Faithism is About Jehovih’s Light

Faithism is About Jehovih’s Light

There is much discussion in Faithist circles about the dead and about communication with the angelic world. The Oahspe teaches that there are lower and higher angels, and that one can not trust the word of every spirit that is encountered.

The goal of Faithism, and the Faithist, in particular, is certainly not to communicate with dead loved ones or to ask the angels questions of a frivolous nature. Neither does Faithism involve itself with the practices of the dark such as so-called magic or séances and games or books related to the dark occult. Those who think otherwise, are gravely mistaken about the Ever-present Creator’s plans for humanity. Those who claim otherwise are mistaken about the intent of Faithism and lack knowledge concerning the basic principles of the Oahspe.

Instead of practising such matters as are related to the world of darkness, one should dedicate himself/herself to the work of helping build Jehovih’s Kingdom on earth. Keep busy in the study and reading of the Oahspe Bible. Communicate with the Father in heaven in prayer and meditation daily. This, my children, is the way of light.

Faithism is about the Light of Jehovih, and has no roots in the darkness.

May the Creator bless you,

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