Accountability, responsibility, and freedom of choice

Accountability, responsibility, and freedom of choice

Today, we gather to share the teachings from the Book of Inspiration, specifically from the thirteenth chapter. These teachings delve into the sacred concepts of accountability, responsibility, and freedom of choice. Through a dialogue between Man and Creator Jehovih, we are reminded of the essence of our existence and the choices we make as individuals.

As we immerse ourselves in this sacred dialogue, let us embrace the wisdom shared by our ancestors. Man begins by acknowledging that his physical body is created by Jehovih, indicating that he has no control over its physical attributes. Man humbly recognizes that he is not accountable for the quality or preservation of his body. Furthermore, Man acknowledges that his thoughts and ideas are influenced by Jehovih, whether through direct inspiration or through the creations of the Great Spirit. Thus, Man concludes that he is not responsible for his thoughts, ideas, or behavior, seeing himself as a mere automaton without personal agency.

However, Creator gently responds to this perspective, reminding Man of the precious gift of liberty granted unto him. This liberty bestowed upon Man makes him responsible for all aspects of his existence, including his thoughts, actions, and the outcomes that befall him. Man is accountable for cultivating his peace, happiness, and overall well-being in both the physical and spiritual realms.

Jehovih bestowed upon Man the freedom to choose what he consumes, what he adorns his body with, and where he calls his home. Unlike other creatures who are bound by different limitations, Man is blessed with the freedom to build his dwelling according to his desires and preferences. Additionally, Man has the liberty to choose between a diet of herbs or flesh, a choice that is not extended to all beings. Yet, Creator says that regardless of Man’s dietary choices, it is through the power and labor of the Great Spirit that sustenance becomes part of Man’s physical form. In this, Jehovih portrays Himself as Man’s humble worker, illustrating His profound involvement and care in every facet of Man’s life. Jehovih explains that it is Man’s role to choose, making him the master while Jehovih, symbolically speaking, assumes the role of the servant. The servant is not responsible for the master’s behavior. Therefore, if Man chooses to consume flesh, it is his own responsibility. Jehovih presents examples of herbivorous and carnivorous creatures to guide Man’s decision, encouraging him to observe their behavior and temperament. Through this observation, Man is urged to exercise judgment and consider the consequences of his dietary choices, while respecting the natural order established by Jehovih in His magnificent creation.

The same principle of liberty extends to the realm of Man’s spirit, soul, mind, ideas, and thoughts. Creator grants Man the freedom to seek inspiration from various sources, encompassing both negative and positive influences. Man can choose to draw inspiration from corrupt cities or bask in the purity of nature’s embrace in the countryside. Jehovih advises Man to select the sources that uplift his mind, spirit, and soul, for Creator Himself stands ready to provide Man with thoughts, ideas, and disposition. Man’s sacred task lies solely in the act of choosing. Creator says that due to the profound liberty bestowed upon Man, he is accountable to himself for every thought, idea, and behavior. Man carries the responsibility not only towards himself but also towards the world, as he shapes the destiny of his spirit and soul. It is through this inseparable connection between liberty and responsibility that the fabric of our existence is woven.

Jehovih asserts His identity as the Power, the Light, and the Life. In this sacred design, the essence of Man’s uniqueness lies within his entity, his selfhood, and his very being. While other creatures were formed directly by Jehovih’s hands, Man was gifted the extraordinary power to shape his own destiny. Jehovih lovingly offers assistance in this labor, should Man choose to seek His divine guidance. Choice and liberty are the two fundamental aspects bestowed upon Man by the Great Spirit.

As descendants of this sacred lineage, let us honor the legacy entrusted to us by Creator. He granted us the gifts of choice and liberty, so let us extend the same blessings to our brothers, sisters and neighbors. It is through the exercise of choice and the embrace of liberty that true responsibility emerges. In their absence, responsibility remains elusive. Let us remain ever mindful of our sacred freedom to choose our sustenance, attire, and dwellings, as well as the wellsprings of inspiration that shape our lives. Yet, let us hold steadfastly to the understanding that we shall bear the consequences of our choices, whether we yield to negative influences or strive to emulate the divine attributes of Creator.

May the radiant light of Jehovih guide our steps as we navigate the intricate tapestry woven with threads of accountability, responsibility, and freedom of choice.

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