninety million miles of I’yuan

2. And Sitta and Goomatchala and South’eng, ye heavenly plains hanging on the
mountain line of the Lunitzzi, with the twenty million arches over the Holy Lakes and
seas of Onatoosa!

3. Let your ninety thousand million etherean angels rejoice in the glory of the Almighty;
the footstool of His kingdom hath quickened on the red star; the shout goeth up to
Jehovih forever!

4. And ye angels of the vast Orian kingdoms, Yan and Wawauk and Zi and Alawa and
Aili and Ref and Zuth, ye foundations of the highways of the Yoogan Hissawa, ye
swamps and plains of See’niyivi.

5. Proclaim ye the fruit of Loo, the arc of the organizer of mortal kingdoms on the earth.
The Omnipotent hath spoken in the high heaven of kosmon, spoken out of the fruit of

6. Call up Rappaya and Hanosta, the etherean kingdoms with the angels of the Yimyim
arches, and the High bridge of Lips, over the etherean sea of the burning waters of

7. Sing unto the Almighty, ye heavens that sent volunteers in the army of Fragapatti; the
fruit of your labor riseth on high. Kus and Zittayyabaugh, ye, the voice of the Almighty.

8. He speaketh in the labor of high-raised Sons and Daughters. His Voice is in the
echo of thanksgiving that riseth up from the red star in songs of praise to the Almighty.


1. O that I could sing worthily unto Thee, in praise of the Arc of Speta. For Thy
Mightiness, O that I could find mortal words to magnify Thy vast kingdoms.

2. In Thy great Goddess, Cpenta-armij, and her mighty etherean legions that came down
to earth, O what a glory in Thy praise. Who can forget Thy heaven, Terashish, Thou

3. And Haot-Saiti and Hodws and Lugga and Bonassah and Tule and Speta-arc, with their
ten million seas and their hundred million crystal rivers in the arches of Woo.

4. With their eighty thousand million high-raised Gods and Goddesses. With their
one hundred and sixty thousand million miles of etherean roadways and capitals!

5. And thou, Solastus plains, with thy twelve million arches in the waters of Waltad;
with seventy million ship-builders, the workers and handlers of Thy immortal fire.

6. And the etherean kingdoms of Hards and Iwalt and Kollenpoitaben and Embralik and
Loogan and Aftguy and Riv and Lurnzan, with their two hundred thousand million miles
of arches built unto Thee.

7. Let them rejoice in Thy name, and in the fruit of the garden of Thy Daughter, Cpentaarmij, for the harvest is ripened unto Thee.

8. Thy Sons and Daughters answer to the echo on the mortal earth: There is but one
Almighty! Let us sing unto the Boundless, the Everlasting Creator.

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