All divisions vanish

All divisions vanish

Come, gather around the fire, my brothers and sisters, as I share with you a timeless tale that carries the wisdom of our ancestors.

In the circle of life, Remnant kin are woven,
United yet diverse, their spirits unbroken.
In body, mind, heart, and soul,
Gifts from Creator, each one whole.

As they walk upon this sacred land,
The Remnant People, a mighty band,
Not judged by worldly measure or sway,
Equal before the Great Spirit, they say.

In the realm of mankind, there exists a tapestry woven with many threads, each representing the diverse qualities and attributes that distinguish us. These threads may be spun from the physical, mental, social, vocational, or moral aspects of our being. And so, it is natural to perceive the divisions among us, for we are a tapestry of diversity. Yet, let us journey deeper, into the sacred realm where the judgment bar of the Great Spirit awaits. In this hallowed place, something extraordinary occurs. As mortals from all walks of life gather before the divine presence, a remarkable transformation unfolds. The divisions that once defined us in the mortal realm melt away, and all stand on equal ground. The Great Spirit, in His infinite wisdom, becomes the embodiment of impartiality, for Creator is truly no respecter of persons.

In this realm, the distinctions that may have separated us in the physical world hold no weight. It matters not if one possesses strength or frailty, beauty or simplicity. The Divine Judge gazes upon the soul, the essence of our being, and discerns the true measure of our worth.

Likewise, the mind that once classified us into various intellectual spheres fades into insignificance. Whether one possesses vast knowledge or humble wisdom, the scales of judgment remain balanced. The Divine Judge seeks the purity of intention, the sincerity of heart that resides within each soul.

Gone are the hierarchies that society imposes upon us, for before the judgment bar of Creator, the divisions of status and privilege are but fleeting illusions. The Great Spirit beholds the essence of our character, the depth of our compassion, and the integrity of our actions. Even the occupations and vocations that shape our earthly lives hold no dominion over the divine judgment. The laborer and the scholar, the healer and the artist, the farmer and the warrior—all are equal in the eyes of the Divine Judge. It is not the title we bear or the accolades we collect that define our worth, but rather the manner in which we use our gifts to uplift and serve others. And in the realm of morality, the lines that once separated us dissolve into nothingness. The Divine Judge looks not upon the external trappings of righteousness but peers deeply into the soul, seeking the purity of intent and the sincerity of our moral compass.

Brothers and sisters, as this sacred tale unfolds, we are reminded that in the presence of the Great Spirit, all divisions vanish. We are called to embrace the truth that we are one, connected with one another in the tapestry of humanity. Let us heed the teachings of our ancestors and cast aside the judgments that separate us in the mortal realm. For in the eyes of the Divine Judge, it is the essence of our being, the authenticity of our spirit, that truly matters.

May this story guide us on our path of unity and understanding, reminding us that before the judgment bar of Jehovih, we stand on equal footing, for Jehovih is truly no respecter of persons.

And so, the tale is told. Let its wisdom linger in our hearts and guide our interactions with our fellow beings. Hear these words and carry them with you on your journey.

Brother Good Medicine

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